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Chattanooga FC News


D'Amico Signs with CFC for 2018

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Chattanooga Football Club is thrilled to welcome goalkeeper Phil D’Amico back to Fort Finley for our historic 2019 campaign. Phil excelled between the posts for Chattanooga FC last year in his first season with the club with five shutouts in 12 games, maintaining an average of 1.00 goals per game. He also was named to the NPSL Southeast All Conference team.

“Playing for CFC last summer was one of the best experiences in my soccer career. With thousands of fans chanting your name, there is really nothing like it,” said D’Amico. “Last year was my first year with the club but it felt like I had been there for years. The coaching staff and players welcomed me in and the culture around the team was amazing.”

“The fans are truly the best! They traveled to all of the away games no matter how far it was. And now that the club is transitioning to professional players this year, I knew I wanted to continue playing here. I cannot wait to get started and continue making history with Chattanooga FC.”

“Phil is a great player for us because he understands what we are all about,” said head coach Bill Elliott. He had a solid season last year and his stats speak for themselves. We are thrilled to have him back for another year.”

Phil D’Amico Fast Facts:

  • Hometown- Orlando, FL
  • 6’1”, 185 lbs
  • 12 starts
  • 1120 minutes
  • 12 goals allowed
  • 1.00 goals per match
  • 5 shutouts
  • 8-2-2 record

Become an Owner!

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For the first time in America, a soccer club is offering fans true ownership.

Become an owner of the Chattanooga Football Club

In 2009, many questioned our decision to start a soccer club in the heart of SEC football country. But what seemed like a pipe dream 10 years ago has inspired communities and clubs around the U.S. to follow in our footsteps.

Our original business plan hoped for an average of 500 fans per game. When more than 1,500 showed up to our first game (and endured a thunderstorm to watch us lose), we knew our dreams could actually become a reality. Just a few years later, over 18,000 fans came out to watch us play in the national championship.

We’re honored and humbled to be in this position. Chattanooga Football Club was founded by a group of local people who care for the welfare of the city and are actively pursuing it through philanthropic efforts, growing small business opportunities, building our entrepreneurial ecosystem, and more. As a founding group, we asked ourselves from day one, “How can we use soccer as a tool to improve Chattanooga and our quality of life?”

Over the last 10 seasons, we’ve invested in our community through time, energy, and resources. Chattanooga FC Women, Chattanooga FC Academy, Chattanooga FC Foundation, Highland Park Commons, Chattanooga Sports Ministries, and Operation Get Active are ways we’ve engaged, invested in, and enriched our community since 2009.

There's even more that we want to accomplish, but we'll need to do it our way, and we'll need your help. The American soccer landscape is currently dominated by a small group of wealthy owners – a model that runs counter to our community-based philosophy. Our model for long-term growth is inspired by the Green Bay Packers’ community ownership structure and we have long dreamed of giving our fans ownership in Chattanooga Football Club.

The time has arrived. We are now taking advantage of recent changes in securities law to offer shares in our club.

This is not just another investment opportunity, it's about love of the game and love of our community. While our focus is always local, we hope our offering inspires a wave of supporter ownership across the U.S, changing the landscape of American soccer by connecting teams with fans and the communities that love them.

We’ve said this from the beginning: Chattanooga Football Club is Chattanooga’s football club.

We’ve tied our fate to a long-term commitment to this community. We are Chattanooga’s team. Invest in Chattanooga Football Club and help us shape the next 90 years to fulfill our dreams together.

Become an owner of the Chattanooga Football Club

  • Note: If you want to buy shares as a gift for friends or family, you must purchase those shares individually.

Questions about ownership? email us at shareholders@chattanoogafc.com

The 2018 year in review: Looking to the future

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Friends, Fans, and Supporters of Chattanooga Football Club,

Greetings as we begin a historic 2019! During the holidays, we had some time to reflect on where we’ve been and where we're heading.

Chattanooga Football Club celebrated 10 years of locally-owned soccer.

Bill Elliott has been our coach for 7 years and will lead our team in 2019 as coach and general manager.

We won our seventh NPSL Southeast Conference title.

Thousands of kids are being positively impacted by Chattanooga FC Academy, Chattanooga FC Foundation, Operation Get Active, Chattanooga Sports Ministries, and Highland Park Commons.

Our relationship with Finley Stadium is solid with our first multi-year agreement.

Chattanooga Football Club, seeking a viable, long-term sustainable path to professional soccer, is transitioning from amateur to pro this season.

2018 Year End Season Review

Last year was our 10th season as a locally-owned soccer club in the heart of SEC football country that was started by a group of Chattanooga-based entrepreneurs. People who thought we were wasting our time did not understand our use of the word “football.” We started on a shoestring budget with a crazy idea that soccer could be a tool to bring together diverse cultures in our city. From day one, we believed in an authentically homegrown club for Chattanooga by Chattanoogans.

We kicked off our 10th season with a shocking result against FC Dallas of MLS - a 1-1 draw. The people who braved that frigid February day will forever remember Zeca’s back post header to bring the match even.

In March, we brought dozens of amateur, semi-pro, and professional team ownership groups to Chattanooga for the Summit for American Soccer to discuss a long-term viable way to bring professional soccer to communities around the US. Conversations continued throughout 2018 and are leading to exciting new experiences in 2019, 2020, and beyond.

Bill Elliott returned in 2018 for his seventh season as our head coach, leading our team to its seventh NPSL Southeast Conference championship. Bill is a proven winner at every level he has coached. Our women’s team, led by first-year coach Erin Ridley, won more games during the season than the previous four seasons combined on their way to their first-ever conference title.

Chattanooga Football Club continues to positively impact thousands of kids through Chattanooga FC Academy, Chattanooga FC Foundation, Operation Get Active, Chattanooga Sports Ministries, and Highland Park Commons. Lastly, the all-new Chattanooga Football League launched in September with 420 adults playing soccer in the most diverse, highest quality soccer league in the region. We had over 25 nationalities represented in the league with over 75% of participants being minorities.

