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How to Develop an Alcohol Delivery App Like Drizly in India

Permalink - Posted on 2020-06-05 05:52

Drizly is the largest alcohol marketplace in the world and it serves customers by delivering alcohol right at their doorsteps. This alcohol e-commerce platform is operating in over 100 cities across both the United States and Canada. No doubt, it is known by its popular pseudonym, “Amazon for Liquor.”

After the Supreme Court of India created a nation-wide buzz by asking state governments to find ways to deliver alcohol to the customers’ doorsteps, it is likely that India needs its own alcohol e-commerce platform like Drizly. In this regard, the top home delivery service providers like Zomato have already shown their interest in entering the alcohol marketplace.

Considering this paradigm shift in the market, in this article, we will try to understand the various facets of Drizly so the entrepreneurs who are looking forward to developing their own alcohol marketplace app in India can get a clear picture of their venture.


What is Drizly?

Drizly is an e-commerce platform that connects local liquor stores to the consumers, where they can order any alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, and spirits) and get it delivered at their doorstep within an hour. How cool is that?

For seamless customer experience, Drizly has invested in an intuitive website and mobile app for both Android and iOS. Besides, Drizly is famous for offering a huge collection of liquor at competitive prices.


drizly like app development


Funding in Drizly

If you wondering how much funding has Drizly received so far then let me warn you, it is quite a lot. By the year 2020, this online alcohol marketplace has already raised $85 M in its multiple rounds of funding. The trick is to have a sustainable idea and a business model that looks better on both papers and real life. And luckily Drizly had everything to put them in the sweet spot.

top alcohol delivery companies

Drizly is utilizing the funding money in its business expansion in more than 100 cities and further development of its online platform.


A Glimpse of the Global Alcohol Market

It is wise to measure the depth of water before entering. This is why we need to take a look at what turns the market of alcohol business going to take in the near future. Looking at the reports from reliable sources, the global market of alcoholic beverages is going to flourish because it is predicted that by the year of 2025, this market is going to swell all the way up to $1,684 billion. In contrast, the market value of the same industry was $1,439 billion in 2017.

No doubt, the market is expanding at an unexpected rate. But remember, it is the report of the alcohol beverage market of the entire world. It is quite evident that the innate convenience of online liquor delivery business is going to boost the market growth to a significant rate as well. All we can see is limitless possibilities and opportunities in the Indian market which is yet to be introduced with this concept.


drizly like alcohol app development in india


How does Drizly work? – Business Model of Drizly

Drizly is a liquor company that does not produce its own liquor nor do they own any physical brick & mortar store or delivery fleet. Instead, they partner with local liquors stores owners to deliver beers, wines, and spirits right at the doorsteps of the customers. Hence, Drizly proudly calls itself a tech intermediary. Drizly easily integrates with the inventory management software of the stores and helps store owners to connect to their customers via the Drizly app and website.

A customer is required to log on to the Drizly app or website to purchase his/her favorite liquor. After confirming the order, the order will be delivered within an hour to their doorstep. However, the delivery duration is not guaranteed as it can be affected by various natural causes like traffic, rain, or bad weather, etc.

However, Drizly does not partner with just any liquor store. To be a reliable company, Drizly has to maintain a certain reputation that people can trust. Therefore, before collaborating with any liquor store the team of Drizly conducts a thorough quality check on the store’s product range, storage capacity, maintenance capabilities, product prices, POS, delivery operation, and many more essential parameters. After a successful quality check, Drizly effortlessly integrates with the store’s inventory to bring it online.

On the other hand, this on-demand alcohol delivery app is turning out a very good growth opportunity for the liquor retailer. Those stores that did not have any reputation among their customers are now selling alcoholic beverages online in a great amount. It is a surprising fact that over 50% of customers started purchasing liquor from those stores that were their favorite stores on Drizly. As a result, Drizly is receiving a very good response from both parties.

how drizly app works

How does Drizly earn a profit? – Revenue Model of Drizly

The revenue model of Drizly is as simplified as their business model. There are hardly any complications. Maybe this is why their partners – store owners, consider it a boon to work with Drizly. A similar approach can also be applied while building an on-demand alcohol delivery business.

Drizly simply charges a licensing fee from their partners for using their online alcohol marketplace. This licensing fee is fixed and does not vary during a surge of sales on any given event, any extra amount goes straight to the store only. This licensing fee varies from $100 to $10,000 and this amount depends on the zone served by the store and its value of sales, etc.


How to develop an on-demand alcohol delivery app in India? – Just like Drizly

Now coming to the real point where we can talk about how you can develop a liquor delivery app like Drizly. Before we proceed further, let’s shed some light on factors that make Drizly an easy go-to platform for buying alcoholic beverages.

  • Convenience
  • Online payment
  • The business model tends to support retailers as Drizly claimed, on overage 75% of customers come back to the liquor store via the app.
  • Great value
  • Faster service

Now that we know what is good with Drizly, we can take the best out of it and apply it in the environment of India.
Now let’s talk about what do you need to develop in order to start your business:

  • A website
  • Mobile apps (Android, iOS)
  • A powerful management system that connects with stores’ inventory.

Now let’s talk about some basic features of an online alcohol delivery app.


alcohol delivery app development in india

Basic Feature of an Online Alcohol Delivery Mobile App

In a mobile app, features are not only necessary for getting the job done for your customers, instead, but it also does more than just that. Features of any app set it apart from its competitors and give customers a unique environment that can play a vital role in offering fabulous customer experience. In other words, being creative with the feature can win you hearts of many customers.

Let’s talk about some essential features that you must include in your liquor delivery app:

Social Media Login

For added convenience and saving your customers from the torture of remembering yet another password, social media signup/login is a great option. With this feature, users can easily start using the app after signing up with their social media accounts like Google and Facebook.

Personal Profile

One of the quintessential features is to offer users a section where they can manage their personal profile. It is the section where users can track their current order or check records of previous orders, payment info, and request invoice, etc.

Product Search and Sort Filter

An online alcohol marketplace can be a very confusing place if it lacks intuitive search and sorting options. By introducing this feature, you can make your on-demand alcohol app more user friendly and time-saving. This feature helps users to find their favorite liquor by brand or price, and easy search allows them to go to directly what they want.

product filter feature in alcohol delivery app
Online Ordering

This feature allows users to place an online order with a simple step.

Delivery Scheduling

This feature cranks the user experience up a notch. It allows users to schedule the delivery of their order. It could be an ideal feature for parties or events.

delivery feature in alcohol delivery application
Real-time Order Tracking

If at any given time users wants to check where their order is, they can check it with this feature. Because one small feature can help you to take a giant leap in terms of customer experience.

Push Notifications

From order confirmation to payment confirmation, from every step of packaging to dispatch to delivery, every single update is provided to the users via this simple, yet useful push notifications. This feature has been around us for quite a long time and it is here to stay.

Multiple Payment Options

Every user loves to have multiple options to choose from, it gives her a sense of freedom and makes her feel she’s in charge. Since there are multiple payment options available in the market. Hence, it is good to open gates for every customer with different payment preferences.

Referral Programs

Referral programs can be a great marketing tool as well as a customer experience enhancer. With these referral programs, users can share the app among their friends to earn some credit score which can be used as a discount on their next order.

Rating and Feedback

The rating and feedback feature serves multiple purposes in an alcohol marketplace. It can help users to leave ratings and feedback for a particular store which can help other customers to place orders from a reliable store. Furthermore, this feature can also help the company to improve the overall customer experience as well. It is quite likely to see some useful pieces of advice in these feedback and reviews, sometimes it can be a founding stone for a new groundbreaking feature.

So, now that we have talked about some essential features, the final form of your on-demand alcohol delivery app must be taking substantial shape. Let’s move to our next segment that will be focused on the development of the app.


How to choose the right company for your On-Demand Alcohol Delivery App Development?

The world of the internet can be complex sometimes but trust me, it is as easy as it can be. Every mobile app development company in the world is working on spreading their online presence. Hence, it will be easy for you to find a phenomenal liquor delivery app development company that can help your business to get an excellent head start. But it is quite a pickle to find the one company that is right for your idea as well as for your budget.
Yes, it is important to find a company that can offer you a business model that can fit in your budget. But we will talk about this part in some other blog. For now, let’s focus on finding the right company for your alcohol delivery mobile app development.


app development cost


You must consider the following points to find the right company:

  • Search for trust websites where there is a list of top app development companies.
  • Shortlist the companies that have appeared in multiple articles.
  • Now check every possible website to check user reviews for these companies. This step may condense your list a little bit.
  • Check the website of these companies and go through their portfolio. If their website and work seem promising then you can proceed further and contact them.
  • Now talk to them on the phone and talk to them about your plan.
  • Get a quotation from them with their actual strategy for your development work.
  • Assign your alcohol delivery mobile app development project to the one that seems promising.
    Anyways, this list doesn’t promise that by following these steps you will get in contact with the right company. But these steps will help you in this search.


