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Noah Read

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Permalink - Posted on 2017-11-16 22:41

There’s no landscape quite like Dineh country in NW New Mexico into SW Colorado.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-11-15 15:54

10 miles into our 1200 mile trip and we’re stopping at Dahlia’s for breakfast, because kids. This is how you make good time on a road trip right?

Permalink - Posted on 2017-11-15 04:11, modified at 04:12

Installed some smart light switches, paired them with some motion sensors, and I’ve got some HomeKit automation going on. I really like it so far.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-11-14 20:53

Bad Homburg

Permalink - Posted on 2017-11-14 03:59


Permalink - Posted on 2017-11-13 01:15

Hill country

Permalink - Posted on 2017-11-12 03:29

San Gabriel, South Fork.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-11-11 05:13

Sunset in Williamson County.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-11-08 15:44

Back in line at the DPS to replace my stolen driver’s license. I did not think I would encounter my enemy again so soon.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-11-07 17:07

Point of order. I automatically hate any social media post where every word is punctuated by a handclap emoji, no matter what it says.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-11-05 02:54

Trying out Yuyo Peruano. It’s amazing so far.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-11-02 16:58

Pumpkin Bucket

Permalink - Posted on 2017-11-02 16:57


Permalink - Posted on 2017-11-02 16:56

Nugget Tray

Permalink - Posted on 2017-11-02 16:55

Dino Nuggets

Permalink - Posted on 2017-10-29 04:07

Just finished Stranger Things 2. Same feeling as last year, can’t stop grinning.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-10-28 04:23

Dustin’s mom is amazing. That is all.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-10-26 19:56

Less than a day to Stranger Things 2. :)

Permalink - Posted on 2017-10-26 15:37

Permalink - Posted on 2017-10-23 16:24

Ran into this duck at Notre Dame. It seemed unimpressed.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-10-20 15:17

wrote my thoughts on my recent trip to interview refugees in Europe with Their Story is Our Story.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-10-20 14:35

Friday Favorites is a pretty great idea.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-10-17 19:31

Sketch Libraries are amazing. Such a great tool.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-10-12 02:21

If the honey to water ratio in herbal tea gets high enough does it cease to be herbal tea?

Permalink - Posted on 2017-10-11 20:01

Episode VIII tickets purchased. December 15 can’t come soon enough.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-10-11 18:35

I can’t wait for the Pumpkin Spice season to give way to Peppermint season.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-10-11 15:20

I think the jet lag period of my post-travel adjustment might be over. :)

Permalink - Posted on 2017-10-09 18:21

Tried to recreate a Parisian breakfast for the kids this morning. I thought it turned out alright.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-10-07 20:35

Wrapped our week of filming refugee interviews in Paris and Frankfurt. It has been exhausting, saddening, and occasionallly inspiring.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-10-05 17:44

Last morning in Paris went great. Now I’m back in Frankfurt ready for some more interviews tomorrow and the next day.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-10-04 20:09

Day 3 of Paris refugee/volunteer interviews in the bag. These people are tough, but they are good.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-10-03 20:35

Today in Paris was a day full of video shoots and interviews. Volunteers who distribute goods to refugees living on the streets, and several refugees who have left their homes behind. I feel drained, but ready for more tomorrow.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-10-01 21:20

The new Gosling SNL Papyrus skits reflects a conversation I had with a fellow designer this week.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-10-01 14:28

Frankfurt has been lovely for a few hours. Now off to Paris for a few days before coming back to Germany.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-09-30 21:40

Next stop, Frankfurt.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-09-26 16:31

Watched Star Trek Discovery. It’s fun and I’m excited to see where it goes, although CBS All Access seems like a terrible value for a single show. Might cancel and wait for it to hit iTunes or something.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-09-18 21:27

The opening for Ken Burn’s The Vietnam War is gripping. Great use of music, Reznor is a great pic to work on this.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-09-18 19:11

Wearing a hoodie while sitting in my 72° house (91° outside). Am I a Texan now?

Permalink - Posted on 2017-09-17 01:53

If you find yourself in Houston after a day of disaster cleanup and are wondering what a good followup meal would be, the answer is fajitas. The answer to many things is fajitas, btw.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-09-15 15:52

New carpet week in the office this week. Should’ve brought a gas mask when I decided to not work from home today.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-09-14 20:29

Just a minute while I find my tiniest violin for web advertisers. Must be around here somewhere, maybe under my notebooks.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-09-14 19:10

Pollo a la brasa for lunch at work today :) Fried Yuca :) Fried Yuca instead of Fries :(

Permalink - Posted on 2017-09-13 16:40

Studying for a test these days and when I ask my wife, who minored in math, for help with some math stuff. Her response after looking it over, “Don’t know what this is, but it’s not math.” :/

Permalink - Posted on 2017-09-12 20:34

Sunset and sunrise are some of my favorite things in Texas.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-09-12 18:33

iPhone X looks pretty sweet! Excited to see it in person.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-09-11 15:34

Wrote this about 9/11 a couple years ago. It’s still how I feel.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-09-09 22:59

When in doubt, make pizza.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-09-09 18:50

Adjusting my JSON Feed.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-09-07 20:13

Had Bucca di Beppo catered for lunch at work. Are there any more carbs? If you can’t find any, they’re over here.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-09-07 15:37

We had the first Austin Homebrew Website Club meeting last night. Looking forward to many more.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-09-06 15:28

Heard the news about SW IX director. After seeing how Disney handled Rogue One’s director and the results I’m optimistic. They seem to be good stewards, with the humility to make changes when necessary.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-09-06 15:14

I’m excited for tonight’s first Austin Homebrew Website Club. Hopefully, I’ll see you there.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-09-05 21:13

Miss Toddler loves Labor Day.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-09-02 20:10

Had a tasty lunch at Dahlia’s today. BLT and bread pudding.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-09-02 20:07

I wrote about Bread Pudding.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-08-31 14:15

Watched Wonder Woman last night. Amazing movie, the most sincere/earnest superhero movie I’ve seen, and definitely one of the best. Can’t wait until my daughter grows a bit and is not scared of monsters in movies to show her. My son too, for that matter.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-08-30 16:23

The arches and tile at the Blanton Museum of Art are stunning.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-08-30 16:21

What are you laughing at?