Off-Season 2018 Experiences

As details were starting to come together in late July about our club joining the professional ranks, a rival league of the NPSL announced that they were placing a team in Chattanooga. In addition to this, there were questions about the club’s financial stability and the potential of significant changes in our relationship with Finley Stadium. There were a lot of questions in the community about the future of soccer in our region, in particular with Chattanooga Football Club. Here are a few details...

Our relationship with Finley Stadium is solid, and we've secured our first multi-year deal in our history with the stadium. We will be calling Fort Finley home for years to come. In August, CFC Co-Founder Sheldon Grizzle was asked by our board to step in as interim general manager to help get our financial house back in order. Since then our board, along with new local investors, have infused new capital and set the stage for our move into the world of professional soccer. And we’re now glad to say Sheldon will continue in the capacity of our President.

Over the last few years, we have looked seriously at various options to take our club to the next level. We talked with owners of clubs in various leagues. We decided that we needed to make our own way, stay local, and continue to grow in a long term sustainable way. We absolutely believe that our patient approach will yield the best outcomes for decades to come.

Looking Ahead to 2019 and Beyond

Our original business plan in 2009 assumed an average of 250-500 people per game. When over 1,500 showed up and withstood a thunderstorm for our first game, we knew we had tapped into something special. Together with you, we’ve accomplished a lot over the past 10 seasons: almost 400,000 fans through Finley’s gates, seven conference championships, three regional championships, one national championship, and a supporter base that is the envy across the country.

Our commitment now, as it has been over the past 10 years, is to put a great team on the field, create an incredible fan experience, represent our city well on the national and international stages, and make positive impacts in our community. Our owners live here, we educate our children here and we invest in the place we call home. Those drivers make us city-centric and long-term viable.

Chattanooga Football Club is positioned for even greater growth. We will continue to be the gold standard growing the game in a smaller market. Here are a few ways we are enhancing the local soccer experience:

We are now a public benefit corporation. This is an important evolution for us because now our legal structure is aligned with our mission-focused model.

Our local ownership group has expanded. For the first time since the creation of the club in 2009, we have added to our ownership group. We now have over 20 Chattanoogans in our ownership group who care deeply about our community and want to see Chattanooga Football Club thrive.

We will be joining the professional world of soccer. Our diligent and steady work is paying off as we transition up to the next level of soccer. We are taking this next step with iconic independent clubs like New York Cosmos, Detroit City FC, and Miami FC.

Our coaches are first-class. We are proud to have two of the winningest coaches in the country on the sideline this year! Bill Elliott and Peter Fuller have nearly 600 wins and two national championships combined throughout their coaching tenures.

CFC Women returning in 2020. With our transition to pro soccer and the loss of Coach Ridley as our women’s team coach to San Jose Earthquakes, we have committed to bring the women’s team back in 2020.

We are back at Finley Stadium. "Fort Finley,” our home for 10 seasons, will continue as our local home for years to come.

International matches are in the works. In our early years, we had a strong commitment to international friendlies. We are excited to return to our roots of bringing diverse communities together to celebrate soccer in our city.

We remain committed to the CFC Academy. In 2012, we started CFCA to help bring together a fractured club soccer system. We are more committed than ever to continue building a strong and unified club for the city.

Please stay tuned— the best is yet to come!

Thank you for your love and support over the years. You have made locally-based soccer a reality. Chattanooga Football Club was built by people of Chattanooga, for the people of Chattanooga and we will continue to grow with our city!


Sheldon Grizzle, President / Co-founder
Chattanooga Football Club

Tim Kelly, Chairman / Co-founder
Chattanooga Football Club

Times Free Press: Can Two Clubs Survive?

Permalink - Posted on 2019-01-15 14:06, modified on 2019-01-18 18:54

With the arrival of the Chattanooga Red Wolves Soccer Club, two professional soccer clubs are faced with the question of whether both can survive in the Scenic City.

For the homegrown Chattanooga Football Club, which has had an average attendance of 3,600 fans in 94 home games since debuting in 2009, officials' belief is the market is not big enough for both to survive.

"Both clubs agree this is an extraordinary city," CFC chairman Tim Kelly said. "While it is possible rivalries can create an expanding market, when you divide numbers it is not a big enough market for us both by any normal calculation. The Red Wolves' intent is to put us out of business, but we have said from the start we are never going to leave Chattanooga."

Read the rest of the article on the TimesFreePress.com

​Chattanooga Football Club Announce Open Tryouts Ahead of Historic 2019 Season

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Chattanooga, TN (January 10th, 2019)- The seeds for the 2019 season will be planted February 9th, 2019 in Finley Stadium as Chattanooga Football Club holds open tryouts. Aspiring local soccer players will have their chance to shine in front of the club’s coaching staff.

“In years past, we’ve identified some incredible impact players through these tryouts,” said head coach and GM, Bill Elliott. “We are eager to see who see comes out for the chance to be signed as a professional player.”

Some of the club’s most popular players were discovered through previous open tryouts such as David Perez, a fan favorite forward from Dalton.

Tryouts will be held at Finley Stadium, the home of Chattanooga FC, on February 9th from 9:00-11:00 am. An additional afternoon session may be scheduled based on the number of registrants. Registration will be handled exclusively online here. Waivers also must be filled out here. Registration is $50 and players will receive a 2019 tryout T-shirt. Space is extremely limited and availability will be handled on a first come, first served basis.

“Open tryouts are an important part of our culture at Chattanooga FC as the community’s local club,” said Sheldon Grizzle, president of the club. “There is tremendous talent in our region and we hope they put their abilities on display for our staff.

“As we transition to professional contracts for our players in 2019, this is a great opportunity to help make local players’ dreams come true”.

