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How to Create a Diet And Nutrition App With Advanced Features

Permalink - Posted on 2020-10-19 14:07

Create A Diet And Nutrition App

These days a healthy lifestyle is gaining much popularity. It’s quite a trend in modern times which is highly commendable. Several people started monitoring their diet and are growing day by day. To help them all it is important to create a nutrition app with an extended set of features. If you are planning to build a diet and nutrition app then you are in the right place. This article will provide fresh insights into the diet apps and you will know how to create one of them.

What are diet and nutrition applications?

The diet and the nutrition app help the users in maintaining a healthy diet. Some apps help the users to lose weight, be healthy, and get stronger. There are even some apps that find food according to the user’s needs, goals, and lifestyles. It can sometimes allow users to determine the calorie content of food and adjust their eating habits to lose weight. The different types of nutrition apps include calorie counters, diet trackers, and meal planners. These platforms connect the users and nutrition coaches.

Who are the users of diet and nutrition apps?

The ideas are worthless if your app doesn’t create real value for the users. When an app doesn’t meet the user’s requirements then that is the biggest reason why startups fail.

If you are planning to create such apps, first learn your target audience both inside and outside. Know their demographics and the problems for which you want to find a solution. Make sure you know who you are going to target with your app.

When it is the users of the diet apps, the typical users of the diet and nutrition application are young. They tend to use the nutrition app regularly to keep them stronger and healthy. Even some users download mobile healthcare apps to track the exercise, monitor nutrition, reduce weight, and learn to work out.

Stages involved in creating a nutrition and diet app

When you want to create a diet and nutrition app there are certain stages that your app will go through. They are,

1. Discovery and research

This is a stage where you will have to introduce your idea to the software development team. They will help you by determining that your idea is viable by analyzing the market, competitors, and the target audience. Then they will define the key objectives and the core values of the product. After that, the team will write a product specification document to outline how your app will function.

2. Prototyping

Once you approve the product specification the design team proceeds with wireframing. This can help in saving the developers time and effort and then specifies the apps structures, features, and navigation.

3. Code development

This is the most important and the longest stage in which the software development team will turn your idea into a product.

4. Testing and deployment

At this stage, the quality assurance specialist will test the application and will find if there is any bug. After they verify that the app is stable they will publish it in the app stores.

Important features that form a core of your app

Certain basic features have to be included in all the diet applications. However, you may also add some features that can take a specific niche on the market.


For the users of health applications personalization usually means a lot. To provide effective value such apps should take in things like age, sex, different health indicators like weight, height, and so on. Therefore this process will provide the user with personalized content. It also ensures that the data will not be lost when the user reinstalls the application.

However, you have to be super attentive while working with such apps and storing personal data in the app. It is better to store as little personal data as possible so that you will not have any problems with the breaches and hackers. When you create a diet app you would even implement a social login feature as it allows going through a usual sign-up process when users are required to enter their name, surname, date of birth, email, and other essential details. Instead of all this, the info is directly taken from the user’s social network profile.

Food logging and dashboard

This is an essential feature when it comes to diet application. This works like food dictionaries which can store all the information about the calories there in each meal or product. When the users enter the type and the amount of the food the app will show an average number of calories that the user has likely consumed. Since this is going to be the most used screen in your app, you will have to pay some special attention to the design and the appealing UI.


It is recommended to add a hydration screen when you are developing a nutrition app. The water consumption means a lot to the users who are very conscious about their health. Some apps can calculate the optimal water intake by considering the user’s parameters like height and weight.

Therefore these are the features that make your diet app and you should include them in the scope of the nutrition app development.

Extra features to create nutrition applications

Here are a few extra features that can be included in the nutrition application.

Diet plans

Most of the users will expect to have a healthy eating helper rather than just a calorie calculator in your app. This may be a great advantage for them if you offer them a personalized experience. It depends totally on you. Whatever you make or you will choose the diet plans screen will look quite the same.

Barcode scanner

This is a nice alternative to the manual food login. If you have this in your app then the customers will get a few advantages.

With this, the user will be able to scan a barcode which can significantly improve the overall UX. they will also get the accurate data on the number of odd calories and it won’t be some average estimate.

Shopping list

To encourage your users to open the application more frequently, you can have a shopping list feature. This is something that can help both the user as well as the developer. All you can do is provide a simple option to manually enter the needed goods.

Integration with the wearable devices

Many people want to know not only how many calories they eat but also burn a day. This feature doesn’t directly relate to nutrition but it can be useful for the users. Integrating with wearable devices people can track their weight. Seeing the difference between burnt and eaten calories a day will help the users to figure out whether they should change something about their eating habits.

Recipe book

For healthy eating, people have to cook, but that is the worst part for them. Usually, ready-to-cook meals are not healthy at all. A book of healthy recipes is something that you can help your users. It saves a lot of time for them and will give even more reasons to use your app more frequently. This will be more convenient also if the users can add the recipe ingredients right to their in-app shopping list.

Live experts

You can even build a nutrition app with a live expert feature. This is for those who are seeking professional help and want to personalize interaction with your apps as much as possible. This feature can be used as a solution for monetization. It will cover the needs of the ready-to-play users for getting guidance from the experts.

Dietary tip – blog

This is another feature that you can implement when you are developing a diet and nutrition app. This will be a great source of information about healthy eating habits. The users can use this feature to read the news and actual researches on this topic. This feature can even have a great marketing effect when people enjoy the content that you give them. They will also showcase it in the social network and become promoters of your brand among the family and friends.

Therefore these are the things that will help you to create a diet and nutrition app. Make sure you get to know about these before you create one.

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Best VR Apps : Top 13 List For 2020

Permalink - Posted on 2020-10-16 14:17

Nowadays the advancement of technology has paved the way for many new inventions and virtual reality is not anymore futuristic. The virtual reality apps are considered as infancy and many platforms are provided with their platforms for mobile and PCs. You can truly experience immersive and offer a sensory experience that can transport the individual to virtually any place. There are lots of fancy gears to enjoy the VR applications experience and it is levered up by your Smartphone display to experience god VR. So you all need to do is to get the right VR apps on your mobile phones. Here are some of the best VR apps given that transform your smartphones into a better VR experience. 

1. Within VR

Within VR application was founded by Aaron Koblin and Chris Milk that brought together the most immense experience from the finest VR around the world. This VR app is all in one VR content app that distributes VR, XR, and AR experience across web, mobile, and other consoles. Within VR apps that have features like new content are added frequently, it is available on android, iOS, DayDream, Gear VR, Oculus Rift, PlayStation, Viveport, and WebVR platforms. 

2. Google Earth VR

The google earth VR helps the users to explore the world from a new perspective by reaching the whole world together. It is great to use because people from different places can explore the planet in detail. Also, it provides new search functions that help in promoting the VR keyboard. It is manipulated based on the headset controller. It includes features such as discovering the world’s most incredible places, can measure heights and areas, zoom down to the Google street view database, enjoy virtual tourism, and also view 360-degree spin the globe.

3. VR space

For VR lovers, this app is an awesome app solution that makes the users enjoy a VR universe. You can experience a real tour of the sun, star, and planets systems by connecting to VR devices. Only a BR headset is enough and it does not need any additional touch controls. It offers the users a blissful VR journey to the whole universe with an HD graphics of planets and other space objects.  It has amazing features such as experiencing ambient music, stunning view of the space and planets, optimized full dive VR adventure, immersive VR interface. 

