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Breath of the Wild - A Year Later

Permalink - Posted on 2018-03-11 12:28

Yes, I should've made this post 8 days earlier so it would've been exactly a year, but whatever.

Switch shirt

The Nintendo Switch and Breath of the Wild has already been out for a year. Crazy how fast time passes. A year ago I was seriously starting to want to get a drivers license and so I booked all the things related to that. It involved me having to live with my brother (and his wife) for two weeks while I was doing the intensive training program to get my license. Why am I telling you this? Because I have come to associate my Switch with those two weeks alot, because it was the only thing I could play games on while I was there (well apart from my iPhone and Macbook at the time, but I never play games on those) Although to be fair, my brother played it most of the time and I just watched, which was very enjoyable actually.

After those weeks passed, I actually left my Switch there so my brother could finish the game. And a couple of months later, I got it back, and then my cousin wanted to lend it so he could play the game, and I let him have it. My only requirement was that I was gonna have it back for Super Mario Odyssey, and that requirement was fulfilled.

So yeah, actually, most of 2017 I didn't have a Switch handy. And I didn't even play Breath of the Wild that much. Hell, I still only have like 70 shrines found and 30 korok seeds or something. But yet, I can't stop thinking about this game.

Despite me initially giving the game a 9/10 I think this is the best game the year 2017, or possibly the decade, maybe even ever. Yes, it might be the best game ever made.

I think it's just such a phenomenal game. You can do pretty much everything. Anything you think of probably works. I love talking about the game. I love seeing other people talking about it. I love random tweets telling me something new. It's just such an incredible game. It's actually a game, where I like thinking and talking about it more than I like actually playing it.

So why did I give it a 9/10 initially, and do those complains still hold up? Mostly yes, I would say.

Voice acting Yes, the voice acting is still horrible. Really horrible. I started using the Japanese spoken language for a while, but that was pretty bad too. I wish I could just disable it.

Not being able to pin infinite things is still annoying. There actually is alot of annoying stuff in this game like that, and how long the Game Over screen takes. I wish they could speed it up.

Yes, I still mess up the map and menu buttons. Very frustrating, still. And judging from all the screenshots I have saved on the Switch, my brother and cousin had trouble too.

The motion controlled puzzles are not as annoying anymore, I have gotten used to them you could say.

Enemies one hitting you? Meh, I got better.

Game is still very quiet and has barely any music, yes, but it kinda fits. I started thinking about it the other night and I'm not sure how this game would feel if it had music. It kinda suits it.

And yeah the framerate is still bad, at times.

So yes, the flaws are still there, but I think the goodness of the game overweighs the bad things, and thusly it is a 10/10 game. No question about it.

I just think it's an incredible game, that never ends. It's like the infinte game. It is so wonderfully well made. It might not be the prettiest, the most stable, the most fluid game, but it is just fun and good.


So yeah, there you go. Now you can see how ones mind can change in a year (except I changed like a couple of months after I initially finished it.) I think the reason why I didn't 10/10 it at first is because I rushed through it so I could get to the other games I had to play.

But now that I don't have any other games I have to play, and I can just play whatever I want whenever I want, I really really love this game.

Now if you excuse me, I'm gonna go play some of it right now. All I do is run around trying to find shrines. And maybe I do some DLC quests If I feel like it.


I don't know what went down here

Oh and do I still think this game is worse than FFXV? It's hard to say. I love both games. But I think Breath of the Wild will age better.

On Switching My Twitter @

Permalink - Posted on 2018-03-05 00:14

Ever since I joined Twitter, I've been using @djs__ but now I am nadbmal.


  • I hate numbers and symbols in usernames. Obviously I would prefer just djs but that's not available or is too short.
  • I'm sick of DJ's (disc jockey's) reaching out to me
  • djs__ looks very messy and hacky.
  • I hate the username lambdan but I love nadbmal. Mostly because it just looks elegant and natural, probably because it starts with a n, as in neutral.

Why didn't I do this earlier?

  • I didn't think of it.
  • When I thought of it, I saw that it was unavailable, but then I realized that I am the one who has taken it, on one of my many many Twitter alts (I don't use any of them, but I have some usernames taken). So now that other account is @djs__ instead.

What about elsewhere?

  • I won't change it elsewhere for now. New accounts will probably be nadbmal.
  • I bought the domain nadbmal.com. For now it just redirects to lambdan.se.

Basically, all that's changed is my twitter @. Not even my display name is changed.

Tiger Woods, South Park and Dummy Files...

Permalink - Posted on 2018-02-09 22:08


For some reason I read the Wikipedia article about The Spirit of Christmas, the South Park precursor. I think I got there because yesterday I watched 6 Days to Air and so I read about the history of South Park and so on and so on.

Anyway, not alot of interesting stuff in there, except this thing:

It was also included in AVI format on Tiger Woods '99 for PlayStation. It is accessible from the game disc by PC. This was unauthorized and because of this, the game was recalled in January 1999 by Electronic Arts.

Here's a article from IGN in 1999 about it: Tiger Woods Game Pulled

Naturally I am very interested in stuff like this. Easter eggs, video games, South Park, video files, this is right up my alley. If you make a venn diagram of my interests all those things would have a circle each and I would be in the middle.

Anyway, I got myself a copy of the 1.0 version, and checked it out, and this video basically summarizes it in 30 seconds:

As you can see, you can just open the ZZDUMMY.DAT file in your favorite media player, and you're watching Jesus vs. Santa. Amazing. And the quality is pretty okay, all things considered!