Required Team Structure for Alcohol Delivery App Development

If you have worked with software development companies before you might be aware of the fact that how important it is to have the right team for your development project. The right team is not responsible for the final product only. Instead, the right team structure will ensure that you start with a solid idea that is turned into a practical and approachable plan. They work on your idea first, make it good enough, then work on it to ensure successful execution.
Even during the development, they make sure your app is up to the mark of the modern world and its demands. But first, let me help you to make sure you get at least the following members in your dream team to build the liquor delivery app you want.

  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Front End & Back End Developers
  • UX/UI Designers
  • Graphics Designers
  • Android & iOS Developers
  • QA Professionals
  • Delivery Manager

When these many people are involved in your app development process then you can rest assured that your app is in good hands. Because it is the process of handling a project of a company that defines how good a company is.


How much does it cost to develop an alcohol delivery app?

Cost Estimation news app

There are several things that can affect the alcohol delivery mobile app development cost. Such as type of app (Minimum Viable Product, or Fully Fledged), number of platforms (Android, iOS), number of features, the region of development, etc.

The region of development is a huge defining factor in the cost of development. The difference in cost is because of the different economic conditions of the countries whereas the quality of development remains equal. Asian countries like India, are a great place to get your liquor delivery website and app developed within your budget.
Since there are various factors that can affect the cost, let’s consider a situation to get an idea. The cost of development of an MVP alcohol delivery app for just one mobile platform may vary somewhere around $35,000 to $45,000 in Asian countries.

This cost may increase as the number of the mobile platform and features & functionalities increases.
So, this is almost everything you need to know about developing an online liquor delivery mobile app in India, should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our experts, we will be happy to assist you.


Top Android Apps Changing the Face of Healthcare Industry

Permalink - Posted on 2020-06-02 07:19


The healthcare ecosystem is revolutionizing with healthcare mobile applications as they are helping in enhancing the communication, quality of the services being rendered and efficiency. Today the term mobile health tends to be a bunch of public health, patients care, medicines providing assistance through the help of technologies like laptops, smartphones, multimedia channels, etc.

Such applications are not facilitating patients or customers but various doctors and healthcare centers are able to address the needs and can track their patients virtually.


Market Overview:

As per the report shared by Statista, the total market size of the health industry is likely to be more than US$60 billion  by 2020. Talking about the business figures earned by the health devices in 2019 were of US$37 billion which is therefore expected to grow in the forthcoming years too.


  • The count of mHealth applications in the top app stores worldwide is more than 318,000.
  • Every day these app stores add more than 200 new mHealthcare applications.
  • By 2025 there is an anticipation that the market of Healthcare mobile apps will reach 111.1 billion.


The figure shared below illustrates the findings of the report shared by Accenture regarding the increasing number of healthcare users adopting mobile health assistance.

mhealth application in usa


What development have been done in mHealth?

With digitization impressive results can be observed in the healthcare sector and the count of people using smartphones is increasing on a daily basis. Therefore, few important developments that have been in mHealth sector are:

  • The focus has been increased on disease management and providing precautionary measures virtually. Also the healthcare shareholders have increased their investments, hence prompting the involvement of doctors and patients for providing enhanced medical care services.
  • By utilizing technology like cloud computing, patient’s data can be stored securely which can be used in future. Therefore, this technology has helped the industry a lot in addressing the patient’s request as the number is increasing on a day to day basis.
  • mHealth applications are really helpful in saving time and expenses. With these applications users get regular updates and notifications if they miss any one part of their daily activities like walking, drinking water, taking medicines etc. The premium version of the application helps in connecting to the doctors directly so that they can discuss the symptoms and get basic medical care.


contact us for mobile app development

Why are mHealth Applications important in the market?

It is well known that the healthcare industry has various benefits to offer, hence the companies indulged in the application development are analysing their potentials by mHealthcare applications. Some of the key significance of mHealth applications in healthcare industry are:

mhealth application development companyIncrease of awareness in people:

Development in the healthcare industry has offered access to a progressively large number of individuals searching for a snappier clinical guide. In addition, individuals are currently increasingly cognizant about their wellbeing, which has flooded the significance of having a helpful answer to track the same. In this situation where awareness is increasing in individuals, mHealth applications are a universal choice for them.

Customized treatment methods:

Individuals nowadays are searching for an independently custom-made treatment choice that centers around the specific prerequisites and gives the exact yield. For instance, a fitness-focused individual would need to have a fitness application with features, like a pulse screen, circulatory strain checkers, physical action tracker, number of steps taken and the sleep quality.

Easy tracking enables quick reach:

Mobile applications offer an advantage to tap into the individual’s minds through pop-up messages, SMS, and alarms. It likewise tracks the area to help the healthcare providers to reach at the patient’s location quickly. Therefore keeping a track of the patient’s location is way easier by using mHealth applications.

Comfort to use mobile devices:

As the number of smartphone users is increasing on a day to day basis then monitoring user’s health status is also very convenient by mHealth applications. A recent report specified that over 3 billion people are using smartphones, hence the market opportunity is wide for mHealth applications.

Patient experience enhances because of surging internet:

Because of immediate healthcare services and improved internet connectivity mHealth applications are well known for having enhanced patient experience. These applications provide a platform where patients can easily connect with their concerned doctors and physicians. The trust in the system and patient-doctor relationship enhances when the patient gets the right treatment at the right time.


What are the benefits of m-Healthcare Applications?

The benefits of m-Healthcare applications are as follows:

 Encourage Immediate Access:

With the assistance of a custom mobile application, you can offer an online appointment alternative to the patients. This gives prompt access to your patients so they don’t need to go out and hold up in long queues at your clinic. They should simply download your healthcare mobile application on their mobile phone and simply register. They’ll be associated directly with you and can share their healthcare concerns easily.


healthcare application development
Effective Handling of Emergency Cases:

Medical clinics and healthcare services providers that have a specific application can productively deal with crisis cases. The mobile application will advise the specialists about the crisis, and all the vital data will be sent directly to the doctor’s device. This will save doctors time, and assist them in getting prepared for a crisis ahead of time. A customized mobile application can likewise help doctors or healthcare providers in accelerating the documentation and treatment methodology.

Better management at every level:

A customized mobile application can help doctors and medical clinic staff in effective management with patients. It can likewise smooth out the procedure between various divisions, labs, and staff. Specialists can legitimately impart the anticipation to the patients and recommend appropriate prescriptions. The application will tell specialists and patients about the forthcoming appointments, and inform clinic staff if any reports/records are required for diagnosis.

For attendants and other staff, the application will give reports on the patient’s continuous treatment, and alarm them if any prescriptions are expected.

Data can be collected easily by proper integration with Wearable Devices:

Data like blood pressure, pulse rate etc can be collected easily by proper integration of the mobile application with wearable devices. A regular database for the patient’s health can be maintained by the application through wearable devices.

Great Opportunity for Business:

In contrast to different ventures, the healthcare industry is yet to completely grasp mechanization and developing advances. With the presentation of amazing advancements like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, and IoT in medicinal services applications, numerous future business visionaries are bringing a plunge into this field like never before.

Top Applications that have Changed the Face of Healthcare Industry:


Pepid is one of the main applications for proof-based clinical and medication data assets for the purpose of-care decision making. The substance and work processes of the application is trusted and worth the exertion put by medicinal services experts. The application smoothed out usefulness and access to Continuing Medical Education (CME) Credits.


Medscape is the popular destination available worldwide for all healthcare professionals and physicians. The application offers the most recent clinical news and various perspective of experts. It gives purpose of-care medication and illness data; and significant expert training and CME/CE. The application gives a customized experience where users can consistently approach to the details as and when required by them.


A basic yet incredibly compelling pharmaceutical reference application that has features like appropriate medication dose and medication suggestions. The application furnishes clinical consideration experts seamlessly to the business’ most confided in tranquilize data; including when and where it’s required most. It gives genuine feelings of serenity realizing the substance is supported by the equivalent careful, fair-minded article process.


Figure 1 is one of the most helpful applications for medical specialists and medical attendants. With it, they get an assortment of clinical pictures that doctors can utilize in diagnosing patients. This component can be useful for diagnosing some uncommon infections. Figure1 provides you with a platform where you can see many realistic cases from doctors and medical attendants in several strengths. Moreover for sharing instant feedback healthcare professionals can be paged easily from around the world.



