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Grineer (Strun Wraith Receiver) VS. Corpus (Snipetron Vandal Stock) - Elara (Jupiter)

Posted on 2020-09-27 22:53

Corpus (3x Fieldron) VS. Grineer (3x Detonite Injector) - Adaro (Sedna)

Posted on 2020-09-28 07:11

Corpus (Dera Vandal Stock) VS. Grineer (Karak Wraith Stock) - Naga (Sedna)

Posted on 2020-09-29 04:23

Mutalist Alad V Nav Coordinate - PHORID SPAWN Hades (Pluto)

Posted on 2020-09-29 08:30

Mutagen Mass - Kiliken (Venus)

Posted on 2020-09-30 06:50

3x Fieldron - V Prime (Venus)

Posted on 2020-09-30 08:45