Fast Facts about Chattanooga Football Club Open Tryouts:

Bill Elliott Returns for the 2019 Season

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Chattanooga Football Club today announced the return of Bill Elliott as head coach for the 2019 season. Elliott rejoins the club for his eighth season with the club where he has amassed a record of 79-25-24 (.711), including three 15-win seasons, six Southeastern Conference titles, four national semi finals, three national final appearances, and one amateur national championship title.

“Bill has been a force for Chattanooga Football Club over the last seven years,” said Sheldon Grizzle, President of Chattanooga Football Club. “We’re thrilled that he’s back! He has always put together highly competitive teams and we have no doubt that he’ll do the same as we transition from amateur to professional players next year.”

In addition to his return as the head coach, Elliott has also taken on the role of general manager for the club. As Elliott steps into this new role, Sheldon Grizzle, the club’s current general manager, will be named President of Chattanooga Football Club.

“This is an exciting time to be a Chattanooga Football Club fan,” said Elliott. “There is so much positive momentum here, I’m confident that 2019 will be our best year yet. We already have some players identified that we’d like to bring onboard. As always, the Chattahooligans will be here to give us the perfect atmosphere. We’re moving forward, and I’m excited to be back with the team.”

The club also announced today that Peter Fuller will join Elliott as the club’s associate head coach. Fuller is one of the winningest coaches of all time in NAIA soccer history with a record of 311-115-21. He won two NAIA national championships as a head coach and has also spent time as an assistant with the New England Revolution and the Philadelphia Union of Major League Soccer.

“I am so excited about the opportunity to join Chattanooga FC.” Said Fuller, “To have an opportunity to be a part of a club with the great history that this club has and be on the ground floor as they enter a new era is both an honor and a privilege.

I am excited to have the opportunity to work with my old colleague and friend Bill Elliott in this venture!”

“We are blessed with a coaching staff of this caliber,” continued Grizzle. “Most clubs around the country would love to have one of these men heading up their team. Both men have had incredible success identifying and cultivating talent. We are certain that our players will thrive under their leadership and, together, they will lead Chattanooga Football Club to a new level.”

Bill Elliott Facts at a Glance:

Chattanooga FC Head Coach 2012-present
Record at Chattanooga FC- 79-25-24
Three-time NPSL National Coach of the Year
11-Time Conference Coach of the Year
Three 15-win seasons

Six Southeast Conference Titles in seven years

Four-time National Semi-Finalist

Three-time National Finalist

Peter Fuller Facts at a Glance:

New England Revolution- reserve team coach and first team assistant coach
Philadelphia Union- staff coach
All-time NAIA Record- 311-115-21
Two time NAIA National Champion Coach
Three time NAIA National Coach of the Year
Ten time Conference Coach of the Year
NAIA Hall of Fame

NPSL Founders Cup Regions Announced

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NPSL Founders Cup Members Announce Two Region Split For Inaugural 2019 Event

(New York, December 17, 2018)

The National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) today announced that the established group of 11 clubs stretching across the United States for the first-ever NPSL Founders Cup competition will be split into two regions to better build rivalries and maximize interest in the event, which will run from August to November 2019. That competition will lead to a full league schedule in the spring to fall of 2020. The clubs will play home and away matches in their regions for the inaugural Founder’s Cup.

The East Region will include: Chattanooga FC, Detroit City FC, Miami FC, Miami United FC, Milwaukee Torrent, and New York Cosmos.

The West Region will include: ASC San Diego, Cal FC, California United Strikers FC, FC Arizona, and Oakland Roots.

The format, player roster information, schedule, and additional details of the Founders Cup will be announced at a date later this winter.

Media Relations Contacts:

Gary Moody



Joe Favorito



Juan Hernandez Signs with CFC for 2019

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After all this time, he's still the Juan. Chattanooga Football Club is proud to announce that Chattanooga FC midfielder Juan Hernandez Mendizabal has agreed to sign with the club for the 2019 season.

Juan “Juanito” Hernandez joined Chattanooga FC late in 2015 season and made an immediate impact as a midfielder during the 2015 playoffs. His play-making and passing ability helped lead Chattanooga FC that year to their fourth national final. In that championship match, which set the league attendance record of 18,227 fans, Juanito was a standout player, setting him up to earn the position of starting central midfielder for the club the following three years. Additionally, Juanito has won three NPSL Southeast Conference Championships (2015-16, 2018), two NPSL South Region Championships (2015-16), and a US Amateur National Championship (2015). He earned all NPSL honorable mention in 2016 and All Conference XI in 2018.

“Juanito embodies the hard work ethic, leadership, selflessness, and pure ability that we value at Chattanooga FC.” said Sheldon Grizzle, General Manager for Chattanooga FC. “We couldn’t be happier that Juan will be bossing the midfield for us in the historic 2019 season.”

The 28-year-old Hernandez hails from Madrid, Spain, but now calls Chattanooga his home. Juanito graduated from Bethel University in 2014, and coached soccer at the University of West Florida for three years alongside Chattanooga FC head coach Bill Elliott.

Chattanooga's Team to Stay in Ft. Finley

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Chattanooga Football Club and The Stadium Corporation today agreed upon a three year deal that will keep the NPSL powerhouse in Chattanooga’s largest sports venue for years to come. During the club’s ten season history, over 338,000 people have come to Finley Stadium to watch Chattanooga FC play.

“Our supporters have made Chattanooga FC the envy of premier soccer clubs around the country, setting and breaking attendance records in Finley Stadium,” said Tim Kelly, Chairman of Chattanooga FC. “Records are made to be broken and there is no doubt that the best is yet to come.”

There have been great moments over the local club’s historic run in Finley Stadium. One of the most memorable for many Chattanoogans occurred on August 8, 2015, when 18,227 packed the stadium to watch the NPSL Final between Chattanooga FC and NY Cosmos. In 2017, MLS’ Atlanta United played its first ever match on a blustery day in Finley Stadium against Chattanooga FC, playing in front of 12,484 fans. Finley has also been the home of Chattanooga FC Women’s team for the last five seasons and hosted two US National Team games in the last three years.