Summing up this, we can securely say that the mHealth business has a considerable scope in the coming years. With the developing mechanical advancements, mHealthcare applications are being utilized for a bigger scope over the globe. Moreover, individuals are currently more conscious of their health which has brought about an increasing number of individuals getting aware of the benefits of mHealth applications. In addition, medical specialists and patients are additionally dependent on this development for better results and care-oriented more towards the patients.


Quintessential Features of a Food Delivery Website that Foster Success

Permalink - Posted on 2020-05-26 10:41


Food ordering platforms are now being used by individuals worldwide and earning good ample of profits. Their exponential growth has certainly grabbed the attention of various entrepreneurs. Not only the leading players like Uber Eats, Foodpanda, GrubHub have gained popularity, also the local delivery vendors have gained popularity and are making their names in various other countries.

This blog will help you in understanding the ways how you can design a successful food delivery website. Therefore before digging in, you must understand how these websites earn money and how they work.


Business Model & Revenue Generation Strategies:

The leading food ordering app like DoorDash and UberEats use a simple business model which acts usually as a common platform between restaurants and customers. The users search the nearby restaurants as per their location, place their desired order with the selected restaurants and make the payments online or select the cash on delivery option.

food delivery app revenue

Talking about the delivery, that is now majorly being handled by the food ordering systems only. They have hired few workers who work with them day and night to deliver the food as per the location mentioned by the user.


Market Overview:

The absolute income in the online food industry adds up to US$22,073 million in 2019. It is normal that the income will develop at a yearly development pace of (CAGR 2019-24) $6.5, bringing about the market volume of US$28,398 million by 2023. The figures don’t amaze anybody by any stretch of expanding the number of individuals deciding to order their food from food ordering websites. Obviously, various cafés and delivery services have joined this fleeting trend and there is no going down for quite a while.

food ordering app market size and statistics

As of now, out of the all-out customary food requesting market, 47% is from the offline channel while 53% is led on the web. This figure is required to change in the following couple of years. The biggest section of the food delivdery market is restaurant to-customer delivery with a market volume of US $58,008 million.


Guide to Building Successful Ordering Website

Some major points to be considered before designing and launching food ordering platform:

Customized Website vs Instant Website:

Purchasing an instant solution isn’t a possibility for a genuine business. Present-day users are very spoiled. They need creativity, comfort, speed, strong features. This is not really feasible without putting resources into a customized web design. It’s essential to begin with great usefulness, security so as to make the users trust you. That is the reason for making a site that will follow all your necessity and targets is essential for your future result.

The Target Audience should be well defined:

The online food delivery market focuses on three major segments of the market working professionals, students and parents. Every one of them has explicit requirements that you need to follow. If students are your target audience then you should partner with various local fast food restaurants as students prefer fast food more in comparison with the regular food in order to deliver the order faster.

If you are targeting parents as your target audience then you need to make sure that the delivered food is fresh and the delivery is made on time. Generally this group prefers mostly the delivery of groceries at their doorsteps so that they can cook on their own. They tend to have a healthy eating habit. Lastly talking about the working professionals, as they are busy in their work don’t have much time to cook their meals on their own and prefer ordering well-cooked products from various popular restaurants.

As it is clear that every needs something extraordinary, so it’s smarter to characterize your target audience prior to figure out how to place your product in the market and accordingly design the value proposition and features.


food delivery app development
An impressive UX/UI design:

The web design is the primary focus point of the food ordering website as the users prefer using those websites which are simple and user friendly. Therefore the user should not be distracted from the key activity of food ordering. The designer inputs lots of efforts to bring in the qualitative UX/UI. Oftenly the process is segregated into various stages so as to understand what is required to get the effortless user experience.

Social media presence and proper SEO techniques:

You have to ensure that your site has SEO components like easy to understand URLs, reasonable meta labels, picture alt labels, and so on. So ensure your web designing organization possesses immense knowledge in providing friendly SEO solutions.

When considering about marketing channels it is impossible to ignore social media. Today many users are active on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Whatsapp. Therefore it is important for every business to be available on these platforms so as to get the user’s attention. Keeping in consideration creativity, users’ needs should not be ignored.

Local demands should be addressed on the Website:

Successful food ordering apps like UberEats and GrubHub accept food deliveries from the local vendors. Therefore few key points can be used from these food delivery giants:

  • Business should be formed keeping in consideration the various types of customers and the local market environment. It should be considered that any work that works in one city may not work in the other city.
  • Preferences of local cuisine may decide the categorization.
  • Multiple payment options should be provided to the user like Net banking, Credit/Debit cards, eWallet etc.
Monetization strategies should be well planned:

While launching any digital product or services in the market money flow is the biggest concern of the entrepreneur.

Few ideas that can be considered are:

  • Third party advertising is one of the prominent tools that is utilized all over the world. A certain ad space is offered to the third parties in order to place their advertisements which in return generate huge profits.
  • Gift cards can be provided to the users at a certain amount which they can give to their loved ones.
  • Commission can be earned on providing extra additional services.
Mobile version should not be ignored:

Everyone has a cell phone. Less individuals will in general use PCs for basic regular work. Obviously, creating both, a food ordering mobile application and a site simultaneously can be somewhat costly. Yet, there is a chance to streamline your site for cell phones with a responsive plan and though it will surely increase the number of customers on a daily basis

food felivery app development.

Features that should be integrated for designing a successful food ordering website:

Interactive Dashboard:

The users appear to incline toward a progressively streamlined procedure of food ordering. Henceforth, a direct and easy to use dashboard must be actualized. While the dashboard must be appealing as far as look and feel, you have to ensure that the dashboard can easily store the order history, menu’s of restaurants and the delivery addresses. It will diminish the intricacies and simultaneously enhance the users experience.

Push Notifications:

In the present market, online food ordering is expanding at an amazing rate, it’s very clear that individuals will have more than one food ordering applications on their phones. Therefore, the only way you can make perceivability and set apart yourself from the contenders is by sending pop-up messages. This useful tool and with a drawing in message springing up on the mobile screens continually will keep your potential users continually notified about your extraordinary offers and discounts. This will help you in gaining the user’s attention and will keep them engaged with the application.

Cross Functional Capability:

With an ever-expanding market, openness ought to be your primary need. By empowering cross-platform compatibility features, you can expand your horizon across various platforms. No big surprise, with more reach, you are probably going to have more downloads within a limited time span.


What is the cost of developing a Food Ordering Website?

The development cost vary on various factors like:

  • Features
  • Cross-functionality
  • API Integration
  • Front and backend development
  • UX/UI designing
  • Team size
  • Development company’s location

By selecting an appropriate web development company you can easily get your website designed, developed, and can also initiate online marketing with them. This will, therefore, ensure you an online food ordering platform which would be better than a clone of the leading platforms like UberEats, FoodPanda, etc. Share your requirements with our team so as to get a product that would help you in beating the leading giants.


This is Exactly Why you Should choose React Native for Mobile Apps?

Permalink - Posted on 2020-05-22 10:13

The unceasing existence of 4G innovation and the start of 5G Wireless is persistently offering mobile users quick access for securing data. This incites the emphasis on certain organizations to design a consistent mobile application experience for their users. In the market, there is a wide variety of mobile application development frameworks and React Native is one of the unique platforms.

For developing an extensive application basically of iOS and Android platforms React Native framework is utilized as it has cross-platform functionality similar to PhoneGap. Therefore in this blog, you will get complete details regarding what exactly is React Native and why it should be considered for mobile application development.


React Native: Introduction

React Native is the native variant of the JavaScript library that was designed by the Facebook developers. It is an open-source framework that is now prominently used by entrepreneurs for developing mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms. The mobile applications designed by React Native technology is different in functioning when compared with the applications that are designed using other technologies or languages.

React Native is an ideal business solution that can help in saving time, money, and resources. By using this innovative technology you get access to both modern and traditional methods for designing hybrid mobile applications.

Today’s leading websites which are known to be the technical giants like Skype, Instagram, Facebook and Tesla have been using React Native for developing mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms.

react native app development for ios and android

Reasons that make React Native Best Choice for Developers are:

The Perfect Pick for The Projects That Have Limited Budgets:

At the point when you are running a startup, cash stays to be the most huge and critical factor that you are positively worried about. Each new business wishes to harvest quicker returns to endure in such a competitive market.

For this reason, it needs to grow quicker and even remain longer. This is the reason a startup on its chase should design its mobile application by hiring a React Native developer, which will without a doubt set aside both time and cash for mobile application development.

