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Survival in Frankfurt, Germany. Music, Bands, Design, Illustration, and all that. And code, too. Sometimes.


Mutable Gallery

Permalink - Posted on 2021-03-04 19:29

Jagged, seemingly hand-drawn scrawls become more complex and tightly knotted moving down the canvas until they begin to form distinct, enumerable ball shapes

This is a generated image, courtesy of Heydon's project, "Mutable Gallery" - a collection of generative art, rendered in SVG, in your browser.
I love it.

Felber machen

Permalink - Posted on 2021-03-02 09:03

T-Rex hinterm Plattenspieler. Aus dem Off die Frage: Wer legt auf? Antwort T-Rex: Mach if Felber

Inspiriert von:

Update: Bonuspanel:

Frage aus dem off: Wie heisst Du? T-Rex: Hanf!

(ist das nun sub-meming?)

Illustration: Tom Arnold


Permalink - Posted on 2021-02-19 21:00

Sonnenuntergang zwischen schwarzen Bäumen, im Hintergrund klein die Skyline links und der Ginnheimer Spargel rechts… eine Momentaufnahme der 50. #TageslichtRunde, die eher eine Dämmerungsrunde wurde

Photo: Tom Arnold

In Gedenken an die Opfer des rechtsterroristischen Anschlags in Hanau 19.2.2020

Permalink - Posted on 2021-02-19 10:34

Portraits der ermordeten Menschen, Plakat von demokratie-leben-hanau

Am 19. Februar 2020 hatte ein 42-jähriger Deutscher neun Menschen mit ausländischen Wurzeln erschossen. Anschließend tötete er seine Mutter und schließlich sich selbst.

Gökhan Gültekin
Sedat Gürbüz
Said Neasar Hashemi
Mercedes Kierpacz
Hamza Kurtović
Vili Viorel Păun
Fatih Saraçoğlu
Ferhat Unvar
Kaloyan Velkov



Permalink - Posted on 2021-02-17 09:36

Illustration einer Krabbe mit Krebbel als Körper

Merkhilfe zur Bezeichnung der Kreppel hier.

Die Fjorde von Bornheim

Permalink - Posted on 2021-02-08 19:10

Verschneiter Abhang und Kieshaufen in einer Pfütze an der Autobahnbaustelle

Die 39. #TageslichtRunde 2021 führte mich an einen sehr geheimnisvollen Ort.

Photo: Tom Arnold

Why The IndieWeb? - Heydon Pickering

Permalink - Posted on 2021-02-08 10:06

An illustrated squirrel looks at a trail of acorns

This is the story of the birth of the web, its loss of innocence, its decline, and what we can do to make it a bit less gross. Or if you prefer, this is the video in which I say the expression “barbecue sets” far too many times.

Heydon's "Webbed Briefs" are thouroughly enjoyable, so please sit back, hop over to his site and learn something about something that's very dear to me. The web and the mess it has become in parts.

Illustration: Heydon Pickering

I made a thing: Cistercian Numerals Calendar

Permalink - Posted on 2021-02-04 20:36

Recently I discovered the Cistercian Numerals. There were a couple of tweets over the last days that showed the ciphers. I never had heard about this numbering system, but immediatly it grabbed my attention, because it was so simple, but the result looks very interesting. Since there are only a few rules that distinguish the digits 1-9, and their position inside a quadrant denotes if it is a one, ten, hundred or thousand, I thought that this might make for a good clock or date display - which is what they were used for originally

The numbers were not used for arithmetic, fractions or accounting, but indicated years, foliation (numbering pages), divisions of texts, the numbering of notes and other lists, indexes and concordances, arguments in Easter tables, and the lines of a staff in musical notation.

With SVG and some JavaScript, here is what I came up with:

See the Pen
Cistercian Numerals Calender / Clock
by Tom (@webrocker)
on CodePen.

I'm very sure that there's lot of room for improvement, especially because I'm not writing JavaScript constantly. My main focus was to get this idea off the ground, and to not use any libraries or frameworks, but to use the web's technologies directly. :-)

I owe a great deal to this codepen by Andrew Aquino, since there I found the initial ideas and logic on how to map the numerals' paths to SVG points and how to split the numbers into their 1 / 10 / 100 / 1000 digits. 🤗

If you're curious what the numbers are, have a look at the source, I added a SVG text element with the arabic numbers in the hope that this will make the display a tad more accessible.

Update: And just now I added a data-number attribute, which makes sure that only the numbers that needs changing will be changed. Up to now the whole set of numbers was updated every second. Ahem. :-)

Update: My initial "hooray it works" just got a little bit subdued after re-reading the Wikipedia article and the last sentence in the history paragraph: … and in the early twentieth century Nazis flirted with the idea the numerals could be used for Aryan symbolism. :-/ Well, I guess I should have known, and with 8118 (of all combinations) looking like a stretched swastika, no surprise the damned nazis were interested.

Nanu two

Permalink - Posted on 2021-01-23 16:51

Bernie & Bernie's Mittens among BeyondTellerrand audience

Der komische Typ verfolgt mich schon länger anscheinend; sogar auf meiner Lieblingskonferenz.

(Original-Foto: M.Ott)


Permalink - Posted on 2021-01-22 23:48

Gerade nochmal genauer hingeschaut bei der 22. #TageslichtRunde da unter der Autobahn am Ostpark. Da sind ja immer mal komische Typen, gell.


Permalink - Posted on 2021-01-17 17:45

Bunte Kinderrutsche in einem verschneiten Garten

Noch eine Momentaufnahme der 17. #TageslichtRunde 2021.

Hoffnung ist nicht tot, sie macht nur Winterschlaf.

Photo: Tom Arnold


Permalink - Posted on 2021-01-17 17:21

Eine Figur aus Schnee mit einer Halskette aus Beeren

Kleine Begegnung auf der 17. #TageslichtRunde 2021, diesmal rund um den Lohrberg, über Seckbach und den Heiligenstock.

Photo: Tom Arnold