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Video Marketing Blog


How to Understand Audience Personas to Drive Video Engagement

Permalink - Posted on 2021-03-06 08:42

One of the oldest marketing adages is knowing your Audience Personas, which offers a detailed representation of various segments of your target audience. Audience targeting is excited only if you introduce strategic video marketing concepts in your business . To become successful in this digital era, every business needs to drive huge engagement and sales […]

Video Prospecting 101: Simple tips for using personalized videos in your Cold Emails

Permalink - Posted on 2021-03-05 09:30

A cold email is a substitute for the unsolicited and uncontacted client identified as potential leads. It is one of the perhaps and oldest digital tools. Personalized video is the next way to connect with loyal customers when you can not meet in person. Cold Emails outreach objective is a quick way to connect the […]

What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About OTT Content Syndication? – OTT Content Syndication Platforms

Permalink - Posted on 2021-03-04 07:19

Content Syndication is one of the essential aspects of content distribution. OTT Content Syndication is the process of publishing Original content on third party platforms. OTT Content Syndication ensures the presence of content on all the possible platforms. OTT Content Syndication Platforms offers a robust set of marketing, analytics tools, data, revenue streams that empower […]

Essential Tips to Become a Professional Videographer

Permalink - Posted on 2021-03-03 07:00

Everyone can become a professional videographer without using the costly equipment and innovations in technology. All the existing and upcoming Smartphones can shoot video and various free software available for video editing. A Videographer who lies behind the camera works for all shootings, productions, and events: Professional Videographer will work for the shoot and edits […]

Most Important Instagram Video Marketing Facts and Statistics for 2021 You Need to Watch

Permalink - Posted on 2021-03-02 06:32

Over one billion Instagram active users, it has become the most powerful marketing medium for the business. According to the survey, the top social media network Instagram results in solid business benefits and amazing Instagram Video Marketing growth. Instagram stories, Reels, video posts, and IGTV are generating more leads and sales to the business. Instagram […]

How to Create Effective Animated Videos to Grow Your Business Conversions

Permalink - Posted on 2021-03-01 07:03

All the companies would like to increase their online viewers and buyers. One of the best video marketing strategies is through concise and Effective Animated Videos. Leveraging animated video content as a marketing strategy in social media platforms can significantly help activate your business goals and objectives. Small to medium businesses must utilize every chance […]

Benefits of Linear TV Advertising: Everything You Need to Know About Connected TV Ads

Permalink - Posted on 2021-02-27 06:26

Today’s generation is increasingly using the interchangeable Television, whether they are consuming digital TV or Linear TV at their home. Keeping an eye on Linear TV advertising is more attractive to the consumers and advertisers in this video streaming industry. However, this Linear TV advertising ecosystem is facing few bottlenecks by growing its popularity. Here […]

Future of SVOD Advertising: Things That will Happen with SVOD advertising Convenience

Permalink - Posted on 2021-02-26 07:19

The study found that streaming consumption across all video options raised over 80% in this lockdown period. SVOD services and Ad-supported services also become popular among consumers. It appears that the future of SVOD is no longer for Younger generations but more viewers of all ages. SVOD plays a key role in many viewer’s schedules […]

How Video Marketing Can Transform Your Inbound Marketing Funnel: Ways Video Helps Inbound Marketing

Permalink - Posted on 2021-02-25 06:17

Inbound marketing is a long-term game and completely different from other marketing techniques that give potential leads and ROI for the investors to beat the competition. Inbound Marketing strategies aim to achieve excellent content for lead generation opportunities. It entirely relies on quality content and relevant exposure of brands. Inbound marketing techniques focused on drawing […]

How to Monetize Video Content on Social Media Platforms to Earn Money

Permalink - Posted on 2021-02-24 06:35

With the estimation of over 3.6 billion people using social media Globally, every business needs to be on Social Media. Social Media has become a valuable video marketing tool, whereas most marketers make few mistakes, such as publishing their marketing content without monetization. Video Monetization strengthens the value behind their content and boosts audience, and […]