4. GoPro

In this digital era, GoPro is a godsend app that is simply used to capture photos and videos from places hard to reach. Every image captured gives a 360-degree view and it never misses any shots from your view or the camera. It consists of wide-angle or fish lens images that can be transferred to multiple devices it can also be played in 360-degree videos offline as well as it can be shared with your friend without the connectivity of the internet. It has additional features such as limitless cloud backups and storage, rectilinear planet projections, support multiple formats, and live VR events. 

5. Sites in VR

With the help of this VR application, you can reach any destination that you wish to visit. It gives the feeling of roaming around the popular monuments and even to mars. The users can find many places starting from ancient architecture to the most famous tourist spot. Thus sites in VR help to have an excellent virtual touring. The features are like turn on or off the stereoscopic mode, PAN, zoom and more movements, and auto collaboration of sensors, and quality of 360-degree panoramic images. 

6. Titans of space

The users can have an incredible virtual reality tour of the planets and solar system. It has exciting soundtracks that accompany the visual tour and make your VR experience to the next level. Besides, it has cockpit dashboards to have a look over to spot on the latest tour on the solar systems. It helps to know every detail of space objects and unlock a 50 minutes voice-over. It has amazing features such as drift correction mode, multiple language support, total control over a multitude of options, and work with Google cardboard. 

7. Google art and culture

This app invites the user to the world of amazing virtual tours of the popular spots and other heritage sites. The user can click t6he picture and compare it to the classic artworks and share it among the friends. It gives a personalized experience of where you can click over the portraits and compare them with the art that looks like it. It also offers the chance to visit the world-class museums and view HD quality around the 360-degree video with the app. The features include an immersive pocket gallery, point and recognize artworks, notifications of weekly highlights, and customize over the artwork gallery. 

8. VR Theater

One of the dedicated VR apps for cardboards is VR theatre where the user can turn the heads around and enjoy movies in true VR. This app functions via user sight control and a wide range of options to generate the visuals experience. The user can view normal 2D, and 3D movies with this app and additionally it supports panoramic 360 degree and 180-degree movies. Also can find many configurations and setups for users and create their theatres by themselves. It has features like no headset controls are required, easy to use User interface, support most of the file formats and it has customized choices of designs. 

9. VR X racer

The VR X racer is one of the extraordinary VR aerospace games that is loved by all age groups. It can be played in two modes such as hand mode and virtual reality mode race. The users are the protectors of earth defeating UFOs, spaceships, missiles, and others. The users are experienced like fighting in an extraterrestrial war in reality. There will be credits added after each level and can buy the spaceships. It has add-ons features like stunning 3D effects, multiple easy and hard levels, superb animations and graphics, and simple and amazing controls. 

10. Google street view

This app is a VR app that must be on your mobile devices and it is possibly the largest collection of locations. It has the user’s name and location that offers additional features that give the flexibility to include in your collection. It would also look good at the most sought after locations on the globe and has a chance at the things virtually. The features are exploring world landmarks and stepping inside the locations. It allows taking 360-degree images and posting on Google maps and share worldwide, and consist of spectrum street view ready tools. 

11. Fulldive VR

One of the well known virtual reality platforms is full drive VR. Here the users are allowed to earn money, bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies via browsing VR Content. It also works with the full drive browser. It can be operated on the cardboard or daydream app. Besides, It keeps engaging in listening to music, watching movies, and to earn VR money. Moreover, it has almost five hundred million plus games and one million-plus video that can be viewed and start getting a passive income too. It possesses amazing features like simple navigations, filtered contents from approved sources, an exciting VR camera and video player, and affordable and easy to access. 

12. Var’s VR video player

The best VR viewers for mobile phones are Var’s VR video player. It also has launched its pro versions that are available in most of the app stores with exciting features. The app lets the user enjoy 3D videos with ultimate VR quality and gives complete control over the app. This app has features such as static or float modes for nonspherical videos. It needs Google cardboard, easily configurable settings, and immersive VR experiences. 

13. VR roller coaster

The next amazing and best VR gaming app is a VR roller coaster that gives a near-real experience with crazy loops, twists, and turns. This will give the user the real experience of a roller coaster ride. The user will feel the sensation of heights as you get to skyscrapers and landmarks buildings. It has amazing features like Google cardboard powdered stereoscopic rendering. Also, it has exciting playing filled with tall buildings, noisy crowds, birds, riders, and airships.

Bottom lines – Best VR Apps

Therefore Virtual reality is on its way and many companies in different parts are working on the VR experience by creating immersive solutions. It gives a new kind of interactive experience and interesting technology to pay attention to and more focused on.

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Parking App Development : How To Make A Parking App? A Thriving Startup Idea

Permalink - Posted on 2020-10-13 14:02

Apps for parking are a highly booming business these days. Most people are busy these days, and they do not want to spend more time struggling to park their cars. In such cases, there are also so many vehicles that create traffic at all the places you are moving to. So, the parking app becomes the best option as it will help the drivers or owners to find the best spot to place their car well in advance. So, they can easily move into the parking area and enjoy the overall experience on the day out.

Being so significant, how do these parking apps work? With the app, the owners or the drivers will be able to book the finest place in the parking area of the place they are moving for. So, when the care centers, the number from the number of boards will be captured, and the app automatically directs the drivers to move to the respective place. There will not be any hassles or issues to move to and from the place. It makes the parking option more convenient and easier. Here, you can find the detail on building the parking app.

Understand the size of the global smart parking market

When you want to lead and sustain in some field, it is crucial to collect information and know more about the respective field. The top-notch parking technology solutions are not restricted by any of the apps in the market.

There is a multitude of tools available on the digital medium from which the community-based system to the robotic space holders can easily connect with the parking aspects. The current cutting edge of solutions will help you highly with the process.

Understand the types of parking apps available

If you are wondering how to build the parking apps, you need to analyze the types of apps available in the market. Here are some categories of mobile apps that you should be aware of.

Geographical coverage

When you are considering the mobile applications you can look for the global and the local space. Initially, all the brands like the new parking apps are introduced with specific and small regions. With advancing in time and technology, there are also some of them spread all over the country. When it comes to locals, it will work successfully in specific countries or cities.


When you are looking for the parking app through functionality it will be either for the parking management or for the parking assistance. When it comes to parking management, most of the tools on the market are found for parking management. It is the place where the drivers will be allowed to find, reverse, and pay for the spot they are comfortable with. When it comes to parking assistance, it comes with a different function. It connects the parking as it is evolving tools, and there are also several other kinds of tropical interest to investors.

Parking management features

There are several features that the parking app will work and you should also know about them. First, the search tools are the features in the parking app that solves the most crucial issues with the driver globally. This will help them to find the spot available for leaving the car. So, they can spot out the most comfortable place and move easily.

Next, it is about the booking and reservation tools, which is vital for making parking arrangements. This is not only for the upcoming short period but also for the long duration. Finally, it is about the payment tools. The apps will assist the drivers to buy the parking service, and sometimes it works as the core features in the car parking apps.

Parking place

There are two options here like on-street and off-street. With the on-street option, some tools will assist you to leave the vehicle temporarily, and this will be suitable when you will leave to move for a short time. On the other side, the off-street tools will serve the people who can move outdoors.

Search option

you can find the requirements with two options like finding the spot or finding the car. Most often, the apps will help the drivers to find the right place to park the car.

Payment methods

These days, people prefer only cashless options for any services. Similarly, the parking apps are also working with factors like the payment options like a credit card, Apple Pay, and parking by phone, PayPal, etc. Also, they work with some payment features like viewing the pricing, comparing the pricing, and finding the discounts.