“Finley has been the only home we’ve ever known,” said Sheldon Grizzle, General Manager for Chattanooga FC. “The biggest moments in our club’s history have happened here.”

“The Stadium Corporation, its board, management, and operations teams are delighted that the tradition of Chattanooga FC at ‘Fort Finley’ will continue,” said Gordon Davenport, Chairman of The Stadium Corporation. “For ten years, the club has been a strong part Finley’s calendar, and we’re all excited to see it continue to grow. I’m a Chattahooligan at heart and can’t wait for the 2019 season.”

Chattanooga FC is planning multiple non-conference games in March and April before the NPSL season gets under way in May. In August, the club will enter the Inaugural Founders Cup with teams such as the New York Cosmos and Detroit City Football Club. The clubs will then square off in a nationwide league in 2020 with a full rosters of professional players.

Grizzle added, “We can’t wait to make new memories in Finley, particularly in 2019 with this transitional season as we go to the next level with the Founders Cup in August. Finley is an iconic part of Chattanooga’s Southside and we remain honored to play a role in the growth of our city.”

Fast Facts about Chattanooga FC and Finley Stadium:

• First Game: May 16, 2009 vs Atlanta FC; attendance 1,577.

• Total Chattanooga FC games played in Finley Stadium: 94

• Home record: 64 (W) - 19 (L) - 11 (T)

• Highest Attendance: 18,227 (NPSL Record)

• Chattanooga FC is only NPSL team to have single-game home attendance over 10,000 (4 times)

• Total Chattanooga FC Attendance: 338,334

• Total attendance of all soccer matches in Finley Stadium since 2009: more than 400,000


Worldwide, soccer builds community, shapes culture, develops talent and unites diverse peoples. Chattanooga Football Club for ten years has helped the same to happen in Chattanooga, creating true opportunity for all players and a great experience for all fans. Chattanooga Football Club is a member team of the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL), South Region. The NPSL is sanctioned by the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) as an affiliate of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), and FIFA, the world’s governing body for soccer. In August, the club will enter the Inaugural Founders Cup ahead of a full season in 2020.

Season Pass FAQs

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Q. Why did prices go up?

A. We will be guaranteeing more home matches this season (and that number could grow even more if we host playoff matches). On a per game basis, the season passes are actually less expensive than last season.

Q. What happened to Gold and Sky?

A. Our goal is to keep things as simple as possible. In that vein, we are offering two types of season pass for 2019.

Q. Will you have season parking passes?

A. We are still working through how parking will be managed this year. More details to come as they are available.

Q. How old must you be before needing to buy a ticket?

A. All children 6 and under are admitted for free. All others must have a ticket or season pass.

Q. What if I bought an individual ticket to the season opener and I am now buying season pass?

A. We will give you an additional "buddy ticket" to give to a friend, family member, or total stranger.

Q. When will my wristband be shipped?

A. In previous years we shipped wristbands immediately, but this season we are upgrading to a much more sophisticated ticketing system and will have to wait until the new system is implemented to issue wristbands. This season, wristbands will be picked up at the 2019 Jersey Reveal Party.

Q. When will the Jersey Reveal Party be announced?

A. The Jersey Reveal Party will be held in the early spring. Typically we announce the date and location in mid-February.

Q. I bought a season pass jersey and it doesn’t fit.

A. All new and unworn season pass jerseys can be exchanged for a different size at the stadium or at Winder Binder (40 Frazier Avenue, on the Northshore, 423-413-8999).

Q. Where can I get season passes before the season starts?

A. Besides buying online, passes are available at Winder Binder.

Eleven Founding Members to Launch a New League

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Eleven Founding Members to Launch a New League in Association with the National Premier Soccer League

Clubs to Compete for Inaugural Founders Cup from August through November 2019; Full Schedule Planned For 2020

(New York, November 15, 2018) - The National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) today announced that an established group of 11 clubs stretching across the United States have launched a new league in association with the NPSL. The clubs will compete in the first-ever NPSL Founders Cup competition that will run from August to November 2019. That competition will lead to a full league schedule in the spring to fall of 2020. These clubs will be making a full-time commitment to their markets and will include professional players, coaches, and staff.

“We are very excited to bring a new brand of community-based soccer to the U.S. market,” said NPSL Chairman Joe Barone.“Beginning with the Founders Cup, fans will be able to enjoy watching authentic clubs compete with professional players and staff. This new venture will build upon the success and experience of NPSL and its nationwide network of local soccer club members.”

"We support our members’ growth and expansion of their leagues,” said United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) President John Motta. “This is another opportunity to develop players, coaches, administrators, and referees at the highest level of adult soccer. This is absolutely critical for player development, as it prepares players onto the next level and also for referee development, as this level of adult soccer is the best training ground for referees in this country."

The 11 founding members include ASC San Diego, Cal FC, California United Strikers FC, Chattanooga FC, Detroit City FC, FC Arizona, Miami FC, Miami United FC, Milwaukee Torrent, New York Cosmos, and Oakland Roots, and plans are being developed to add additional clubs.

The format, player roster information, schedule, and additional details of the Founders Cup will be announced at a date later this winter.

“Having been Chattanooga's football club for ten years, we are really excited about the future and moving up to the next level,” said Sheldon Grizzle, General Manager for Chattanooga Football Club. “This has been in the works for several years and we are proud for our fans and supporters to see this come to fruition.”

If you are interested in corporate sponsorship opportunities with Chattanooga Football Club, please contact Reed Farnsley at reed@chattanoogafc.com or (423) 596-0508

Hernandez and Oliviera: Chattanooga's Dynamic Duo

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The success of Chattanooga Football Club over the years can be attributed to a cast of great players, most recently the pairing of Juan Hernandez and Felipe Oliveira.

Hernandez and Oliveira are likely to be the next CFC players to turn pro, joining the likes of Mark Sherrod, Niall McCabe, Sean McFarlane, and Thomas Hunter, all players who have made the jump to the next level.