Provides Cross-Platform Functionality:

By using React Native companies can use the same code for designing both Android and iOS applications simultaneously. With this technology, developers can get exact performance outcomes on both platforms without incurring any additional expense. The prime importance here is to get a React Native developer onboard with the project who possesses a fine knowledge of APIs, native UI libraries and hybrid mobile application development. Therefore while using React Native there is no need for different languages like C++, Java or Swift.

Multiple Outcomes Can be Obtained Easily with one Solution:

Based on thoughts and plans, React Native application development promptly permits the designers to perform different undertakings that are very unpredictable and utilize basic code. Consequently, this structure utilizes Facebook’s UI library to make considerably more clear codes for the usage and execution of ReactJS.

At its very center, React Native designers have the “Live Reload” feature. It permits them to work effectively on continuous code changes and also make rectifications while the whole application gets loaded completely.

Applications Designed on React Native are Affordable:

The main factor you mull over while deciding a framework for developing the mobile application is the general expense. The best part about React Native mobile applications is that its development cost is low.

In comparison with different frameworks, React Native permits the designer to use a similar code for Android and iOS. Since a similar code can be utilized for all devices, there is no compelling reason to learn C++, Swift, Java, and other such programming languages. An expert software engineer who’s a specialist in the Native UI library and hybrid mobile application development environment can deliver superb results. You don’t have to modify coding for various devices. Therefore, the complete application development process gets quicker. Organizations don’t need to employ additional resources for writing coding scripts for various other devices. Hence by this the development process can be shortened by 50%.


Hire react native Developer


Smooth UI for Quick and Responsive Outcomes:

The designer can without much of a stretch make the UI appear to be like a JavaScript and substantially less of a framework. It is similar to a pattern that is used to improve the general procedure and making UI work all the more easily to give the top of the line, faster responsive results. The designers can design a mobile application for a business with no complexity.

Has Similar Functionality of a Native Application:

Fundamentally, the essential structure squares of a React Native application are incorporated to their underlying foundations, which have native platforms. The whole WebView framework parts can be ignored while using hybrid application development. Likewise, All codes are practically identical to React Native for Android and iOS. It works very effectively and furthermore responds quicker to the entirety of the conjunctions, attributable to a bunch of foundations.

Utilizes Limited Memory Space:

React Native possesses good compatibility with various third-party plugins. Likewise, React Native tools offer smoother processing time. It is a worthwhile framework, studded with all-around broadened modules that make the third-party association a lot simpler.

Additionally, without using WebView, the engineer can undoubtedly interface any module to a specific plugin through the native module. Consequently, this stage is basically legitimately connected with application result features, which permit it to give a quicker reaction. Likewise, React Native for Android and iOS stages use a lot less memory space since cross-connect connecting isn’t required, just as pretty much every code is utilized during the run-time.

Development Can be done Effectively and Easily from a Primary Codebase:

The basic level of programming uses a similar code for the two iOS and Android. Basically, it resembles sending exactly the same application to a wide range of mobile operating systems. Likewise, recompiling the application turns out to be very simple with no extra changes inside the system at any level required by the designers.


The Future is Bright for React Native:

React Native technology will be utilized for mobile application development for quite a long time to come. It is because of the easy to use manual alongside the convenient arranged system, which makes it harder to oppose by any development organization.

The whole React Native structure is grown substantially more, which offers answers for various issues. The engineers don’t need to become familiar with any new languages or make complex codes.


Any Web Project can be Transformed Easily into the Mobile App:

A code can be used again with React Native. In order to update both the platforms, only one update is required. With React Native, a code is reusable. One update is required for two stages. It rearranges identifying bugs between codebases. React Native interface is particular and instinctive. It implies that designers who aren’t occupied with an undertaking can undoubtedly get it and accept it as a premise. A group’s adaptability increases and updates related to the web applications are simpler to make. QA engineers, in their turn, spend fewer hours diving into programming logic and composing important test cases. This permits you to spare time for changing web projects into a mobile decision.



React Native is a promotional innovation which has its position among the best ones. This tool spares time by means of diminishing development endeavors and scaling an effective project team. Applications based on this system work ordinarily more effectively and progressively. They run smoother and are stacked quicker with less memory required. If any issue emerges, you can generally rely on the solid help of the network. What’s more, the innovation won’t vanish in a couple of years.


Is Online Grocery App Development Taking a New Shape During COVID-19?

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With national lockdown, the market has been moved online completely, as people have shut their shops and are working rigorously from their homes. In this pandemic situation of COVID-19 the major increase in the sudden demand has been experienced by the on-demand sector. Talking about countries like the US, UK where the governments have extended the lockdown, people are experiencing the biggest challenge in arranging proper food supplies for their families. Therefore the tremendous increase for grocery deliveries, pickup services and grocery application development is because of the challenge that people are facing.


Grocery delivery app download growth due to coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in the United States as of March 2020

Grocery application delivery downloads in the United States during COVID-19

Source: Statista

In this blog you will get insights regarding how the demand of online grocery mobile app development will increase in the pandemic situation of COVID-19 and also to cater this rising needs what measures the businesses can take so as to plan a proper app solution.

grocery buying behaviour during covid virus pandemic


Online Grocery Application: A Responsive Measure for COVID-19:

Online Grocery Applications have been consistently offering comfort to all the customers, even in the lockdown tenure employees of on-demand grocery applications are serving their customers effortlessly. While during the lockdown where people are enforced to sit in their home so as to protect them and their family, the online grocery or on-demand grocery application will make the deliveries at your doorstep so as to ensure that the house is stocked.

grocery delivery mobile app development
The benefits of the online grocery application are as follows:
  • At the point when you move out of the house to purchase groceries, you will wind up in a store where there are many customers. The odds of getting the infection or testing positive for Corona virus increases. This will prompt an expansion in the spread and in the end cause more frenzy. Rather, individuals can place the order online for the groceries and take the essential preventive measures during this time.
  • The grocery deliveries can be left outside your home, which implies you won’t have to meet the delivery official. Along these lines, you will guarantee that neither you nor the delivery individual will spread the infection. Deliveries of this type will guarantee well-being for both the workers and the customers.
  • The delivery will reach your place, which implies you won’t have to convey all the stock you are heaping for these tough times all alone. This will spare a great deal of time and vitality, and you will think that it is increasingly helpful at this hour.

What are the reasons for the sudden increase in the demand of Online Grocery Applications in the pandemic situation of COVID-19?

The reasons behind the immediate increase in the demand of on-demand grocery applications are as follows:

Safety at the top most priority:

It is well known to everyone that the infection spread through contact, which implies you have to limit the contact, regardless of whether you are talking about on-demand deliveries. At the point when the individual is requesting on the web, there is one percent question regarding the sanitization of the product and due to which customers does not make purchases online. Moreover, if you guarantee all security practices and converse with the customer about how you clean every item and rack to ensure that they are without the infection, you will get more individuals to buy on the web. Ensure you converse with individuals pretty much the entirety of your quality practices. You could even add it to your deliveries with the goal that individuals trust you and see you for your straightforwardness.

contactless food delivery

Supply chain and inventory management:

The management of inventory and supply chain needs to be smooth and seamless in order to meet up the high demands in the market. Therefore proper integration of the mobile application is must with the current existing system so that the stock updation can be done automatically. For making a proper forecast for the particular products, advanced technologies like IoT and AI can be utilized which will assist in managing the proper stocks for meeting up the demands.

Low contact deliveries:

Delivering the goods with low contact is really must in this pandemic situation where infection spreads with contact. When the customer is placing the order on the application or on the web you must ensure contactless deliveries so that it can be fruitful for both employee and the customer.

Along with this proper security measures should be adopted by both customers and the employee like masks should be used while commuting, hand sanitizer should be available.


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Why are multi-niche delivery applications gaining popularity?

During the lockdown grocery and online food delivery applications have gained a lot of hike in the market. People are preferring these applications more because they get various delivery options in one application itself which in return provides flexibility and convenience of usage from a single application.

The focus of food delivery applications is around reestablishing the confidence of customers. With the rising and determined interest of groceries and food delivery apps during a pandemic, it is critical to line up with the shopper’s changing purchasing propensities and fabricate innovation arrangements that will permit them to deal with the exponential increment in customer’s prerequisites.



An efficient way of delivering groceries and stocking essential foods at home is through on-demand grocery delivery application. Moreover if you design a functional and easy to use solution it will surely be used by people and will gain popularity in the market.

For designing the perfect application a proper combination of customer’s needs during the pandemic situation of COVID-19 & lockdown along with the knowledge obtained by immense market research is the appropriate device.