Pick the right team of app developers

When you are strong with the overview of the parking app, you need to build the team with the right app for developing professionals. There are two variants to hire an in-house team or outsourcing the company for app development.

It is better to outsource the app development company instead of in-house the team concerning different factors. When you are ready with the team, sit and discuss with both the technical and the non-technical aspects of the app. Ensure you are viewing the application from the user’s point of the view. Ensure it follows the great design and enhanced user experience.

Top features to have in the parking app

Parking app development can be successful only when you have a defined set of features. Usually, they are divided into two different types, basic and advanced. It is based on the app that you are designing. Here are features that you need to consider fixing for both the basic and the advanced apps.

1. Features for basic apps

GPS tracking

It aids applications easy to use just by enabling the GPS on the mobile phone. This technology will assist to find the current location of the car and determine the distance to the nearest parking slot available in the parking area.


It is the process that will still make it easier for users. You can easily find the nearest spot just within one tap.


The parking application will lead to offering an opportunity to compare the price in various factors. It will be easier for users to find the cheapest place in the closest location.

Payment modes

Users will feel comfortable paying in different modes of payments like a credit card, debit card, net banking, or eWallet. So, you should offer the option they are willing to have.

2. Advanced features for the parking apps

If you want to make your application unique and allure the users, it is crucial to have the best features in the application. These features include the following.

Push notification

It is one of the prominent features for user engagement, and it is possible to send the application updates, discounts, and several others. Besides, it will also notice that the parking spot is expiring every 15 minutes. So, it will help the users to prolong the place or to come back to their car at the right time.

Several cities

It is the other opportunity to choose the right parking place in other cities as well. These will be highly useful for business people who need to travel to different cities.

Waiting list

Every drive will have some comfortable and favorite place to park their vehicles. So, this feature will help in notifying the drivers to know about their favorite location and they can have an opportunity to park in the place they are willing for.

Heat map

This is the feature to show the bus routes in real. Depending on this particular data, the users can decide and proceed with booking.

Tag location

This is the feature that allows in saving the place the driver had parked the car. Besides, the user can share the parked location with the other or on social media as well.

Summing it up

Producing the app and making it successful is not a simple process in this digital world. There are millions of apps in both Google and the Apple store. So, you need to be involved in wide research and produce a high quality that will be suitable for all perspectives and can only help you to be successful and outperform in the digital landscape. These are the crucial elements you need to focus on developing the parking app. Make a note of it and bring out the best app that the users will love using it.

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Functional Vs Non-functional Requirements with Examples

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Functional VS Non-functional Requirements

To succeed in a project, a detailed vision of the project is to be needed to create better product documentation. The project delivery team should clearly define and agree on a project’s scope and requirements. The requirement for product development can be challenging for the business analysts/delivery teams to understand and capture such types of requirements and deliver results.

Requirement analysis is a very critical process, and that are further classified into two types:
1. Functional requirements
2. Non-functional requirements

If you want to increase the development of team productivity this guide is for you. Also, if you want to develop a successful and cost-effective project, read on.

For instance:

What should an acceptable performance look like?
How to define maintainability before code has written?

How does the requirement impact the software development process?

The requirements help the development team and client to ensure that they are working to reach the same goals. Moreover, it is the key to project success. If you fail to define the requirements of your project it may cause miscommunication between the team and the client. It also increases the chances of the project failing.

There are more requirements for project success:

  • 68% of projects need effective communication and requirement to deliver and meet quality standards successfully.
  • At the same time, sparse estimation during the planning phase and unclear requirements, 32% of IT projects fail.
  • Unclear requirements may increase the project timeline and budget up to 60%.
  • Also, an unclear requirement for software staff, and external professional services, consume over 41% of the IT development budget.

Detailed Functional and Nonfunctional Requirements

Detailed functional and non-functional requirements help the software engineer to complete the following task easily.

Define the terms and roles: Requirements help to avoid misunderstanding in the future and ensure the development team and stakeholders are on the same page.

Reduce communication time: During the project development, close cooperation with business analysts helps to ensure the clear requirements which reduce the development time. As well as understanding the clear requirements helps to reduce the project cost.

Make the project estimation more precise: Requirements in detail help to estimate the development time and cost more accurately.

See the possible mistakes beforehand: When the project details are visualized by the project team during the inception phase, they may identify errors in the initial stage of project development. Inception in the initial stage saves your time and budget.

Create more predictable projects: To develop the projects that meet your expectations and to predict the results, high-quality requirements, and wireframes are needed.

Detailed requirements help to create a project that meets business needs and expectations. It also helps developers and stakeholders to find a common language, save money and development time.

Classification of requirements

You need to clarify your business idea into a working solution

  • Business requirements: A business requirement that includes the high-level statement of goals, needs, and objectives of your project.
  • Stakeholder requirements: Stakeholder requirements help to find a particular solution for your business expectation.
  • Solution requirements: The solution requirements that describe the product characteristics to meet expectations and business needs.

Solution requirement which includes:

Functional requirements

It defines “what a software system should do” and describes ways a product must behave.

Non-functional requirements

It says “what a system should be” and its implementation details documented in the System Architecture document. It describes the general software characteristics and quality attributes.

Functional requirements

The functional requirements describe system behavior under specific conditions. It includes the product features and functions which web and app developers must add to the solution. Functional requirements say what a system should do and talk about the behavior of a function or feature. They are detailed in the system designed document. The users will pass input and check if the output is correctly displayed.

Examples of functional requirements:

  • Business rules
  • Transaction corrections, adjustments, and cancellations
  • Administrative functions
  • Authentication
  • Authorization levels
  • Audit tracking
  • External interfaces
  • Certification requirements
  • Reporting requirements
  • Historical data

To design most of the requirements in written form the team using Agile methodology. The team can visualize some requirements more clearly to the present.

Functional Requirement specification document

The documentation provides a detailed description of the product’s function and capabilities. The specification document must contain the following description.

1. Purpose

It includes background, definitions, and system overview.

2. Overall description

It consists of product vision, business rules, and assumptions.

3. Specific requirements

It might be database requirements, system attributes, and functional requirements.

For example,

Admin dashboard – it is a web portal that allows admin to view and manage the applicant’s and customers’ information.

4. Use cases

To achieve the particular goals use case describes the interaction between the system and external users.

Each use case three elements:

i) Actors interact with the products with the users.

For example,

Applicant – A person who wants to use the mobile app and register in it.

Customer – A person who is approved for registration and using the app.

Driver – A person, who was registered in the driver app and fulfill ride orders for members received from the app.

ii) System functional requirements: It describes the intended behavior of the product.

For example,

“Payment system charges for customers ride”

iii) Goals: It describes all interactions between the users and the system.

For Example, “Driver marks it has ended in their app when the journey is over”.

5. User stories: From the end-user perspective, it is the documented description of software features. The feature describes how the users engage with the solution.

For example,

“As a customer, I want to select a car from the carousel so that I can complete the order.”

An ordered list of product functions can be organized by the development team by using Agile methodology.

6. Function decomposition

Functional decomposition illustrates how complex processes and features break into simpler components. The team can analyze each part of the project by using this approach.

7. Mobile app prototypes

In product development, the prototype helps stakeholders and teams to clarify the project vision and complicated areas of the projects.

There are two types of prototypes:

  • Throwaway prototypes: It is cheap and fast visual representations of requirements.
  • Evolutionary prototypes: it is more complex.