Hernandez has played for Chattanooga FC since 2015, where he has helped CFC win conference and regional titles and garnered 2016 All-NPSL Honorable Mention recognition. His intense work ethic and tricky footwork have made him a notable player and a fan favorite.

“The Chattahooligans and the city of Chattanooga make a great difference, they make it special,” Hernandez said. “It is hard to explain if you don’t live it. CFC it is a really community-oriented team and the city of Chattanooga loves it and responds to it. In 2015 we drew 18,227 people to an amateur soccer game. That speaks by itself. But the numbers for attendance are not really the special part. The city of Chattanooga and the Chattahooligans love CFC players and players love the Chattahooligans. Every season players and fans do activities together, fans reach out to players to meet their families and invite them to eat, to share life experiences. These things make it personal and that leads to better performances and experiences on and off the field.”

Read the full article at NPSL.com

Lamp Post Joins Chattanooga Football Club Ownership

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Local investors support continued growth, expansion of local soccer

Chattanooga, TN (November 8, 2018)- Lamp Post, a local investment group, has agreed to acquire an ownership position in Chattanooga Football Club.

Chattanooga Football Club has played in the NPSL, a nationwide semi-pro league, for the past 10 seasons. After unparalleled success in the NPSL, Chattanooga Football Club’s local ownership group is reviewing a move into a higher league.

“Bringing in Lamp Post is the next step in building a solid foundation for Chattanooga Football Club as we set our sights on the club moving to the next level,” said Tim Kelly, Chairman of Chattanooga Football Club. “Lamp Post and its partners have done so much for Chattanooga and we are pleased they are joining our team at this crucial time.”

Barry Large, a founding partner at Lamp Post Group, will be joining Chattanooga Football Club’s board of directors.

“Lamp Post is all about investing in the future of this great community. Chattanooga Football Club has been a critical part of the ethos of Chattanooga over the past decade,” Large said. “We want to make sure it continues to play this key role, so it’s a no-brainer for us to join the ownership group.”

Large was a cofounder and CFO for Access America as the organization grew to $500 million in revenue over a 12 year period. In 2014, Access America merged with Coyote Logistics, which ultimately sold to UPS in 2015 for upwards of $1.8 billion.

Lamp Post was spearheaded by the founders of Access America: Barry Large, Ted Alling, and Alan Davis. Lamp Post’s investment in Chattanooga Football Club marks the second time the group has purchased a stake in a local sports team. In 2015, Lamp Post joined Hardball Capital, and other local investors, in acquiring the Chattanooga Lookouts.

“We are honored to have Lamp Post joining the team. Lamp Post’s partners epitomize how Chattanoogans invest in Chattanooga-based businesses and other ventures,” said Sheldon Grizzle, Interim President and General Manager for the club. “We’ve known the Lamp Post team for years and we are so excited about the energy they bring to the table. Everything they have been involved with in town is better because of it. They will make a difference.”

Chattanooga Football Club’s ownership group already includes local entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and businessmen including Tim Kelly, Sheldon Grizzle, Krue Brock, Daryl Heald, Paul Rustand, Thomas Clark, and Marshall Brock.

Ten Years of Memories

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This spring, Chattanooga FC celebrated 10 memorable seasons in the Scenic City. You've been with us every step of the way, and we want to see your favorite photos and videos of amazing moments you've shared with your CFC family over the past decade – tailgating, games, youth soccer, Women's matches, Foundation programs, celebrations and so on. Post your favorites, and tag us on any of our social media channels:

Facebook: facebook.com/chattanoogafc
Twitter: @chattanoogafc
Instagram: @chattanoogafc

Or by emailing them to info@chattanoogafc.com. We're working on something special coming up, and want you to be a part of it! Send us your best stuff, and you may just see it in our next promotion.

Ways that you can help!

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As you know, Chattanooga FC has been homegrown from day one and we are committed to keeping it that way. In concert with our supporters and community stakeholders, against all odds, we have all created something truly unique for our city.

You may have heard about recent efforts from an investor in Utah to start another team in Chattanooga that could threaten all the hard work put in to grow Chattanooga FC. We are pleased that our community’s continued success in soccer has drawn national attention. In light of all this, it’s important to reiterate that Chattanooga FC was built and not bought. Our club was founded by Chattanoogans for Chattanoogans and, after 10 seasons, we remain dedicated to growing Chattanooga and Chattanooga FC.

We have heard from hundreds of you over the last ten days and most people want to know what they can do to show their support for the club. Here are some ways that you can stand up for CFC:

Show your passion and support for Chattanooga FC Men and Women by pre-purchasing a 2019 Opening Day Pass! And if you’re not in Chattanooga, you can buy a ticket and donate it to kids and families with whom we work through the CFC Foundation.

This $5 pass gets you into BOTH Men's and Women's first matches of the season!

Sign up for the brand new adult soccer leagues at Highland Park Commons at Chattanooga Football League. This is the CFC Foundation’s latest effort to grow the sport for everyone in our city! Registration ends Aug 25 for the Over 30 league and Sept 1 for all other leagues.


All of us are influencers. Wherever your community is, in your real or digital life, please make Chattanooga FC part of your conversation. Check out the FAQ the Chattahooligans put together for some great information about various topics and then help educate people on why it’s important to fight for a locally owned, homegrown soccer club.

Follow us for updates on Facebook and Twitter so you can stay in the know.


Volkswagen Workers Foundation + OGA

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Volkswagen Workers Foundation Announces Continued Partnership with Operation Get Active

Donation of $200,000 to support grassroots youth soccer program. Over the past three years the Foundation has donated $500,000 to OGA

Chattanooga, TN (August 9, 2018) The Volkswagen Workers Foundation is continuing its partnership with the Chattanooga Football Club Foundation and the Operation Get Active (OGA) initiative with a $200,000 donation for 2018. Over the past 3 years, the foundation has contributed $500,000 to the grassroots soccer program.