Fintech App Development Cost Including Advanced Features

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In 2020 one of the hottest trends in fintech application development. With the large evolution of the online payment methods fintech development has got heat in the market. And this development has certainly brought numerous opportunities for many fintech organizations. Companies like Nubank and MoneyLoin have earned rapid growth with astonishing figures. Also if you are considering to be successful businessmen in the coming future then you must surely think about hiring a well-known financial and banking application development company which can help you in achieving the considerable targets and goals.


Market Overview:

There is no question on the future of fintech, certainly it is really very bright. The past investments that were made in this industry in 2018 reached $112 billion. Talking about the current scenario, the industry is anticipated to reach the market value more than $309 by 2022. Currently the financial market is hot because the fintech applications have experienced continuous growth and have attracted various entrepreneurs to invest in the application development.

mobile transactions in us in 2020As per the report shared by Statista, it is anticipated that 77.6 percent of millennials in the United States will use digital banking by 2022. Therefore this specifies that there are many opportunities for the online financial service.

Online financial service has experienced a stable growth in terms of the services like money transfer and payments, borrowing, insurance. The below illustrated figure represents the comparison of various fintech services and their ranking as per the adoption rate since 2015 to 2019.

fintech services and their ranking as per the adoption rate since 2015 to 2019


Categorization of FinTech Applications

The various types of FinTech applications are as follows:

  • Applications that are used for transferring payments from one account to another, making bill payments, and tracking expenses.
  • Applications that are used for trading in stocks, analysing savings that are being made on a monthly basis, get instant loans and seek financial advice.
  • Applications that are designed using blockchain and bitcoin technology for payment integration.

Before Developing Finance & Banking Application, Some Top Applications that can be considered in 2020

Best Fintech Applications in 2020

Some trends of FinTech Applications in 2020

fintech trends in 2020

How money can be earned from FinTech Applications?

The strategies that can utilize for making money are as follows:

Charging some fee:

It’s one of the most direct approaches to monetize web applications and mobile applications. Payment plans differ, depending upon the consistency of charges and can be value-based or subscription. With a value-based methodology, users pay some amount just when they really utilize the assistance, while with a subscription model, a fixed commission is charged per unit of time.

In-app advertising and referrals:

Users don’t really need to pay with cash to utilize the services. As another option, entrepreneurs can actualize an alleged fintech p2p commercial center and benefit from the items by offering users attention or information to sponsors and colleagues. Besides, a few organizations transform users into lead generators, rousing them to welcome companions or family members, and get rewards.

Partnership with businesses:

Today even the quickest developing fintech organizations collaborate with customary money related establishments or neighboring merchants, along these lines extending the scope of services and giving extra an incentive to their users.


Application programming interface (API) is the most ideal approach to get to fundamental usefulness without the need to put resources into an exorbitant and tedious turn of events. In fact, API users send solicitations to certain services, and these services get back with reactions. With the ongoing presentation of open banking, the procedure turns out to be increasingly entangled, as European banks are currently required to give API at no charge, so they need to create both free and paid APIs to grasp this plan of action.


mobile app development company


Advanced Features:

Simple Registration:

With regard to a banking application, security is the highest need. Users must settle on multi-factor authentication for progressively secure sign-in and sign up processes. FinTech applications are increasingly effective, secure, and adaptable as the FinTech business is prepared to receive the most recent advancements like blockchain, biometrics, API joining, and some more.

fintech app development
Signing in Securely:

The most significant and the main component which will choose the destiny of your fintech application is security. It begins from the sign-up stage, where the users need confirmation that the application is making sure about their budgetary data. It tends to be through special code generation, facial recognizable proof, fingertip acknowledgment, mail alerts each time a user joins through the application.

Real-time Notification:

Without opening the banking application, the users should come to know all the updates of his accounts along with the finance industry news. The instant spending notifications, notifications of investments, notifications related to bill payments. It simultaneously increases the validity and continuous user engagement growth of the application.

Data Analytics:

The fintech application ought to painstakingly examine all the budgetary information of the user and give it to the user. It ought to likewise permit the user to handily access and track all the budgetary exercises legitimately from the application. If your fintech application centers around resource the board, at that point the investigation your application gives ought to be founded on venture profits and recommendations for it. Getting insights concerning information investigation will turn out to be all the more simple for users if your application gives a graphical portrayal of the information. Besides, it can likewise assist them with getting experiences about spending, reserve funds, and investments.

API Integration:

These days various industries like payment transfer, asset management and many more focus more on fintech technology. Therefore, your application ought to be planned such that it can without much of a stretch get coordinated on different stages. The significant bit of leeway of this joining is that the applications can undoubtedly interface with one another for sharing data. Also to characterize rules of communication, anticipated outcomes, rundown of orders, and furthermore for connection with one another, Application Programming Interfaces are utilized by programming applications. With the assistance of APIs, designers can assemble enormous application programs without re-building specific functionalities for every single application.

Artificial Intelligence:

For automating monotonous and manual assignments, AI will assist designers with creating FinTech Apps. With the assistance of Artificial Intelligence, users will have the option to make choices about their cash. These choices might be the place to put their cash, favoring financing costs and credits; how to oversee overdrawn accounts, etc. Computerized reasoning will likewise assume control over warning management; so you will be advised uniquely with the notices that require your interference.


With implementation of some robust algorithms which can analyze and read human behavior can help the application in serving personalized user experience. The different components like user needs and concerns before giving any kind of financial services. In such a way users are constantly served by their requirements. This component of customized user experience keeps your app users occupied with the application and definitely brings about expanded income and benefits.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency:

In spite of the fact that blockchain is another innovation in the market, still it is being utilized increasingly in FinTech applications. Blockchain is a set or arrangement of a square that stores information as a hash function and timestamps with the goal that the information can’t change later.

Blockchain offers automatic algorithms and protocols to various financial supplying proxies such as money marketers, banks, etc which are completely secured by cryptography. With Blockchain micropayments of peer to peer can be done easily. Development looking like significant financial institutions, virtual monetary forms is likewise coming into specialist levels. A couple of countries are looking at how stable crypto-made sure about virtual monetary forms could be done inside their nations.

Third-party Authentication:

So as to make sure about your digital records, two-factor validation is most likely the best choice. SMS check is the most generally utilized, yet third party applications can likewise be utilized for fintech application protection.

Secured Biometric System:

Security is one of the most fundamental parts of FinTech applications. Cyber assaults and dangers can devastate the user’s trust in utilizing digital payment services. FinTech organizations are wanting to supplant the passwords that are unreliable or pattern-based locks with a unique mark (fingerprint) or a biometric input. Alongside a facial recognition system, a biometric system that identifies users with their pulse is likewise in the creating stage. Later on, you will have the option to log in to banking applications by the estimation of your pulse through a smartwatch or a savvy wrist band. In addition, palm-vein biometrics are likewise in their advancement stage. With this element, you will have the option to approve the installment just by essentially checking your palm or hand over the peruser.

Robust Platform:

When developing a FinTech application one must consider information security issues to build up a dependable connection with the users. Security is a prime worry that assists with guaranteeing information security with guidelines and consistency. Few security measures that are used prominently are:

  • After failed login attempts the account gets locked.
  • While making the payment only three digits of the card are displayed.
  • While logging through the application one time message is shared to affiliated contact numbers.

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How Artificial Intelligence is helping Banks and Fintech startups become smarter?

AI is a miracle of science, and the financial world was one of the first to consider it. In spite of the fact that there is still a great deal of space for advancement, some intriguing employment of AI for FinTech has just been created.

Key benefits of Artificial Intelligence in FinTech:

  • Decision making is quick and authentic
  • 24X7 customer support
  • Proper fraud management
  • Secured platform
  • Management of wealth and insurance policies


What changes AI has brought in the banking industry?

After the approach of AI, banks saw a quicker and increasingly exact assessment and evaluation of the clients at a low cost and labor. Accordingly, credit scoring has gotten increasingly effective when contrasted with customary credit scoring frameworks. The procedure is presently more innovation driven and modern, which makes it more exact than manual taking care of. This assists manages an account with recognizing possibly dangerous candidates and borrowers who are financially sound yet miss the mark on a broad record as a consumer.

Artificial Intelligence implemented banking segments will, in general, be increasingly objective as they are not exposed to any one-sided choices, as on account of human management. For instance, computerized banks and their mobile applications use AI calculations so users can utilize any gadget to dissect their eligibility for getting loans and different alternatives with no human interference.

What changes AI has brought in the banking industry

FAQ’s for FinTech Apps:

How you can define a FinTech Company?