Non-functional requirements

The non-functional requirement says, what a system should be and the quality attributes describe ways your product should behave. Non-functional requirements detailed in the system architecture document and they talk about the working of a system and not a particular function. Besides, these are mostly not viable to the customer but could be experienced. For example, usability and performance can be experienced in the long term.

1. Usability: The users get easily interact with your products to achieve the required goals effectively and efficiently.

2. Legal or regulatory requirements: It describes if the product violated the regulations, it may result in legal punishment.

For example, a mobile taxi platform- legal requirements. The platform should be licensed by the local transport authority-transport.

3. Reliability: Your team should eliminate bugs that may influence the code safety and issues with the system to achieve high reliability.

4. Performance: Non-functional requirements are implemented until the desired behavior is achieved. When users interact in various scenarios the solution should behave to achieve the desired performance.

For Example, “The application shows cars nearby for three seconds”.

Non-functional requirements are not so distinct it may miss by team and stakeholders due to the following:

1. Subjective nature: Different users in different ways can view, interpret, and evaluate non-functional characteristics.

2. Integrated nature: It is conflict and typically has a broad effect on systems.

3. Assuming that everybody knows: Both the client and the team forget about some non-functional requirements during inception also might arise only after the project release.

How to define non-functional requirements

  • User-defined classification: It is classified into three groups: operation, revision, and transition. So, to discuss non-functional needs, the stakeholders and the development team build a consistent language.
  • With a list of predefined elicitation questions: The predefined elicitation interviews and workshops help to improve productivity.
  • Engage with the development team: Ensure that your defined requirements are on the same page with the development team.
  • Use invented wheels: The software systems have a lot in common when comparing non-functional requirements and reuse the requirements written for other systems.
  • Use automated testing tools: The tools help to check your product performances faster and reveal more non-functional requirements. For example, tools such as Selenium, Test Complete, and Appium.

Final thoughts

The team can develop the project much faster with clear functional and non-functional requirements. To develop any software system requirements form the basic building block. Moreover, It is not possible to build the system with functional requirements, and it is very important to have good quality functional requirements. To have a high quality working software system the business requirements should be derived. Hence, functional requirements are the skeleton of software system implementation but the quality of implementation is determined by the non-functional requirement.

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Android App Store Alternatives in 2020 To Watch Out

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Android App Store Alternatives

In this recent day, people live under the safe, warm shelter of the play store. The reason to choose a play store is that they give you the app that is almost intensely of good security. When it comes to installing factors most of the android apps come under the play store. The android apps can be working under another certain app store platform or it is called the other part platform. Many of the android app developers have a common question. How they can make enough money out of the app store?

There are the biggest challenges when it comes to choosing a standard option for Android app stores. With recent technology, there is a higher chance of getting access to more to localize and specialized customer audiences with the android app stores. Here it is discussed about the variety of android app stores that will help in choosing the standard one to have a better performance of your android app.

Advantages of Choosing Android Appstore Alternatives

You can find more options for promotions when you choose an alternate app store for android apps.

The various app stores provide you with a platform form where you can get the various app stores and provide you with a platform form where you can give better features for your app of the day.

It is benefited to the app owners by saving some money by the way of advertising.

You can find the apps based on the relevant recommendations on the kind of app you are choosing for. The android app store offers a list of recommended apps even that won’t be displayed in the Google play top ten charts.

You can find a curated list of play store alternative apps where they have a very narrow focus and a small selection of apps that are segregated based on their topic, purpose, quality, age, etc.

The android app stores are local portals with different app stores that cater to countries and offer localized apps.

So now it’s time to know about the android app alternative.



In the app store business, the SlideMe platform has been a long term layer where the users can regularly find this app store on android devices added to the main competitor. The biggest advantage of using this platform is that the payment can be done online, and the store charges only 20% on each purchase of the android app.

Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore

As you all knew that Amazon is one of the successful competitors in the app stores. It offers a distinct variety of features. At the time of kindle fire, the Fire phone has been a range of android devices that are running fire OS. In this growing market, Amazon has been easy to find by the app developers as one of the best app stores for android. There is a certain issue in running apps via fire OS.  So, the majority of the app developers choose and get ready for Amazon.

Thus the fire OS is fine for many android apps to run through this platform. The benefit of these apps is it is possible to publish HTML and web apps on the Amazon app store. As the app store market is growing widely it has lots of things to reflect on the app and for the large customers. The Amazon app store is a remarkable one in the marketplace where the users are given more flexibility to navigate for all developers.

1mobile market

1Mobile Market

The aim of making a successful app in a different approach is based on the popularity of the app. Here comes an app called 1mobiler market that is specially made for free apps and it is considered as a great place to upload that app for the test in the market. When it comes to the market place it does not cost to upload your app and it won’t be that much terrible on apps.

It conducts a selection process where the apps must undergo various kinds of the selection process that helps in checking for malware, high quality, and better performance of the app. The biggest advantage of using this app store is that you will get a better recommendation for this app based on the preference and the apps will become more successful very quickly. This has been installed by over 100 million users and it is considered a great place to upload your app.

Samsung galaxy apps

Samsung Galaxy Apps

You can find certain mobile phone companies who provide you with the right kind of app store for the android phone and one among them is the Samsung galaxy app.

Compared to other app stores this provides a relatively small number of apps that make it stand out in the crowd and in a positive way. The advantage of this app is that they are provided with an app store installed in it so there is a quick and large customer base.

Mobile 9


Mobile9 is the same as the social network you can find millions of active users and it has features like a comment on and share the installed apps, publish an app for free, and a wider user base. Thus this app stores provide a larger result for a well-developed app. The huge advantage is that there are enormous download rates with the smallest number of developers and many get noticed with Mobile9 is that it is relatively easy.

Opera mobile store

Opera Mobile Store

This app store has a direct link with Yandex, an opera mobile store. It has access to most of the app developers or customers in the market.  Thus, this app is being presented in the Yandex app store. This app store has an average of over a million downloads a day. One of the greatest advantages is that the huge audience will get to access it completely free. Though it takes 30% of the sales it is worth it and as this app store generates.



This has over a base of millions of customers and thousands of downloads each day. Also, it is considered as a forerunner for a Google play alternative. It is a relatively small app with the total in its store. Hence, it is not too difficult to become as its top download app. The biggest advantage of this app store is that it is completely free and non-percentage is taken.



This app is for a more open approach and one of the best alternatives for the android app store. With help of volunteers and by relying on the donation the entire site and apps are run. You will have a better choice and it allows the free apps and it has a greater policy.

This makes your app pushing apps that include paid add-ons or adverts. They will get the advantage of a stronger customer base. There is absolutely no cost. Also, there is nothing to lose by uploading your app to this store. Stores help in testing thus it has become out of its popularity.

Get Jar


GetJar app encourages app developers to use the fermium model. It consists of features such as adverts and in-app currency. This app store is one of the biggest virtual currencies used and it is available to millions of users. To look for its advantages is like there are over 30 million users. Also, it is a greatly recommended service that allows for quick discovery of every new app.



This mobile app is one of the best and available in 12 languages. It offers localized content for each of them by providing free download options. Besides, the service called virus total is used in this app store. It generates reports of apps based on performance results. It consists of more than 50 antivirus programs.  Additionally, it has the application catalog, new blogs, and related tutorials to the software and an official application for android.