Operation Get Active is a health initiative launched in Spring 2016 that encourages youth to live active, healthy lifestyles. This is accomplished by introducing youth to soccer via an afterschool program that meets for 90-minute sessions two times per week over ten weeks in the fall and spring, and a summer program that meets for 120-minute sessions once per week over seven weeks.

This spring of 2018, Operation Get Active reached over 500 children from 17 elementary schools, one middle school and 6 City of Chattanooga recreation centers, and Signal Centers, nonprofit serving children, and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities. Since its inception, OGA has engaged over 2,000 children in Chattanooga.

“I am extremely proud of this partnership and relationship we have with the Volkswagen Workers Foundation. From day one they have supported our vision and growth for Operation Get Active. We are in a unique position to be able to offer the program to over half of Hamilton County Elementary Schools; this would not have been possible without this support and our other program supporters and sponsors” said Peter Woolcock, Director of Operation Get Active.

“After two successful years of the Volkswagen Workers Foundation’s charitable work in the United States, I am proud that we are able to contribute to Operation Get Active’s success once again”, said Catharina Mette, Secretary of Volkswagen Workers Foundation, Inc. “This is only possible because of the generous contributions from our colleagues in Germany to our Chattanooga project. Also, thanks to Peter Woolcock and his team, the coaches, the CFC Foundation, and our partners at the City of Chattanooga and Hamilton County, Operation Get Active reached over 2,000 children. I would like to thank Peter for his leadership and service to the community. I am looking forward to our continued partnership here in Chattanooga.” Mette said.

The Volkswagen Workers Foundation, a charitable nonprofit organization, is the American branch of the Volkswagen Employee Foundation, a German nonprofit organization that supports the education of children and young adults through improvement of their living conditions.

"Chattanooga is a city known for being active, whether through biking, hiking, kayaking or team sports. I think it's great that the Volkswagen Workers Foundation is encouraging our youth to live healthy and active lifestyles” said City of Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke.

"Helping to improve the lives of children and young adults at Volkswagen locations around the globe through education is the cornerstone of our work,” said Angela Kaspar, Member of the Executive Board of Volkswagen Employee Foundation in Wolfsburg. “As the Chattanooga project is a health initiative it stands out among all of our engagements, and we are particularly proud to support it. I want to congratulate our friends with the Workers Foundation for another successful year of charitable work in the United States, and thank them for their dedication. The Volkswagen Employee Foundation is fully committed to support their goal now and in the future." Kaspar said.

Coaches play a vital role in the successful implementation of OGA. Each session is led by a

Minimum of two trained OGA coaches from a team of over 60. The coaching team is diverse, ranging from current college students, recent graduates, and teachers at our partner schools. Because of their diversity (approximately 40% female) and experience, the coaching team excels at delivering OGA in very challenging areas of the city, as well as acting as role models and mentors to the children. The coaching model has allowed OGA to scale the impact of the program to additional schools and recreation centers, addressing the need for more physical activity opportunities for youth.

“This program is a fine example of the Volkswagen’s Workers Foundation commitment to Hamilton County. I have always believed in the value of sports to teach life lessons about cooperation, leadership and achieving goals. Operation Get Active can inspire participants to excel not only in their soccer matches but in life” said Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger.

Operation Get Active is now planning and preparing for the Fall 2018 season in which it aims to bring the program to 20 Elementary Schools 3 Middle Schools and 6 City of Chattanooga Recreation Centers, reaching over 800 children. If you are interested in becoming a coach, please get in touch with Operation Get Active Coaching Coordinator Julian Ramirez, julian@chattanoogafc.com or find out more at operationgetactive.org.

Besides biweekly soccer sessions OGA participatns also receive a soccer jersey, a nutritious meal through a partnership with the YMCA, and partciapate in mid and end of season soccer tournaments.

About Volkswagen Workers Foundation, Inc.

The Volkswagen Workers Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit, non-stock corporation incorporated under the laws of the State of Delaware. The purpose of the foundation is the support of those in need, especially children, through improvement of their living conditions through art, culture or sport.


Catharina Mette

Volkswagen Workers Foundation

Phone: 423-598-2125

mail: catharina.mette@vw.com

Peter Woolcock

Operation Get Active

Email: peter@chattanoogafc.com

Phone: 423-991-9171

Website: operationgetactive.org

Stand Up!

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As many of you know, it has been announced that an outside investor from Utah has purchased the rights to the Chattanooga area to establish as professional USL D3 league to play in Chattanooga. This bid is in no way associated with Chattanooga FC.

According to founding board member Tim Kelly, "Our club was build, not bought. We were founded for Chattanoogan's by Chattanoogan's and, after 10 years, we're committed to growing the Chattanooga FC sustainably and responsibly from the ground up."

Current CFC Vice Chairman Sheldon Grizzle is taking on the role of interim GM for the organization. Sheldon is a co-founder of the club and played with the team in its inaugural season. He has been deeply involved in building Chattanooga’s entrepreneurial community in addition to serving on the boards of the Tennessee Aquarium, Chattanooga Visitors Bureau, Enterprise Center, and CO.LAB. Sheldon will now help guide the club he helped establish into its next chapter.

Sheldon Grizzle

"Chattanooga FC has been homegrown from day one and we are committed to keeping it that way,” said Grizzle. “In concert with our supporters and community stakeholders, against all odds, we have a created something truly unique in Chattanooga. Professional and amateur soccer team ownership groups from around the country continue to look at Chattanooga as an inspiration for what can happen when something is created from the ground up."

In addition to Grizzle’s new leadership role, Tim Kelly remains the Chairman and will share oversight of operations with executive committee members Paul Rustand, Thomas Clark, and Sheldon Grizzle. Krue Brock, Daryl Heald, and Marshall Brock round out the board.

