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Dying for Bad Music Blog

We post mostly bandcamp stuff and mixtapes.

A feed by DFBM


Joost Dijkema - Time Thief

Permalink - Posted on 2019-09-27 05:13

If you are of the age were your parents put up records with songs and fairy tales to entertain you, then the record cover could remind you on one of those children records. If you flip the cover and check the back, you could easily mistake that handsome guitar guy framed by an illustration of trees with an old photo by Michael Chapman. So that's kind of the promise of this record. Acoustic folk-rock ballads and solo guitar/instrumental pieces by an "old soul" in a young man's body. The kind of t

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dfbm #105 - Morning Raga Pt. 20

Permalink - Posted on 2019-09-25 10:06

Time for a new edition of the Morning Raga, the mix with focus on american primitivism and solo guitar instrumentals. These are tracks that are in this playlist forever and I'm happy to finally put them out and I already started a new one. There is a lot to say about each artist, but I'm not sure if anybody reads that and these days, you'll find out quickly yourself, most of the time. When ever possible, bandcamp is linked, because that's the way support the artist. You can stream the mix via mi

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dfbm #104 - Morning Raga Pt. 19

Permalink - Posted on 2019-08-04 12:29

Welcome to another installment of the Morning Ragas series. This "Summer Morning Ragas" are carefully selected from a 80 gigabyte stack of new music that I collected over the last months. As always you can stream it via mixcloud or download a good old zip to transfer it onto your mp3 player or whatever. I have to mention that mixcloud are going to change their model.1 You can still use it for free, but they limit certain functions and I'm not sure how creators will be limited. We will see. tl;dr

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Alex Archibald - Cat Got Tongue

Permalink - Posted on 2019-05-12 04:58

Too much good music, not enough time, but here I pull out this record by Alex Archibald who released quite a few albums over the last few years. They all seem to have flown a bit under the radar of "American Primitive Weekly" and even this little blog (slash label).1 Alex Archibald's new album (and his former releases) stand out a bit from other solo acoustic guitar releases through his unique picking technique and the use of other instruments like banjo, piano, his voice, field recordings or li

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Louis Alberry - Louis Alberry

Permalink - Posted on 2019-04-19 18:05

A fine solo acoustic guitar album from the British Isles by Louis Alberry. I always love it when musicians use field recordings to reference a place they try to describe with their music. Enjoy some guitar instrumentals introduced by the sound of water, footsteps or birds. or in his own words: A collection of nine compositions for guitar and mandola, the music takes us along a dynamic and winding path, evoking some of the places and experiences that first bore the songs, as well as introducing

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Šimanský Niesner - Tance neznámé

Permalink - Posted on 2019-04-19 15:22

American primitivism in Eastern Europe? One of the earliest connection might be the Dobro guitar, known a brand that built acoustic guitars with a metal resonator to amplify the sounds. The name originated in 1928 when the Dopyera brothers, John and Emil (Ed), formed the Dobro Manufacturing Company. Dobro is both a contraction of "Dopyera brothers" and a word meaning 'good' in their native Slovak. An early company motto was "Dobro means good in any language." -- Wikipedia And then there is t

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Mouss - Les Adieux

Permalink - Posted on 2019-04-12 21:07

Moss is a guitar player from the Western part of France and his album "Les Adieux" can easily be filed under American primitive solo guitar, but with a closer listen it's much more influenced by classical European music, than the blues. There is not so much more to say than that this is beautifully executed and a wonderful late night listen. Highly recommended! Available as download or on cd via bandcamp. [bandcamp:album=3460188935]

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Joseph Allred - Nightsongs (2019)

Permalink - Posted on 2019-04-10 17:25

The Garden Portal label out of Georgia just released two cassettes by Boston based guitarist Joseph Allred. One album, named "Aspirant" contains experimental sound collages and field recordings that reminds me of the times when I was exclusively listening to anything that was just one long drone, layered with all kind of crackling, humming and buzzing sounds. These recordings are from 2015 and I remember Allred's earlier releases were often a mix of those experimental pieces and his solo guitar

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H Moore - Woods to Coast E​.​P. (2019)

Permalink - Posted on 2019-04-10 16:47

UK based banjo player H Moore released a bunch of very cool banjo centered eps over the last years. He mainly plays his own material but also recorded some known tunes like Fred Cockerham's "Little Satchel"1 or "Wabash Blues" on the Sarpa E.P.. It's mostly just bare bone banjo, sometimes accompanied by (slide) guitar. More boiled the tunes down to their essence, so no track is longer than two minutes, which is nice. This is not your grandpa kind of banjo folk, unless your grandpa experimented wi

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dfbm #103 - Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. 11

Permalink - Posted on 2019-03-03 12:09

Two hours of psych folk, americana, post-punk, private press oddities, exotic and esoterica, krautrock, drone and everything in between. Some brand new stuff and ancient, moldy crap from the bottom of my hard drive. It was time again to compile all the odds and ends of the last months of music finding into one big blob of audio data. I this was a radioshow you would listen to a guy who describes the music, connects the dots and sounds like Werner Herzog. All Germans sound like Werner Herzog when

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