This app store is an android app store alternative for a mobile application that runs over the android OS. It does not lay Google play store and it is not a unique and centralized store. Though, every individual can manage the store according to their way. It has a lot of features that will help the customer. Also, it helps app developers to stay connected with the app.


Bottom lines – Android App Store Alternatives

Thus these are some of the alternate app stores for mobile apps. When you chose for the best app look at its charge, specifications, popularity, and higher competition.


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MVP App Development : What is MVP and How to Build An MVP App?

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MVP App Development Cost And Features Guide

Nowadays, the impact of technology has been higher in various industries and firms. The main reason for the higher profit in e-commerce is by introducing various applications.

Various cool apps are developed and it has got millions of downloads. It feels great when people around are talking about the work of the app. So, it creates interest to use those apps.

The most popular form of coding is used to create apps or applications that can be run on any of the devices like mobile phones and tablets. So, when you are going to develop an app you have considered launching a minimum viable product instead.

What is MVP App development?

MVP stands for the minimum viable product. It is a concept of the lean startup that has an impact on learning in new product development that usually depends on various factors.

The MVP will be in creating the new products and look at the usage of it in a better way. You can create an MVP product whether it can be used in a better way and the things that should be improved in it.

The value of MVP in developing the app

The versions of the app are a scaled-back version of the product launched and released to the public for testing and validating the concepts and viability in the market.

In a business investment for an app is considered a risky thing so it is essential to provide the right kind of concept that can avoid disappointments when the users are downloading along with the retention charges.

Thus minimum viable products help to safeguard the client’s investment in the business of mobile apps building. MVP enables the developers to make stronger products of the overall satisfaction of the client.

How to build an MVP?

There are certain steps involved in creating MVP development and finding out all the details of the MVP development process. Here are some of the ways that help you to build an MVP to make a better app.

1. Market research

Market research knows the fundamental point of any kind of project. It helps in analyzing and making sure that the product will be interesting for the users rather than going broke.

You can find lots of platforms that provide services to get a detailed portrait of the customer and also to keep the revivals insight and to monitor the updates. By doing these things the MVP app will increase usability in the market research.

2. Get a clear idea

In general, there are lots of challenges that have to be faced when developing an app so the MVP apps are more helpful in crossing the challenges. Sometimes it may answer certain questions that help in making a better and clear idea. The questions can be of,

  • The issues can be solved by the products
  • Different ways the products are helpful
  • And finally the purpose of using this product to have a solution

By using the MVP at the end of the stage will provide the essential qualities of your products. The best quality will help the users to have a better performance of the app. helps in defining the problems to solve so get down to MVP app development.

3. Defines the features

The app development process is a startup and that is provided by the app development company with a list of app features. You will get a better opportunity to write down the entire component that is essential for your app.

The app with the best features is more liked by many and it increases its place value in the market. If the app is of poor quality will result in further updates and it is considered a common mistake done by most of the app developers.

4. Build and launch

Once you have found all the necessary things all you have to do is build or begin the development of the MVP. It is not that building an MVP gives you the right to launch a bad quality of the product; it is all dependent on the building of the product.

This is more helpful in making a better customer as it has to satisfy them in a better way or it may fail. So the MVP adds development is not that easy and must be matching the user’s needs.

5. Analyze the feedback

After developing the app it is crucial to get the feed and the responses for using the app as it helps in making a better conclusion. The early user’s response and the current user’s response will help in making a better choice of choosing for the app and the idea generators.

It also helps the users to get a better experience by analyzing the feedback to have a better app. The response will help you by remembering to build the app with essential features and that will eliminate the unnecessary things and enhance the performance of the app.

6. Maps out the customer’s journey

The MVP app can be created on the basics of the customer’s needs so it should map all the needs of and keep that in mind. The company will gain better experience if the users are provided with better service by using the app.

Customers are provided with the right insights the app is designed in such a way for better convenience of the users. Additionally, it helps in defining the user flow and addressing the action that is needed to complete the end goal. It also helps in providing a better chance for making the right MVP to customers without missing anything and keeping the users with a satisfied mind.

7. Creating the user journey

The users are given an app and it is achieved by the MVP app. It is a must to consider some of the essential things. First and for the most part is to identify the user. It is possible to give a better chance of making more categories of users.

They must be based on the customer and that will help to have better usability of the app. The second thing is to identify the action, it is crucial to identify the kind of job the user is involved in to reach the story ending and to achieve the goal. The planning of the MVP is likely based on the job of the user and focus on the user.

Benefits of MVP App Development

  • Getting the products from the market has become easier and faster than waiting for the full app to develop.
  • Before making commitments to too many man-hours to the job, get a better chance to test the viability of the concepts.
  • You can give yourself more places and that will work out in any kind. You will have a better reflect on the final products. Sometimes maybe even a little forgiveness.
  • The MVP is much beneficial in saving money because you only spend time in building the features that are essentially needed for the users. You need not do with much work to finalize the product because the user is content with the scaled-back version.
  • With the idea of testing, it is more helpful to treat ideas that have been embraced by the users. Also, it brings visitors that created the rest of the development process. It also helps in making a much smoother app development process.

Defining the success criteria

You have to decide how you are going to measure the success of your MVP. So, consider the following things that will help make a successful app.

  • The number of visitors visited the landing page
  • The number of users signed up for the beta
  • The time spent on the particular feature of the app
  • The number of users retained over the set of period
  • The number of users provided feedback and that is enough to make a solid decision on the product design and app
  • Number of users with a positive experience on the product

Bottom lines – MVP App Development

Therefore these are some of the MVP app development ways with its benefits. You can gather all the information from the original landing page to have a better app and look over it all. You can lower the risk rates and lowers the cost of testing with the help of the MVP market. The MVP provides you to implement complicated frameworks and fancy designs to make a better-featured app.

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12 Best Sports Apps For Android Or Iphone In 2020

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Best Sports Apps in 2020

In this digital era, everyone is fond of entertainment and most teenagers and youngsters choose sports. There are a lot of genres of sports and many offer mobile apps, games of sports, education, entering, and others.

The place for sports is an irreplaceable one and it consists of lots of additional features. There are a bunch of mobile sports apps like football, cricket fan, and tennis or basketball lover.

The sports app has found a better place by enhancing the value of the mobile phone. This type of app gives complete satisfaction of watching live-action, viewing live scores, and others. The sports app has HQ pictures, videos, latest news, game schedule and it is worth trying for the below-mentioned sports app.

1. UFC

This app is the best app for fans of the ultimate fighting championship and others are combat sports.

You will get to know about the live events week on pay per view basis or subscription to the UFC fight pass. Users will get to know about the fighters thoroughly and about their complete details.

You can follow up on the fighters and give them customizing your notifications. You will get better access to exclusive content like 200+ lie events and early prelims.

2. The Score

This app is considered as the number of sports app millions of sports fans use. The app provides you with scores, news, stats, and video of basketball and football, the English premier league, PGA golf, champions league soccer, and others.

You will have a personalized feed with a variety of content for sports lovers on their favorite sports, teams, and leagues. Besides, you will get to know about the latest top headlines and scores of every match instantly.

Also, there is an option of messaging features and you can even chat with individuals or set up a group to chat. You can discover the biggest stories of the time posted by the sports fan on the buzz.

3. Yahoo Sports

This sports app helps you to track all your favorite sports teams and players with instant updates on the score and other news. You can view the player’s statistics and live stream of your favorite game.