Chattanooga FC has been instrumental to the growth of soccer in the city. Over the last ten seasons, it has helped support youth soccer and community development through Chattanooga FC Academy, Operation Get Active, and Chattanooga Sports Ministries. Chattanooga FC Women had an excellent fifth season this year, winning their first-ever Southeast Conference Championship. Chattanooga FC Foundation also supports Highland Park Commons to help create a safe place to play for the most diverse communities in the Chattanooga region. Just this week, Chattanooga Football League will launch in partnership with the organization to increase the quality of soccer for adults across the city.

Stay tuned for more information on how you can take action and Stand Up for CFC.

One club, One city, One voice.

2018 Season Stats

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PLAYER STATS (updated 16 July 2018)


Felipe Oliveira: 7

Charlie Clarke: 6

Joao Costa: 4

Daniel Valenciano: 4

Juan Hernandez: 3

Santiago Moore: 3

Caleb Cole: 2

Luke Winter: 2

Zeca: 2

Joaquin Cabello: 1

John Carrier: 1

Everson Lima: 1

Stephen Rocca: 1

Juan Sanchez: 1


Joao Costa: 6

Juan Hernandez: 3

Felipe Oliveira: 2

Santiago Moore: 2

Pierre Bocquet: 1

Joaquin Cabello: 1

Charlie Clarke: 1

Gabriel Gonzalez: 1

David Valenciano: 1


Tom Halsall: 3 GA (2.75 games) 0.92 avg

Phil D'Amico: 12 GA (12 games) 1.0 avg

Nick Croucher: 2 GA (2 games) 1.0 avg

Humberto Pelaez: 7 GA (4 games) 1.75 avg

Silverbacks edge Chattanooga on PKs in conference final, 6-5

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Bill Elliott wasn't upset after his Chattanooga Football Club dropped its conference championship match Saturday night. He wasn't disappointed.

He was bewildered.

Stunned may be an even better way to describe Elliott's mood after CFC lost 6-5 to the Atlanta Silverbacks in a penalty-kick shootout in the National Premier Soccer League South Region's Southeast Conference final at Finley Stadium, ending CFC's season short of the national playoffs for a second consecutive season.

Read more at Chattanooga Times Free Press.com

See match highlights

Regional Final Match Preview

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The Conference Championship match is upon us!

Chattanooga FC defeated Georgia Revolution Wednesday night at Finley Stadium during the semifinal round of the NPSL Southeastern Conference Playoffs. CFC scored two goals late in the match which lead to their shutout victory and pushed them on to the final round of the tournament where they will face off against the Atlanta Silverbacks. The Silverbacks finished 3rd in the regular season. The match will be held on Saturday, July 14 at 7:30 p.m. at CFC’s home turf, Finley Stadium.

The two teams met twice earlier in the regular season. The Silverbacks traveled to Chattanooga in June, and although they were the first to score, CFC came back to win after scoring 4 goals, leaving the final score at 4-1. CFC traveled to Atlanta just a week ago to play the SIlverbacks again, bringing in some young, new players. CFC struggled a bit more to stay ahead, and the final score of that match was 1-1.

There are a few players on the Silverbacks team that CFC should keep an eye out for. Ebrima Njie and Mo Isshaku are a pair of center backs that could be an obstacle when trying to finish in the final third. Joao Johanning Mora scored from 35 yards out on CFC’s defense the last time the two teams played so the boys in blue should be on alert for shots taken outside the box.

The winner of this match will advance on to the Regional Tournament, where they will face the winner of the Jacksonville Armada/Miami FC match in the Sunshine conference.

Chattanooga FC Head coach Bill Elliott said, “I think the boys are ready. I’m proud of the work they have put in and I’m confident in their ability to execute the things we have practiced all season.”

General manager Sean McDaniel said, “The club can’t wait for the championship game tomorrow! We are excited to see Chattanooga join together to support this team and their hard work. I think it’s going to be a fun environment and a great match against the Silverbacks.”

Revolution over: Chattanooga FC wins 2-0, advances to conference final

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The Chattanooga Football Club will defend its home stadium, affectionately known as "Fort Finley," at least one more time this year.

Late heroics from Juan Hernandez and Joao Costa helped Chattanooga FC beat the Georgia Revolution 2-0 in a National Premier Soccer League Southeast Conference playoff semifinal Thursday night. The win secured another home game for top-seeded CFC in Saturday's final against the Atlanta Silverbacks.

The first half ended in a scoreless tie, but CFC (9-4-2) spent most of the 45 minutes on the attack. Costa and Felipe Olivera wreaked havoc on the visitors, especially down the left side. With pinpont crosses and blistering shots, the two strikers were a collective menace.

Read more at the Chattanooga Times Free Press

See match highlights

Into the Playoffs

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CFC heads into the playoffs on Thursday, July 12at Finley Stadium. They finished on top in the NPSL Southeast Conference, receiving a bye and going straight to the Semifinal round, where they will face off against Georgia Revolution FC. Georgia Revolution finished 6th in the NPSL regular season.

The two teams have a long history between them. CFC previously met Georgia Revolution at Finley Stadium and the results were not in CFC’s favor. Georgia Revolution took the win 4-2 against CFC back in June. But, CFC traveled down to Georgia last week for one of their last regular season matches and was able to beat The Revolution 3-0.

Georgia Revolution has a few players in particular that CFC should be on the lookout for during this upcoming match. The Revolution forward, Ehjayson Henry could be a threat up top. Henry is extremely quick to attack and gain control of the offense. He will be very dangerous in the attacking third as he uses his speed to get to the goal. Georgia native Aaron Whitten could also be a threat in the midfield tomorrow and CFC defense should keep an eye out for him.

The winner of this Thursday’s match will continue on in the playoffs and will play in the Finals of the Southeastern Conference tournament on Saturday, July 14.

CFC Head coach Bill Elliott said, “The boys are excited for the opportunity to play The Revolution again. We have put the results of the last game against them behind us, and we have learned from it. The boys have worked very hard to get here and are looking forward to playoffs.”