Fintech is a blend of “fund” and “innovation”. Now individuals are done strolling into a bank and mentioning to check the parity. Individuals are needing to check the data progressively on their cell phones.

Through fintech applications, fintech organizations give shoppers to go on the web and see their money related exchanges. And furthermore permits them to pay their companions to instruments that permit money related establishments to settle on brisk loaning choices are all piece of the advancement of budgetary administrations and it is additionally a transformation for fintech industry.

What is the worth of Fintech?

The worldwide fintech showcase was estimated at $127.66 billion and is relied upon to develop to $309.98 billion at a yearly development pace of 24.8% through 2022. Fintech has made installments for merchandise and enterprises quicker, simpler, increasingly helpful and cost-productive for clients. Fintech has become the B2C center, including plans of action, customer sees, and block chain innovation.

Is money tracking applications safe?

There are best banking applications like Mint, YNAB, that are ensuring their client’s important data through blockchain innovation just as “read-just” get to significance they can see monetary movement however can’t make changes like exchange cash with no assent. On the off chance that you are intending to be among the best applications on the planet, online users security is an absolute necessity. Ensure, your application shows each buy, bills, however no of the bank login information. In this way, regardless, if your fintech application is hacked, he won’t have the option to hack the genuine clients’ financial balances.


What is the cost of developing a FinTech Application?

The expense to develop a mobile application is broadly dependent on a wide range of components. To get an unpleasant thought of what it would take to design a FinTech application from the beginning, you can take a gander at the ordinary pay for programming designers, the number of individuals required on an application building venture, and to what extent that task would take.

There are other factors also which affects the development cost:
  • The number and multifaceted nature of the features remembered for an application will essentially affect its expense. Some monetary organizations may dispatch applications with just essential features from the start and afterward include more features later.
  • Regardless of whether the application will deal with Android, iOS, or both, likewise influences costs. Making an application that deals with both is increasingly costly.
  • Native applications are made for a particular programming language, while crossbreed applications are basically sites intended for use in an application. Local applications are all the more exorbitant to grow, yet offer upgraded execution.
  • The consistency and security prerequisites you have to meet will likewise influence costs and rely upon the application’s features, the sort of association, your area, and different elements.
  • Various third-party APIs implies certain charges, and all in all, the more combinations you need, the higher your costs will be.
  • Dynamic substance empowers personalization and two-way correspondence. Most fintech applications will incorporate unique substances, which expands costs.


Monetary applications have transformed into a huge open door for FinTech associations. With the correct versatile application advancement organization, you can maintain your business activities insightfully and cost-successfully. A monetary application offers a few points of interest to its users, such as checking balance progressively, leading all bank exercises easily, and offering rewarding arrangements to its loyal users.


How To Create A WordPress Plugin

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When it comes to creating a website, there aren’t many content management systems more powerful and versatile than WordPress. In a large part, this is due to the existence of myriad WordPress plugins. These can be incredibly useful PHP scripts that add all sorts of functionalities to your website.

While themes serve to change how your website appears visually, the plugins are there to alter stuff under the hood. You can use them to make new types of posts, give yourself better data analytics for your website, and basically any kind of useful feature you can think of. With that in mind, we’ll go over some of the basics of how to create a WP plugin right here!


Do You Need A Plugin?

We’ve already outlined what the main difference between plugins and themes is in the very beginning. However, it’s not always clear whether you can achieve some sort of change within a theme, or you need an actual plugin for it; even masters of WordPress like wpfullcare.com would need a moment, and it’s something professional web designers go through.

For instance – anyone who has tweaked and altered a theme can tell you that themes contain a file called functions.php. This file gives you a range of options in terms of functionality within your theme. But if that is true, do we need plugins at all – and when?

This is a somewhat blurred line, with the right answer depending on what you require. Minor functionality tweaks can be easily achieved via edits of functions.php. However, an entirely new set of features will probably require a dedicated plugin.

Plus, this is important if you want the functions of your plugin to remain consistent even if you change the theme. For people who are only making a plugin for themselves and don’t intend to change themes, editing the functions.php may be enough. But remember – all edits will cease after you start using a new theme, and you’ll have to do it all over again. And we’d be remiss not mentioning that making huge changes solely via functions.php can mean a lot of messy code.

Making The Plugin

Now that we’ve laid down the runway, we’ll tell you how to actually create a WP plugin. In order to manage this, at least in the most rudimentary way; you won’t need to do too much work. You simply have to make a new folder in your plugins folder. Then, make a php file inside that folder, and add some code. In order for the plugin to be instantly usable, you only need to put basic information like its name. But if you want to make your plugin usable for other people as well, you should try to put in more data, like its description and URL.

Of course, you don’t have to be a genius in web development to realize that this barebones plugin doesn’t actually perform any functions as of yet. For that, you’ll need to do PHP coding. But this is all it takes to make a plugin that you can activate and use.


Proper Structuring

As you work on adding functionality to your plugin, you will probably find it’s too big to easily navigate using a single .php file; after all, that’s one of the reasons you’re not using the functions.php file in your theme. But that’s great about the effort to create a WP plugin – you can split its contents into different folders and files, making it far more navigable.

Depending on what your plugin does, there are different ways of going about this. For instance, if the plugin heavily leans on a single main class, you should put it in the main file of your plugin, with secondary files being used for less crucial functionalities.

On average, your goal should be to strike a perfect balance between utility and minimalism. It’s not a good idea to spread your plugin across too many files either. If you want to see how this is done right, you’d do well to traverse the structures of widely used plugins, and see how they’re doing it. There’s nothing wrong about learning from the best, especially if you’re after more complex functionalities like e-commerce capability. You’re supposed to make something that works for you, not reinvent fire.


Good Nomenclature

When you’re making a plugin of your own, the nomenclature of its classes and functions is more important than you may realize in the beginning. Remember – most people use more than a single WordPress plugin. With that in mind, you need to avoid clashing with similar plugins that deal with interconnected functionalities. That’s why we recommend avoiding generic names and using prefixes as much as possible; this will reduce the chances of being in conflict with someone else’s nomenclature.



Most people don’t develop a plugin for just their own personal use, but for a wider community as well. If that’s the case with you, it’s thought of as proper manners to extensively document your code. Don’t worry, this won’t require much thinking on your part, as there are set conventions for .php documentation that you can easily follow. Just focus on keeping your code as clean as possible, and providing enough documentation.

Plus, let’s not forget that documentation will benefit you too. In more complicated plugins that take a lot of time to develop, you are likely to forget what you’re using a function that you wrote a while back. If you document all of this properly, you will make the design process easier on yourself as well. And if your plugin reaches a wider community, all of your users are sure to appreciate this too!


Python vs PHP in 2020 – Difference You Should Know

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Today backend development has significant importance in the market. Practically any new business/startup needs a website and a mobile application or both which in the backend connects to a server. Hence, backend engineers are highly demanded in the market and organizations are eager to pay the desired sum demanded by the developers who can deal with the backend well.

Both Python and PHP are the most well known high level programming languages. PHP is formally utilized for server side scripting, whereas Python development is viewed as significant for its elements, accessibility, and creativity. In spite of their practically comparable prevalence among designers, these two languages certainly have various specification details and characteristics. Now on the basis of the popularity that these languages possess the question here arises: which one of them is more convenient and better in terms of performance?

In order to give a complete answer for Python vs PHP development, it is imperative to deliberately think about the scope, functionality and features of both the programming languages in development of softwares, websites and mobile applications.

major programming languages 2020


Therefore this article comprehends the complete details covering the advantages, disadvantages and differences among both the languages.


Python: Introduction

Python is a high level programming language that is tend to be utilized for basic purposes. Python was created in 1991 by a Dutch Programmer Guido van Rossum with an approach of code readability with prominent use of whitespace. It works on an object-oriented approach. Procedural and functional programming algorithms are supported by Python. Procedural and functional programming standards are supported by Python. The most recent version of Python is 3.7.3 which was released on March 25, 2019.


python development company


Advantages of Python

The advantages of Python are as follows:

Comprehensive Libraries:

Python downloads with a comprehensive library and contains code for different purposes like expressions that are used regularly, document generation, unit-testing, internet browsers, databases, picture control, and many more. Therefore, we don’t need to physically compose the complete code.

Extensive in Nature:

Python is extremely compatible with other languages also. While designing code some portions can easily be written in languages like C, C++.

Enhances the productivity:

Because of its simple structure and extensive repositories helps in enhancing the productivity of programmers like the programming languages C++ and Java. Also the programmers have to write less code and by using libraries things can be done easily.