You can also get to know about real-time news, score, standing, and stats and you can also watch live stream events. Users will get an update of the football, basketball, soccer, and baseball and advance alerts of your favorite team play. It is available exclusive content of the players and award-winning bloggers. You will get to know about the coverage of the leagues like champions, premier league, and Europa League.

4. 365 Scores

One of the big players in the flurry of sports apps that is available now is 364 scores. You can follow your favorite tea sport or athlete on the phones. It is kept updated on important moments’ in-game via live push notification.

This app supports 10 different games that include cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, and handball among more than 2000 competitions. The fans are allowed to communicate across the world via online messages.

This app is available in more 20 languages making it a unique one in the concentrated on English-speaking crowd. It allows the users to live tracker in real-time without actually watching it.

5. BBC Sports

This app Is built by the BBC to deliver the sports lover with the latest news and score to fans all over the world. You can view the world’s biggest sports events such as the Olympic Games, FIFA world cup, and other biggest games. It has the features to create a personalized page and follow the stories, scores, and. Fixtures of the games.

The app highlights the major sporting events and watches the clips and catch-ups. You are allowed to cast the live video into your television using chrome cast. The app consists of integrated radio players that will be played while you browse the app. It has features of set reminders for upcoming events and others commences.

6. All Football

All football apps provide you the information about football. It provides the latest stories, scores, and highlights in football. All the information about the match will be available in the app with the latest news and get personalized content based on the team.

It helps in transferring and of the latest leagues and other information you can view professional stats, squads, fixtures, results, and players profiles over the app. you can get live scores, text commentary, team line-ups, and more match center. You can also chat with other users on the app.

7. Cricbuzz

Cricbuzz is one of the largest mobile apps for cricket news. The app is offered by the website and gives wide coverage of all international cricket matches. You can over the live score and ball text commentary it also offers audio commentary that is available in English and other languages.

It has a list of comprehensive player profiles that include the stats, runs, wickets, etc. it will display the upcoming match schedules results of the past matches that can also be viewed. You can find the latest news in the field of cricket. You get the update instantly so you will not miss anything.

8. Live Score

This sports app is exclusively for the news, stats, and other available on football and bothers spotting events. You can view over the live score action with the latest score updating this app specializes in football, soccer, tennis, cricket, basketball, and hockey.

This app has provided live notification on score, goals, and card for multiple matches and sports at the same time. Users can explore icons to discover competition across different sporting events. Users can view the action through pitch by tracking the ball in this app. It has the feature of a calendar that helps you to identify upcoming matches with a live commentary option.

9. NBA

NBA (NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION) has developed this app officially so that you will be near the latest score and highlights of the match.

The fans of the NBA will access the current news, schedules, and stats and with the help of the pass, the users can view the live match or on-demand. You will access to watch both the previews of in-game and post-game with recaps to all users.

You will access life to select interviews and events. The users have access to live games and also the option to download.

10. Premier League

Most of the English football league is watched in this sports app the premier league is available for free. It has followers worldwide. This app has the best experiences about 27 years of providing statistics and score of the league and the latest news and updates.

You will be given a different kind of accessibility and to manage your fantasy premier league team. It consists of video highlights of the greatest moments in football. You can view the detailed profiles of all the players who have played for the premier league club. You can view the latest news and stories from all the favorite clubs.

11. Live line and cricket score- cricket exchange

This app provides live cricket scores and accurate it also sends you notification of the matches ongoing, with an update of what is happening around.

You will be able to view two scorecards and statistics of the match with the availability of the upcoming match schedules. You can follow up on the upcoming major cricket matches including ODI, women, T20, and others with live updates of teams playing and scoreboard.

12. Forza football

This app is one of the live score apps that gives you instant updates on football scores, highlights, and goals.

This is more responsible for making you up to date by refreshing for 10 seconds and it gives in-depth coverage for more than 420 football leagues all over the world. It allows for the premier league, UEFA champion’s league, and others by conducting opinion polls there you can share your opinions with other fans. You can make yourself more personalized by selecting your favorite team to line up, fixtures, statics, and other news.

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Final words

These are some of the best apps to watch different genres of sports and it makes you watch live and keep you updated. The sports apps will allow you to stay up to date with important updates on favorite teams, leagues, and athletes.

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HRMS – Human Resource Management Software Development Cost & Features

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Every small or large scale business has the most important asset in their organization that is Human Resource Management. Hr or Human Resource management systems are very common in any organization. The process of recruiting, managing, and training in the organization is vital. It does colossal transformation in all the organizations.

The human resource management team is small and manageable units that are responsible for carrying out any task. This department does several tasks like recruiting new staff, retaining the existing employees, training and controlling the existing workforce, supervising, etc. Below are the needs, features, benefits, and costs of developing HR software.

What is the need for Human Resource Management Software?

Human Resource management software is a complete solution that offers control for all the management processes. Also, it includes several recruitment management processes, managing the payroll, evaluating the performance of the employees, monitoring the delegation of the work, etc.

This HR management software stores all the required data. It helps you in retaining and retrieving any piece of information at any time that you require. This software eliminates manual work like paperwork etc. This saves you a lot of time and your effort in helping the managers of the Human Resource department.

Benefits of Human Resource Management Software

Nowadays, almost all organizations are using Human Resource Management Software. But it would be extremely difficult for those who did not upgrade their existing tool replaced with HR software. If you have not upgraded your business with this kind of software, this will be helpful to know. Here, you’ll know about the benefits and features of Human Resources Management Software.

Digitalizes the Database of the Employees

The first and foremost benefit of this software is that it can store all the information and database of your employees and you can easily manage that. Since it stores everything, you can also easily retain and retrieve any time you need. This improves the overall productivity of your organization.

Moreover, it also maintains a plethora of files regarding the employees and it is easy to sort out anything if required. HR management software has an additional benefit of robust security practices that keeps all the data completely secured.

Manages the Payroll System

Human Resource management software comes with an inbuilt payroll system. It makes you get rid of outsourcing payroll to a third-party service provider. You can easily manage your payroll system in your organization.

The payroll system in the software can be easily connected with your employees’ information, time of arrival, and departure. This software has also got attendance tracking so it is useful for you to determine and calculate the attendance for the payroll. This helps the organization to calculate the salary of the employees more accurately.

The payroll system can be easily linked with the information of the employee. So it is useful for tracking attendance without any manual errors.

Portals of Self Help

This software gives you the portals for the employee’s self-help. This allows your employees to maintain their information and can always update anytime.

Even if there are any minor changes like phone number, new address, your employees can easily change it and update it with the help of this self-help portal in the Human Resource management software.

This can streamline communication and saves the time and effort of human resource managers in such a significant process.

Performance of the Management

Human Resource management software allows the human resource managers of the organization to monitor the performance of the employee. They can draw a clear picture of the strengths and skills of the employees.

They can also review the appraisals of the employee and can offer special training to the employees at any time. This will improve the overall productivity of the company and allows the company to give bonuses to their employees.

Stress-Free Management

With the Human resource Software that has robust security, you can handle and manage the stress-free works in the human resource management department.

There is no need for human resource managers to maintain lengthy spreadsheets and assign tasks to the employees through emails. This software can perform all the significant operations using a single platform.

This platform can assign the tasks of the work, evaluating the progress of the company, the performance of the employees can be easily reviewed and it is very easy to reward them for their hard work.

Easy Recruiting System

Human resource management software easily manages a plethora of applications and forms during the time of recruitment.

This helps the managers to find promising and talented employees. At the time of recruitment, linking the application of the employees can easily help to convert the database of the employee to the employee file after the selection. This can be done without any hassle.