CFC General manager Sean McDaniel said, “We believe we have the best fans around and we need them all there on Thursday to cheer on the boys to victory. We are excited to have the opportunity to host the Semifinals match at Finley and are hoping for great results tomorrow because the boys have put in a lot of effort to get here.

CFC v Atl ends 1-1- in final regular season match

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CFC traveled to Atlanta Sunday night to play the final game of the regular season. Newly crowned NPSL Southeastern conference champions, Chattanooga FC took on the Silverbacks and battled to take home a tie.

The lineup for the match against Atlanta was a little different than fans are use to. The youngest members of the squad were out on the field and some new faces joined the team as well, including Drew Viscomi, Chattanooga native and Tennessee state high school player of the year. The starting line up included both Ricketts brothers, Stephen and Jonathan, playing in defense.

Pierre Bocquet took control of the midfield from the beginning of the game, yet CFC wasn’t able to get a shot off until later in the half. Possession in the first half was split and neither team was able to gain control of the game in the first half. CFC offense struggled to find their rhythm early at the beginning and they couldn’t find the back of the net.

Nick Croucher played keeper the entire match and defended the goal aggressively. Just 23 minutes into the game though, the Silverbacks were able to slip one by the CFC defense and made the score 1 to 0 with a shot at the top of the box, about 35 yards out from the goal.

It wasn’t until the 30th minute that got the crowd truly engaged in the match, but their contribution energized the players. The defense from both teams was battling hard but both offenses struggled to find the back of the net. The score at half time remained 1 to 0.

The second half started off to a slow pace as both teams played very deep in the back and were slow to attack.

Fifteen minutes into the second half CFC decided to make some changes to its offensive line. Felipe Oliveira, Cameron Woodfin, and Santiago Moore joined Charlie Clarke on the field.

Immediately, CFC created scoring opportunities. The fresh legs created momentum and energy on the field, getting the ball inside the box in order to get shots on goal.

Only a few minutes after taking the field, Oliveira received a ball from midfield and got the defense behind him for a break away. 30 minutes into the second half Felipe tied up the match, 1 to 1.

The intensity from CFC increased tremendously in the second half and the goal by Oliveira was the motivation CFC needed. With only four minutes left to play, Stephen Ricketts made a fantastic save right before the ball crossed the line and kept the score tied 1 to 1 to finish the match.

Head coach Bill Elliott said, “I think we got off to a rough start but we pulled through to get the tie. This match was a good opportunity to get some young guys out on the field as well and we are proud of their performance.”

General manager Sean McDaniel said, “We were excited to have some new, young faces in our starting lineup tonight and I think they did a great job. It was a good learning experience for them. We are proud of how the season finished out and looking forward to seeing the fans back at Finley on Thursday.”

CFC finished their regular season with 8 wins, 2 losses, and 4 ties. This is the 7th regular season conference title they have received.

CFC’s next match is the Southeast Conference Semifinals on Thursday, July 12 at 7:30 p.m. at Finley Stadium.

CFC wins 1-0 in regular season home finale

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Chattanooga FC earned its seventh Southeastern Conference regular season title after securing a solid 3-0 victory over Georgia Revolution in McDonough, GA Friday night.

A familiar foe, bad weather, delayed yet another CFC match by an hour after the originally scheduled time. Once underway, CFC came out of the gates quickly and with purpose. Santi Moore, Caleb Cole, and Johnathan Ricketts all had great looks early on, but goals were not yet to be found. Georgia launched a handful of dangerous counterattacks that forced keeper Phillip D'Amico to make some crucial saves.

The boys in blue found the better side of the score sheet in the 25th minute as defender Steven Rocca picked up the end of a Santi Moore pass and chipped the Revolution keeper giving CFC an early 1-0 lead. Just ten minutes later, defender Juan Sanchez extended the lead off a corner kick that bounced into the area and found Sanchez's forehead. After taking a 2-0 lead into the half, Chattanooga continued to maintain possession for majority of the second half.

The second half unfolded much like the first: purposeful build up play from the away team and quick counters from the Revolution. In the 54th minute, Santi Moore and Johnathan Ricketts launched a breakaway attack which proved to be too quick for the Georgia defense. The defender brought down Ricketts in the penalty area giving CFC a penalty kick. Santiago Moore executed a flawless PK, and Chattanooga FC increased its lead to 3-0.

Chattanooga's defense unit played a blinder, extinguishing every Revolution attempt on goal and securing the fourth clean sheet of the season for the club. After a short period of added time, the whistle blew and CFC celebrated a much deserved win.

"After our last match against the Revolution, we knew that we needed to make good on our chances early. I think we did just that," said Bill Elliott, head coach for CFC. "It's great to see us capitalizing on our set pieces, and I'm glad our defenders were able to score some goals."

"It's tough to hit the road, get delayed by weather, and still come out with a performance like this," said Sean McDaniel, GM, Chattanooga FC. "It was great to see some of our younger guys get some real minutes. That will help us as the playoffs begin next week."

Happy Birthday!

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In many ways, Everson Lima's goal came at the perfect time.

On the eve of his 32nd birthday, the Chattanooga Football Club defender scored what turned out to be the game-winning goal, heading in a Juan Hernandez pass in the 51st minute of a 2-1 win over Greenville FC on Saturday night in front of 3,524 at Finley Stadium.

Lima's first goal of the season — after a number of close opportunities throughout the year — helped CFC keep pace with league-leading New Orleans. The Jesters won 3-1 Friday night and have 23 points in their 12 matches for a 1.92-per-match average. CFC has 21 points in 11 matches for 1.91 per match.

"I feel lucky to have scored," Lima said through teammate and translator Jose Ferraz. "I've been chasing it; I asked God and prayed a lot of times for this moment to happen, and I couldn't have asked to score in a better place than in front of the fans that sang 'Happy Birthday' and supported me all the time.

Read the full article at Chattanooga TFP

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