Follows the approach of Object-oriented:

Both procedural and object oriented programming approach is supported by Python. By using functions code reusability can be done and by utilizing objects & classes real world can be modeled.

Open Source:

Python is an open source which is easily available. You can download Python for free, also the source code can be downloaded easily and you can make necessary changes to it. Python comes with an exclusive package of librarieries which is really helpful in completing the varied tasks.

Interpreted Language:

The execution of the code is done line by line. In comparison with the compiled languages debugging is done easily.


Hire Python Developer

Disadvantages of Python:

The disadvantages of Python are as follows:

Limitations over Speed:

Python being an interpreted language the execution of the code is slow as the code gets executed line by line. This is not a major issue if speed is not the main constraint for the project. Moreover, if high speed is not the focus point then various benefits offered by the language are more than enough to distract from the limitation of speed.

In-effective to use in mobile computing and browsers:

It is an amazing language that is used majorly on server-side, Python is rarely used for client-side working.

Restrictions on design:

While writing the code, Python does not require to declare the type of the variable as it is dynamically typed language

Reasons justifying: Why Python should be selected?
  • In comparison with other language code python’s code is easier to write and debug. Also, its source code can be maintained easily.
  • Being portable in nature it can support a wide range of platforms and operating systems.
  • By using several libraries the developers can easily complete their tasks.
  • Complex programming can be simplified by using Python.
  • Interactive shell of Python facilitates the developers in testing the code before its real implementation.
  • GUI applications are supported in Python which are used as a framework for the web.


PHP: Introduction:

Resmus Lerdorf designed PHP in 1994 for web development purpose. Similarly to Python PHP is also a programming language that is being utilized for general purpose. PHP can be executed with a command line interface which is embedded in HTML. Also the language can be combined with various different types of web template systems. The interpreter in PHP usually considers code as a module on the web server. The PHP language can be utilized for controlling robotic drones and graphical applications. Top businesses across the globe have vouched for technological competency of this platform. There are several frameworks and websites, which have been developed in PHP.

Advantages of PHP:

Cross Functionality:

PHP is an application that can be run on different stages. The most significant advantage of PHP is the designer need not need to stress over the working framework the user is dealing with. As the PHP code runs appropriately and easily on every single working framework. Besides, the server-side scripting language or PHP facilitating specialist co-ops can without much of a stretch be found.

Easy to use:

People who are new to programming can without much of a stretch figure out how to utilize them inside a brief span of time. The sentence structure for programming in the hypertext preprocessor is very like the C programming language. So the person who knows about C can without much of a stretch make PHP site contents.

Processing Speed:

A crucial side of web improvement is speed. Thinking about the significant reality, a few people despite everything battle with the test of data speed. A speedy stacking site constantly valued by numerous people. Besides, people normally like snappy stacking sites contrasted with more slow stacking ones. People use PHP as a result of the significant truth that it’s fast.

Open Source and Extensive support from libraries:

Another prominent advantage to utilize the PHP hyper content preprocessor is it’s created and kept up by a group of PHP designers, this assists in making a network that can be utilized for support. PHP furthermore possesses a great collection of functional modules and a couple of the modules accessible in PHP incorporate Graphics and PDF.


php development company


Disadvantages of PHP:

  • Being an open sourced platform, all individuals can see the source code. On the off chance that there are bugs in the source code, it might be utilized by individuals to investigate its shortcomings.
  • It will be hard to utilize it for programming large applications. The programming language is not modular enough, large applications made out of the programming language will be hard to keep up.
  • Certain change may amaze unwary software engineers and lead to unforeseen bugs. Disarray among clusters and hash tables. This is moderate and could be quicker. There are regularly a couple of approaches to achieve an assignment. It isn’t specifically. It is deciphered and utilizes wavy supports.
  • The error handling methodology used in framework is not that good. It’s not a legitimate solution for the designers.


Which one to select PHP or Python?

While selection the programming language for website designing the important features that developers looks for are:

Which one to select PHP or PythonComplete Solution:

These days, it is essential for organizations to pick a language that guides in start to finish web or application development. The accentuation is to limit the general undertaking costs with the idea of re-usability and fast improvement of features for quick completion of the project. Therefore by hiring a dedicated developer or the company you can get the best assistance for the development of the project.

Easy Installation Process:

Installation of PHP is well on platforms like Windows, macOS X, and Linux and can be found on an assortment of shared facilitating sites normally for a negligible expense. Python, then again, has some installation challenges.

Easy Syntax:

If a language that has easy syntax than for beginners level programmers who wants to start programming which is syntax-error free, is easy to grab and learn. Therefore, Python gives ease where users can code without making a fuss over the bracket and other syntax related “limitations” that consistently bomb the code during the design phase.

Python likewise offers better comprehensibility of the composed code. Debugging is significantly simpler in Python too in light of the fact that the composed code has a higher possibility of being perused and interpreted in the most ideal way. In this aspect Python is the most preferred language rather than PHP.


An elegantly composed application is supported by a spotless code that is profoundly productive as far as execution and memory utilization. Despite the fact that these appear specialized concerns, away from the eye and consideration of the end-customer; however, they do greatly affect how is the item gotten in the market. A moderate application that requires some serious energy into reacting to the user and giving the ideal outcomes can make terrible audits for the item, particularly when there are numerous serious items in the market that the users can without much of a stretch be influenced towards.

Data Analysis:

Python is the language generally utilized for making an unmistakable concise code that conveys exactness and accuracy in conveying the ideal outcomes to the users for better decision making. In outcome, Python increases a preferred position over PHP on this edge.


These days, most of the programming languages and frameworks are created to help designers on a mass scale. Both Python and PHP are planned a similar way – which means both are free and open source. Actually, the significant purpose for their prominence is the way that they are accessible to anybody which gives them an edge over the paid web systems.

Support Libraries:

The important aspect in the PHP vs Python discussion relates to the support libraries that holds a great significance in backing the machine learning web applications. Python possesses various machine learning libraries such as Kera, Scikit Learn, Theano, etc. whereas in PHP there is only one library i.e Packagist. Hence this is the major reason that specifies why Python has a prominent place in the IT industry.

Performance Comparison: Python vs PHP

Speed & Performance:

Speed is regularly synonymous with incredible execution in web applications. Furthermore, as far as Python versus PHP execution, it’s the same. It’s critical to perform mistake free for web applications when handling a huge number of solicitations one after another. PHP is viewed as progressively successful at speed. In spite of the fact that PHP 5.x was quicker, PHP 7.x broke its own records, leaving Python’s projects to clean. It finishes undertakings around multiple times quicker.


Both PHP and Python have heaps of responsive and staggering web frameworks to begin. For the Python Framework, the absolute most that stand apart are Django, Bottle, CherryPy, Pyramid, and the sky’s the limit from there.

For PHP we have framework’s like Symphony, Zend, Laravel, etc. Since both Python and PHP offer excellent choices for engineers, apprentices despite everything lean somewhat more toward Python’s Django system since it’s excessively quick.


Front-end Designing:

Web software engineers additionally anticipate designing their sites and portals utilizing various powerful instruments along with languages like Bootstrap, CS, Angular, and so forth. Python here gives numerous chances to the designers to receive similar strategies and later consolidate it with Python code by utilizing structures. Therefore, by using Python designers can easily design the websites by using this subtle and understandable language.

FAQs- Python vs PHP

While deciding or selecting Python or PHP as the programming language for projects various questions that arises in mind are:

What is the major difference between Python and PHP?

The greatest distinction among PHP and Python is that PHP is utilized for web improvement and Python is a broadly useful full-stack programming language. As an item arranged scripting language, Python is likewise utilized for making sites and applications that are driven by Big Data and AI.

Which is faster in processing among both the languages?

In terms of application processing speed PHP is faster than Python.

Among both the languages which is easier to learn?

In contrast with PHP and other programming languages, Python is much simpler to peruse and learn. With moderately less complex coding, Python has a reasonable, brief and symmetrical language structure. The code written in Python is more clear in contrast with PHP.

Which language is better?

PHP is used as a language basically for web development while Python is progressively centered around being a broadly useful language. PHP seemingly controls most of the sites. Having said this, Python has a telling standard library and it is denser with a more clear language structure. This settles on Python even a favored decision for electronic arrangements, particularly identified with Big Data and AI.



The idea of having cross-cooperative groups is a well-known path for resources to meet up for project development. Consequently, such undertakings have resources with various types of aptitudes. PHP with its constrained decisions and accentuation on more extensive information about the language and its builds can be unwieldy for designers who are not excessively skilled in the language. Hence by hiring a PHP developer from a company you can be assured regarding the project development.