Significant Features of Human Resource Management Software

Employee records

This includes the general data of the employees that come along with all the medical insurance and taxing information. It also stores his job history, performance evaluation, awards, and certifications of the employees.


The feature of this software helps in tracking employee salaries, bonuses, provident funds, health, and medical deductions and issues related to paychecks.

Training Management

This software allows you to offer remote learning as well as live training to the employees wherever they are.

Benefits Management

One of the features of this software is to offer complete information on the benefits provided to the employees.

Performance Tracking

Anytime employees can review other fellow-workers or get reviewed by them as well. This software enables HR managers to gather quick insights into the employee’s work performance and particular skill and ability.


This is a significant process in any organization. This software module helps in compiling a robust database of talent that can add to the company’s value within fewer time frames. This also helps in creating ads, managing applications from hundreds of applicants, administering important documents, and so on.

Time Clock & Attendance

This is one of the features of the software that helps in marking the daily attendance of the employees as well as in keeping a check on their leaves. This software has features like booking, tracking, and approving any leave form that can also be managed with this software.

Employee Self-Help Portal

The self-help portal of the employees enables the employees to handle their records and make changes to the information. They can also make sure whether it is accurate and up-to-date. The employees can also submit leave applications, communicate with other employees in it and they can view their working schedules easily.

Centralized HR Data

All the data of the employees are centralized in an interactive database and so it makes retrieving the information very easy for the managers. If any changes are made in one document, it is reflected across the board. This ensures the information is always up-to-date.

Document Management

This software allows you to manage all the employee documents by their name or type of document. All these documents can be easily converted to PDF or any other format and it can also be used in other applications.


This software helps the Human Resource managers to know the time spent by the employees on various projects. Timesheet can also be easily managed by this software.

Report and Analysis

This software has an important feature that helps you to evaluate the performance of each employee individually. And it can also evaluate the performance on the whole. This enables you to detect the areas for improvement that you need to concentrate on.

Cost of HRM Software

In the development of software, pricing is a hectic thing. The cost of the software largely depends on the types of features inbuilt in it. The cost always differs across worldwide.

So costing depends upon the quality of the work and the location in which you set up your organization. The labor cost might also be charged per hour.

Wrapping Up

To manage the entire process of the company, every business organization requires a very manageable and competent Human Resource Management Software. This very effortlessly compiles the entire workforce to bring forth the business efficiency. Through this post, hope you can have ideas about various aspects of well-designed Software of Human Resource Management and could able to understand its benefits of the software in your business along with the features and cost structure.

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Best Nutrition Apps in 2020 To Lead A Healthy Life

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There is a great impact on your health by the choice of food that shows how you feel today, tomorrow, and in the future. To lead a healthy lifestyle it is crucial to have good nutrition.

Combining the physical activity in your diet will help you to reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of chronic diseases if you have a poor diet it associates with major health risk and causes illness such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, and some types of cancer. You can protect your health by taking up good nutritious food.

List of Best Nutrition Apps in 2020

With the influence of the internet and technology, a lot of advancement has taken place and it paved the way to the developments of applications. There is an application for different journals and when it comes to nutrition there are several apps that have been developed and help you to maintain your diet.

There are lots of benefits in tracking your nutrition and it helps you to manage food intolerances to increase energy, avoid mood changes, and help in fueling the rhythms of your day. You can gain all these benefits by logging into a nutrition app. Within a few taps on the app, you can make the job a little easier by looking at the impressive reviews, quality content, and reliability. Some of the top benefits of nutrition apps are listed below that help you with following a proper diet.

1. MyFitnessPal


MyFitnessPal is one of the most highly used apps that is designed. It is known as the powerhouse app that consists of more food databases, a barcode scanner, recipe importer, restaurant loggers, food insights, calorie counter, and other features.

It will help you in maintaining nutrition to lose weight, change bad habits, build muscles, or just to hold yourself accountable for your eating. Therefore these all are the benefits of choosing this and you can make it easy.

2. Calorie counter

Calorie Counter

To lose weight and to maintain a diet calorie counter is one of the best personal assistance. It helps you with making perfect multi-tasking. It has features such as a food diary, calorie counter, and exercise tracker.

As it is a fresh, modern aesthetic app that allows you to plan your meal, dial in those macros, check out nutrition facts, and get insights based on the data given.

3. MyPlate calorie counter


This nutrition app is a user-friendly app that is designed to help in reducing weight and improve your health. You can find lots of nutritional facts, as well as personalized daily calorie goals, make healthy meal plans, a barcode scanner, a lot of extensive food databases, and detailed statistics about your nutritional ongoing plans.

4. A calorie counter and diet tracker

Maintaining your food tracking and intake of food and other physical exercises can be planned with the help of a calorie counter and diet tracking app. With the help of this app, you can log on to know what food you should take from the database as per the schedules.

As the app provides you 3 million foods and beverages. One can use it to track the nutrient and track your exercise with the help of available build-in planning and logging. You can follow up on any kind of dieting plan that will help you to build a holistic diet and exercise daily and it can be tracked in a single place.

5. Protein tracker


Protein is considered one of the core nutrients that is essential for the human body and helps in important functioning. It helps you to gain weight and build-up muscles.

The app has the feature to set up specific goals and track the amount of the protein content that you are taking. You can also set up alerts and reminders that will ensure the meet of protein goals each day.

The time laps to make proteins are also notified and see the quick snapshot of it. You can compare the different time intervals where you need to be with the intake of protein.

6. Superfood


This is a kind of nutrition app that will help you to find the right nutritious and healthy recipe for the betterment of your health. You can also track over the calories at the same time as trying with new foods recipes.

You can enjoy lots of other benefits like the app letting you look through a large database of recipes where you can choose a recipe a day and improve your health.

The app consists of a food recipe for both weight gain as well as weight loss. Introducing these foods will help you to maintain a proper diet. You can follow different cooking instructions to prepare tasty and healthy food in your diet plan.

7. Waterlogged


Water is the most essential ingredient that must be added to your routine nutrient and strictly speaking, water is essential for proper hydration and wellbeing.

The waterlogged app will help you in providing enough water drinking alerts and notifications. You have the option to set up reminders to drink water on an interval. You can quickly assess your hydration with handy graphs to view the amount of water intake.

8. Shopwell


This app helps you to make healthy choices at the grocery store. You give details such as fitness goals, nutritional requirements, and foot sensitivity when you set up the app.

One can shop the grocery items with the help of a barcode scanner you will get to know about the nutritional content, added sugar, and sodium, and more other contents of the item. You can analyze the nutritional value of the items you choose by scanning them.

9. Carbs control

As the name implies the carbs control app is one of the nutrition apps that helps you monitor your carbohydrate and it is a good choice for diabetics or those who want a low carb diet.

You can make a detailed track of daily intake carbs intake as well as you look on to meal by meal breakdown, you can check over the total amount of carbs food you take in.

Users can make the dairy choice of the carb foods that you have taken to have control over the carbs. You can especially focus on the carbs content and that will help you in monitoring the carbs and other nutrients.

10. You ate

This app is constructed in such a way and it is one among the best for nutrient tracking. The app will track over the amount of food that you take and it consists of information like tracking of nutrient content in the food intake. You will be able to track over the different food you eat a day.

11. Fooducate

This is one of the apps that is a bit different from other nutrient apps. It is the diet and weight loss application that will do basic stuff such as count calorie, track weight loss, and track exercise.