Permalink - Posted on 2017-08-30 16:18

The skylights at the Blanton Museum of Art are amazing.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-08-26 22:18

Recently switched from Amazon Cloud Drive to Backblaze B2 for my backups. It seems that unlimited storage has proven to be a short term customer acquisition strategy for anyone who’s tried it, so I’d rather just switch to paying for a cheap per/GB service.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-08-26 17:24, modified at 17:25

The boy made it through week 1 of kindergarten.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-08-26 17:15

Finn waiting for Hurricane Harvey’s arrival yesterday.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-08-26 17:12

Lunch at home means BLT.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-08-25 21:36

Finally got around to implementing some check-in features in my Snippets feed (example here). Might write a blog post laying some of it out.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-08-24 20:56

Excited for a non-DCEU Batman with Matt Reeves at the helm. There’s more character in his CG apes than the post-Nolan DC films.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-08-24 15:49

Watched Defenders. Don’t have much to say except it’s full of dour characters and bad dialogue. Dark superheroes are interesting in movie length treatments, but oppressive in 8 hours of TV.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-08-17 15:31

Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2. Loved it, slower than vol. 1 in the middle, but overall really great. One of my favorite things has to be all the colors. So fun.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-08-14 20:17

At the window.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-08-11 20:05, modified on 2017-08-25 17:05

Dr Pepper

Permalink - Posted on 2017-08-11 20:01

Fitbit app updates. Check to see if it talks to Apple Health, nope. Close it again for another six months.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-08-09 20:25, modified on 2017-08-25 21:34

Bamboo at the zoo

Permalink - Posted on 2017-08-07 18:57

First day back at work after a weeklong staycation. I feel like a lawn mower that is trying to get started for the first time after winter.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-08-04 02:58, modified on 2017-08-25 17:06

Successful trip to Waco.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-08-04 02:38

Testing out the new camera.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-07-30 04:50, modified on 2017-08-25 21:33

Dunkirk was amazing. Saw it in 70mm. Sucked me in completely. Nerve wracking and intense the entire time.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-07-25 21:38

After traffic court today, homemade pizza is sounding even better.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-07-25 15:33

Kong was fun. The period stuff was great and it was fun watching big monsters. The last half hour was pretty confusing though.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-07-25 15:13

Having been a Boy Scout for a couple years as a teenager, yesterday’s politically charged speech is stomach turning. I can’t think of a worse assault on Scouting’s stated values.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-07-24 16:04

Picked up an IKEA smart lights starter kit this weekend. It’s pretty great for lamps. I can’t wait for HomeKit support to arrive.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-07-19 17:37

Alright, wrapped up getting a new family car last night. I’m hoping I’m done car shopping for a few years now.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-07-18 21:29

2nd car dealership in a month. :unsurewhatemojibelongshere:

Permalink - Posted on 2017-07-15 02:22

Sitting down to watch The Lost City of Z. The book was fascinating so I’m really looking forward to this.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-07-14 17:10

I had a lot of fun on The Run Loop. Collin and I talked about design, development, iOS, iPad productivity, and refugees. Give it a listen.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-07-13 19:39

When I see things like this I see a future where I could use either Mac or iPad for my work, depending only on my mood at the moment.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-07-13 19:34

I can’t believe I keep forgetting about Sketch Mirror, it’s so helpful.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-07-13 19:30

It’s great to have a Micro.blog iPad app again. Things are shaping up over there pretty nicely.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-07-13 15:18

I’m running on about 40% mango these days. Not bad.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-07-12 03:30

Speaker Ryan: “No, no, no, you got it all wrong. Check your dictionary. For someone to collude, they have to be a Democrat.”

Permalink - Posted on 2017-07-09 01:43

Tried the Impossible Burger at Hopdoddy’s tonight. It was good, but all the breathless, “I couldn’t tell it wasn’t meat” hype should be taken with a huge grain of salt.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-07-08 14:19

Tried Facebook Marketplace for the first time this week. Sold a lawnmower in less than 12 hours. Not bad.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-07-08 05:13

Spider-Man: Homecoming was great! Lots of laughs, a non-annoying Peter, and a great villain. The MCU tie-ins weren’t dumb either.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-06-30 15:02

My roll ended last night when it ran into a migraine. Went to bed early and feel a lot better today.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-06-29 04:43

Feeling like I’m on a roll. Two new feature rollouts in two days. I wonder how long I can keep this rolling.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-06-19 19:54

Nodding to Manton’s The algorithm has ruined Facebook. Almost cried this morning when I came across a cute husky puppy video and accidentally reloaded the page and lost it forever. 

Permalink - Posted on 2017-06-19 17:35

Permalink - Posted on 2017-06-15 04:02

I think I’m settling on a new car choice, and it my surprise, it’s a Hyundai.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-06-13 19:22

Very cool stuff happening with Day One. Turned on their new end-to-end encryption last night and ordered a bunch of my journals as books.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-06-09 20:07

Great article on the state of web without Javascript.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-06-09 19:21

Our long dumb quotes nightmare is almost over.

Permalink - Posted on 2017-06-09 18:42

Big day last week.

Little Man’s Graduation