PHP is explicitly for projects related to web development while the scene for Python is more extensive. What you expect to create, the general item scope, your courses of events, and spending plan are significant giveaways on which language you need to choose for your venture needs. Both these dialects offer specific abilities, however, for the present, it appears that the future for Python is marginally more positive than for PHP.

In any case, the coming patterns in the IT world would prefer both these languages as they stay extraordinary choices for web-based projects.


Zomato is Showing Interest in Alcohol Delivery Business, And We Think You Should Too!

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Not so long ago, the Supreme Court of India stated that the state governments should look for ways to deliver alcoholic beverages at consumers’ homes. This statement was given by SC when they witnessed people violating rules of lockdown and social distancing by standing in long queues in front of liquor stores. The home delivery model has been operating flawlessly for quite a long time, however, liquor business is still limited to offline distribution channels like retail vendors and premises channels such as bars and clubs.

The statement of SC induced some major ripples in the market. As a result, food aggregators like Zomato came into motion and showed their desire to invest in this online alcohol delivery business model.

The CEO of Zomato, Mohit Gupta, said,

“We believe that a technology-enabled home delivery-based solution can promote responsible consumption of alcohol.”

From his statement, it is quite evident that Zomato seems quite optimistic about this new alcohol e-commerce platform. And they will seize the opportunity if state governments show them the green flag.
Zomato is not the only business that is trying to find lucrative ways during this lockdown. Their biggest competitor in food delivery, Swiggy has already started selling grocery online.


Zomato – From Food Delivery to Booze Delivery

Zomato has been around us for quite a while. Like Swiggy, it is not limited to the food delivery only, instead, it is more of less social media for food lovers. With the Zomato mobile app, customers can look for good places to dine out, write reviews, and also share recommendations to their friends. So far, their expertise has been limited to the food only. But now that they are turning their heads towards liquor delivery business then it could mean a lot of different things.

As mobile app developers, we can assume that Zomato could launch their alcohol delivery service via either their existing app or they can launch a mobile app dedicated to delivering booze to people at their homes.

If they launch this service this in their existing app then they will be required to restrict the alcohol ordering section. This section will only be accessible to the consumers who are above the age of minimum age limit set by the state govt. Furthermore, the app will serve as a food delivery app as well as an alcohol delivery app.

But in our opinion, it would be like getting a job done. In our decade long experience, we have learned that the loyalty of the internet audience is volatile. If you want them to stick around, you will have to do more than just getting the job done.


What’s the solution?

We think, launching a dedicated alcohol delivery app can open a lot of scope for creativity. This way a business can shift from just delivering a service to delivering an experience. Having an app for buying alcohol can earn customers’ loyalty in a great deal.

First of all, a dedicated app will have its own identity and identity somehow translate into expertise. For example, Uber is known for the taxi, Amazon is known for shopping, imagine if both these companies start stepping into each other’s territory. Theoretically, if applied well, their business strategies can work out pretty well but the original business owner will always hold the dominance. Therefore, having a dedicated app will always help Zomato to create a new identity or should we say expertise.


Bottoms Up!

Online alcohol is going to be a new big thing in India and no doubt, it will turn out to be a huge industry in the coming months. Not only Zomato, but a lot of other businesses will also try to invest in this industry. Many states have started permitting alcohol delivery businesses and rest will follow as well.

Now the market is lacking competition and dominance. If you wish to invest in an emerging alcohol delivery business then all you need is a powerful liquor delivery mobile app and you can get the benefit of thin competition in the market. If you don’t know about such apps then feel free to follow this guide to know how to develop an alcohol delivery app. But you might want to this before investing in the alcohol delivery business.


Things to Know Before Investing in Alcohol Delivery App in India

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A couple of days back a statement of the Supreme Court of India stirred a lot of controversy among the citizens of India. SC indicated towards the online alcohol delivery options maintain social distancing guidelines during this global pandemic. As a result, the online alcohol delivery app became the new hot topic to talk about among entrepreneurs and investors.

Big brands like Zomato and Dunzo have already shown their interest in delivering alcoholic beverages with their food delivery services.

It is evident that the liquor business in India is full of possibilities and growth opportunities. Now the online expansion may open doors to a whole new market. Therefore, investing in an online alcohol delivery app seems a lucrative option. But before you start off with alcohol delivery app development, there are certain things you should know.


Lockdown and Alcohol Delivery in India

This global pandemic has taken a serious toll on the economy of all the countries around the world and India is no exception. After the third phase of nation-wide lockdown, the government chooses to loosen up the lockdown a little bit. With all the essential vendors, liquor stores lifted their shutters up as well, and we witnessed kilometer-long queues in front of these shops. As a result, the whole nation experienced record-breaking liquor sales that were like a heavy rainfall in this constantly drying desert of the economy.

Seeing such a response, govt. levied 70% tax hike on alcoholic beverages to increase the revenue. Surprisingly, no drop in sales was seen.

Although, increased liquor sales are good for the economy, however, it was a rather alarming scene to witness during the time of pandemic when social distancing must be maintained at any cost.

Hence, looking at the sensitivity of the situation, SC has stated that state govt. can look for ways to selling alcohol via online mediums, indicating toward online alcohol delivery. It can significantly prevent people from gathering in front of wine shops and risking their lives.

According to The New Indian Express, 7 to 8 Indian states are likely to approve home delivery of liquor in the next two weeks. Whereas, West Bengal, Punjab, and Chhattisgarh have already permitted the home delivery of alcoholic beverages. While Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala are likely to allow the trend soon. In other words, online alcohol selling is going to be the next big thing in the Indian economy. As India is a second in the population but we have the lowest alcohol outlets nationwide.

Therefore, to maintain the demand and supply, alcohol delivery seems the only viable option.

online liquor delivery app development

Market Stats of Liquor Business in India

There are basically two speculations that indicate towards a blooming growth on the alcoholic beverage industry in India, these are, the majority of the population of India is below 35 and rising disposable income of citizens. As suggested by common research, a huge volume of liquor is consumed by the customers belonging from the age group of 20 to 40 years.

According to research by Goldstein Research in 2016, Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) possessed the largest market share of more than 40%. However, imported spirits have shown the fastest growth rate and are likely to grow at CAGY of 25% for the next couple of years.

Statista has released various research data about the Indian alcohol market. According to their report, Indian consumers are likely to consume 6.53bn liters of alcoholic beverages by the end of 2020. Furthermore, the liquor sale throughout the year may help in accumulating the revenue of USD 49,029m which is expected to grow by the CAGR of 9.3% during the forecast period of 2020-2023. Whereas average revenue per capita is likely to reach USD 35.53.

Forecasted Alcoholic Beverage Consumption in India from 2016 to 2020 (in billion liters)alcohol consumption in india statistics
Source: Statista

Hence, the stats may seem promising to establish a sustainable online alcohol delivery business but we are missing one major factor that can expand the Indian Alcoholic Market size by a significant margin. This factor is the lowest retail liquor vendors in the country. And currently, 100% of the alcohol business is dependent on the offline distribution channel. 70% of this offline distribution is done by retail vendors and 30% distribution is done by on-premises channels like bars and clubs.

In other words, a market that is completely dependent on offline distribution, introducing online facility can show catalytic growth in the market. This points towards only one thing, before the competition starts souring, it would provide a revolutionary jump start to introduce an alcohol delivery app that makes alcohol purchasing easier than ever before. Therefore, it is the right time to kick off your own alcohol delivery app development and start building your brand image.


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Challenges of Alcohol Delivery App

Online liquor delivery is not illegal in India. However, alcoholic beverages laws do not fall under the legislation of the central government. Hence, state govt. is responsible for the regulations and distribution laws. These laws and rules vary for different states. It could be quite a challenge to obtain an appropriate license for the liquor delivery business. It may require tedious paperwork and a huge investment. The rules and laws can be checked at the website of State Excise.

On the other hand, the consumer minimum age for alcohol consumption is different for every state and it could be a challenging task to check if the buyer is above the age of minimum age or not. In terms of the new liquor delivery app, there could be challenges related to the handling and delivery of alcoholic beverages.



India is changing both culturally and economically. Alcohol consumption is more socially acceptable now than ever before. And the statement of SC clearly indicates towards the emergence of a new market of alcohol e-commerce platforms. This global pandemic is the cause behind the fall of some businesses but it is also the cause behind some new businesses, online alcohol delivery is one of them.

If you are convinced and ready to enter the market before it is taken over by the giants then now is the best time. In case you want to know how to develop an alcohol delivery app then feel free to click here.