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The original buyer's guide for men, filled with the world's best gear, apparel, and automobiles.


Bgraamiens Lines Puzzle

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Simple yet striking, The Lines from Bgraamiens will challenge even the seasoned puzzle builder. Its artwork is nothing but a series of black lines, intersecting as they cross a stark...

Uno Minimalista Card Game

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Invented in 1971 near Cincinnati, Ohio, Uno is one of the most popular card games ever created. And while the game itself continues to provide hours of entertainment, the deck...

Tesla Roadster Safari

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Don't panic - if civilization really does end, this Mad Max'd Tesla Roadster Safari can get you away from the seething hordes, minus having to fight desert marauders for gas....

Pure White Hell Puzzle

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As it becomes more and more challenging to entertain ourselves at home, maybe it's time to upgrade the challenge itself. This 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle won't slowly unveil a piece of...

Salesforce Tower Sky Office

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Suspended 50 floors above San Francisco, the Salesforce Tower Sky Office is the sleek new west coast headquarters for a global financial firm. The 10,000-square-foot space is wrapped in floor-to-ceiling...

The Great Scrape

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The best grilled food starts with a clean grill. Since we're likely to be cooking from home a bit more, get a jump on this year's grilling season with The...

Barrell Craft Spirits Rye Whiskey

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This multi-layered rye is one of the best spirits from an up-and-coming producer. Barrell Craft Spirits just racked up a bunch of awards at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition,...

Regimen: Clean Cut

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Bay Rum Hair & Body Wash / $15. Natural Bristle Toothbrush / $9. Daneson Flavored Toothpicks / $14. Dovo Special Carbon Steel Straight Razor / $143. Prospector Co. Pure Bristle...

Cleveland SpeedShop Falcon BLK Motorcycle

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California is on notice - electric vehicles aren't the sole province of the Golden State anymore. Once a major part of the heart of American manufacturing, Ohio has had some...

Quarantined San Francisco

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With most of the country under stay-at-home orders, some of the most populated cities look like a scene out of a movie. San Francisco is one of them. In this...

Filson Ripstop Nylon Backpack

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Designed for the trail, Filson's Ripstop Nylon Backpack makes carrying the load more comfortable. Its 500-denier Cordura build is extremely rugged yet lightweight, letting it withstand scrapes and stress without...

Breitling Top Time Thunderball Watch

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It doesn't have a Geiger counter. Otherwise, the new Breitling Top Time isn't much different from the one James Bond wore in Thunderball. Known for its distinctive "Zorro" dial, the...

Hand-Carved Toyota Land Cruiser

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It's a legend you can hold in your hand - a completely hand-carved Toyota Land Cruiser. Watch how a master craftsman creates the 4x4 using hand tools in this vid...

Casa Ojalà

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Designed with a mechanical system, the Casa Ojalà is a modular nature retreat. The tiny wooden structure can open and close walls and ceiling to immerse those inside in views...

Preppi 3 Day Emergency Prepster Backpack

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Being prepared in an emergency doesn't mean you'll have to rough it. Preppi's 3-Day Emergency Prepster Backpack packs together life-saving essentials with curated creature comforts. Alongside food and water supplies,...