The app consists of different instructions that you need to know in your daily routine. By reading the calorie count, you can analyze the number of nutrients you need.

12. Lifesum


This is one of the best diet apps that will help you to lose weight with pre-planned meals designed for your goals and taste. The app consists of three diet plans such as keto, paleo, sugar detox, and many more.

It has the usual calorie tracker and macro tracking as the habit tracker as it counts the bottles of water or serving of fruits, vegetables, and seafood you consumed. You will also get to know about the total score based on the following of the diet.

13. Lose it

This is a kind of best nutrition app for weight loss that will help you to track the food. It also tracks exercise to help you to reach your ideal weight. Besides, it is easy to count calories.

It allows you to scan the barcode where you can find a food library database with over 27 million entries. It also makes you sync the app with your fitness tracking devices. And, It also helps you to see the number of calories and encourages you to participate in weight loss.

Closing note – Best Nutrition Apps

Therefore these are some of the nutrition apps that help you have to maintain a balanced diet. You just need to follow healthy eating habits and enhance metabolic activity. The nutrition apps help the users make informed choices and highlight the different areas that have to be improved.
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How to build a Peer to Peer Payment App Similar to Cash App?

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Mobile payment apps show their steadily growing graph in recent trends. The popularity of mobile devices helps certain payment apps for a convenient transaction. The payment on the mobile app is safe, secure, and fast. This article helps to give a detailed guide on peer-peer payment service similar to the cash app.

In the recent era, millions of users join the mobile payment app. It is the right time to invest in digital wallets here the marketer predicts billions of revenue through the secure payment transaction.

P2P Payment App Development Basic Functionalities

Secure Data Base

The app must be designed with high confidentiality on databases, payments, and transactions. The customer information must be authentic and the credentials must be kept secret.

Secure registration

The app must enroll the users with identity check with the essential credentials like user ID, password, register mobile number, and email id.

Secure Transaction

The users will save the personal information like name, DOB, account details, credit/debit card details, payee account information, and so forth. It is essential to provide secure transactions to every valued customer.

E-Wallet Support

The user will use any type of digital wallet transaction by linking with a debit/credit card or any other wallets; hence it is designed to support all e-wallet transactions.

Inclusive features

Apart from the above-secured transactions, it is essential to provide push notifications and third party API integration for the benefit of the customer.

A step-by-step guide for developing a peer to peer payment App

Decide the platform

Mobile App is designed to support the OS of Android phones or iPhones. It is up to the marketer, to decide the best platform. The user group is decided mainly based on intensive market research. First, identify the number of iOS devices in the country and choose the target audience.

It is also possible to design the app based on the iPhone or Android or both. Based on the budget and target audience choose the desired platform and design the app for extensive use in the market.

Designing the wireframe

The mobile app uses a middleman to allow the transfer of funds between the buyer and seller. Apart from enabling peer-peer payment, it also helps in making payments for bills, ticket booking, recharge, shopping, online shopping, flight ticket booking, etc.

Designing the wireframe is the first step for development. It provides a glimpse of the function that the app will look like.

Developing the API

API development plays a vital role in the mobile app development process. It is a third-party service that must be integrated to get instant access. The API interfaces between the mobile user and the service provider.

Reliable payment gateway services provider

The payment service plays a significant role in an e-commerce transaction. Along with the API interface, it is essential to look for a reliable operator who provides convenient services to the reliable payment gateway service to initiating on the app.

Designing the app

The App must be a user-friendly app. The design must be easy to handle and convenient to use. The easy-to-use design will help to retain the user to make use of the app regularly. Thus, keep this in mind design the app with simplicity and secure API user-interface. The featured app allows the user to make use of automatic payment for secure transactions.

Choose optimal development technology for designing

If similar to that of a cash app, your mobile payment app must be able to interact with any type of e-commerce site efficiently. The user may also use an LED TV view or laptop view for secure transactions.

The app must be responsive; as it must be accessible in any gadgets. To ensure access on any device, make sure to use optimal development technology for designing.

To create a money transfer app it is important to consider the following features:

  • Notifications
  • Digital Wallet
  • Unique ID
  • Sending and receiving money
  • Sending bills and invoices
  • Messaging
  • OTP verification
  • Push notifications in the mobile app, email, and registered mobile
  • Payment initialization
  • Sending bills and receiving money

The above features help the user to experience a better transaction similar to the cash app. While designing the app make sure to make a transaction in a fraction of seconds. The API user interface must be effective between the user and the third-party system.

Faster access helps to increase the customer count to the app. It helps for phenomenal profit and a significant percentage of revenue to the marketer.

Advantage of Peer to Peer Payment App

Pay without having An Account

The peer-peer app has a similar advantage to the cash app. The cash app lets the user send and receive the money even on one party which is convenient for business. This means the customer can pay through the peer-peer payment app even if they don’t have an account. The small business gets more benefits and made business recognition.

Virtual Visa Card

The payment app offers a cash card for the convenience of the user. It offers a virtual visa card for a secure transaction in e-commerce sites and retail stores. The user can directly add cash to the peer-peer App through Google pay or Wire transfer and make use of it.

Free Of Cost Transaction

The payment app allows transactions free of cost similar to the cash app. It allows both international and national payment transfers securely.

The cash transactions are processed immediately as like the cash app in peer to peer payment app. The cash-out feature allows the user to transfer money from the user account to the bank account with confidentiality without any delay. The amount will be processed immediately with a secure transaction.

Similar to the cash app, the peer-peer payment app is fast and convenient for small businesses. The app can send and receive the payment, even if the sender doesn’t have a peer app account.

People don’t use this app for e-commerce transactions only, they also use it for purchasing and selling stocks and bitcoins.

Instant Notifications to Email id

Once the payment is sent or received an instant notification will be sent to the customer email id. The mobile app pushes notifications and text messages to the registered mobile number regarding the payment transaction.

The app will send a prior email and text message to the customer if any suspicious activity is detected on the user account.

The app provides a detailed summary and the transaction history regarding the payment transaction to the customer, vendor, and the buyer. All the details are confidentially documented and send with complete security.

In case of loss of card, as like a cash card, the peer-peer app provides instant freezing of card and helps in the protection of fraud service.

Challenges faced by P2P Payment App

Once you decide the peer-to-peer payment app you want to clone, make a list of features you want to integrate into the app. Once you are ready with the list, start to integrate with secure payment transactions. The following are the technical challenges that occur while designing the app.


In a peer-to-peer payment app like the cash app, it is mandatory to provide high security. This is the biggest challenge where each app development company will face. A developer must design a secure data management system to maintain security.


The app developer must design the app with complete safety and security. The payment security involves the details about the customer, vendor, third party system, and the buyer. Hence, it is essential to have confidentiality in personal details.

Money Exchange

The peer to peer payment app deals with national and international exchange rates. The developing team may find it difficult in currency conversion in real-time. P2P service providers must take the initial step to overcome challenges while designing the app.

Lack of trust

The usual problem that occurs with the technical team in the P2P system is lack of trust. It is tough to set the mind of the people towards the digital wallet. People are scared of the digital system and they still follow the traditional cash and carry method.

PCI DSS compliance

Every peer-to-peer payment app must follow PCI DSS compliance to complete secure transactions. It helps in maintain a secure network and create powerful access control standards.

Investing time and money into a build peer to peer payment app similar to the cash app can bring a lot of fortune especially to the startup concern. People are slowly gaining trust in the payment app and start to migrate from traditional payment to the digital wallet.

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