How Was It Discovered?

I can't find a concrete release date for the game, but reviews for it came out in November and December 1998, so somewhere around there the game was released. The fixed ZZDUMMY.DAT file in version 1.1 has a modification date of January 14th 1999, so the issue was discovered about 1-3 months after release.

I found this article which has a story:

A mother got her son a copy of the PlayStation version of Tiger Woods 99 for Christmas, not knowing that console games weren't playable on computers (unless if you use an emulator). The young boy put the CD-ROM in his computer and clicked on ZZDUMMY.DAT. He watched the video (which was the pilot of South Park "Jesus vs. Santa" as mentioned). After hearing all the profanity the video was loaded with, he told his mother. She complained to Electronic Arts/EA Sports.

It just seems like a super random thing to me that a kid who doesn't know that his Playstation game won't play on a PC will open the up the file system and try to open up a file called ZZDUMMY.DAT in a video player. I just don't believe it. And I tried double clicking the file in a Windows 95 and 98 Virtual Machine, and neither operating system opens it by default in a video player. So the kid had to know he needed to open this random file in the media player. I just don't buy it.


By default, .dat-files aren't associated with a video player in Windows 98 (or 95, I tried.)

Windows 95

However, the file will play in both the Windows 95 and 98 default media player, if you get the random idea to try and opening the file in a media player. (Looks like shit quality here because I don't have drivers for the Virtual Machine.)

However, back in those days, it was quite common to put Dreamcast and PS1 discs in your computer or other audio players to listen to the soundtrack, so this might have been a factor for why someone would get the idea. But you still have the problem that you need to know to manually open up the dummy file in a video player.

My Own Theory

My own idea on how this was discovered is that someone was gonna make a rip of the game (PS1 modchips were around), and looked to see if the dummy file was anything important, to see if it could be removed to save space (while the game is just around 150 MB and easily fits on a CD-R, it would be beneficial to save off 50 MB considering the internet connection speeds at the time). Seeing how this person is pretty computer savvy, considering he is gonna make a rip of the game and distribute it, I wouldn't be surprised if he tried opening the file in a hex editor to see if the file was anything important, but instead he noticed the video headers and was surprised.

The only thing that that doesn't work out with this theory, is how EA was made aware of it. If this was 2018, the pirate could've made a tweet announcing his amazing discovery, which would pick up wind and news articles would be written and then it would be patched.

But this guy probably didn't do that. Maybe he/she wrote it in IRC to their pirate friends, but I don't think any of them would share it.

And I'm not sure how stuff was distributed back in these days, but I'm pretty sure torrents were not used, so I'm not sure if there is anywhere where release notes (NFO files) would be posted. But if there was, maybe he/she put in there "PS the ZZDUMMY file is interesting :)" and from there people were made known of it and eventually someone from EA picked up on it. But on the other hand, the turn around time from release to the fixed file was somewhere around 1-3 months so it would have to be pretty fast.

So maybe the other theory is more likely afterall...


From the same article:

EA fired the employee who inserted the questionable video into the discs. When programming the disc, he/she did not know how to write a dummy file, so he/she found a video that was the pilot of South Park, changed it to a .DAT file, and renamed it to ZZDUMMY.

While I find it hard to believe that a programmer couldn't write a dummy file, this theory seems to be the most likely. I found this reddit comment (obviously I am a few years behind and also obvious: anyone can write that they work/worked somewhere):

I work at EA. The story I've heard about this is that they were just testing some disc space requirements, and used the South Park episode just to fill up the disc for testing purposes. But then they obviously forgot it was there and it shipped that way.

That sounds reasonable. But I like to believe it was an intentional easter egg.

I feel like it is someone's job to go through every file on the disc to make sure everything is OK, and know why each file is there and what it is. Even if you just look at the directory, and have the date view enabled in Windows, the file sticks out, because it was last modified in 1996, while the other files are 1998 (and one of them is 1997.) On the other hand, it is a "DUMMY" file, so maybe the inspector just looked at it and thought everything was normal.

Putting a dummy file on there makes sense to me though. I remember reading somewhere about another old game where someone had early on in development allocated some memory for nothing. This made the developers work with a very strict amount of RAM, and at the very end when they were gonna run out of memory, they could just remove that allocation someone had put in early on and immediately they had more breathing room. I think putting a pretty hefty dummy file on a CD has the same purpose. It could also be to bring to tracks further out (or further in, I don't remember if a CD starts from the inside or from the outside) on the physical disc to improve load times (I know some Dreamcast rips do this), but if this dummy was for that purpose it would be much bigger, because the game is just around 150 MB anyway.


So what is the conclusion?

Well nothing really. This is a thing that happened. It's very cool, and I think it's my new favorite easter egg of all time.

All we can do is speculate on why it happened...


The MD5 hash of the 1.0 dummy file is: e90d4683c62011a84c5b6f5d628e6428 - if you google it you should hopefully find this blog post, once it has been propagated by your search engine.

Here's the output from mediainfo for 1.0 ZZDUMMY:

Complete name                            : .\ZZDUMMY 1.0.DAT
Format                                   : QuickTime
Format/Info                              : Original Apple specifications
File size                                : 50.6 MiB
Duration                                 : 5 min 4 s
Overall bit rate                         : 1 393 kb/s
Encoded date                             : UTC 1996-12-16 02:45:10
Tagged date                              : UTC 1996-12-16 02:46:31
Writing library                          : Apple QuickTime
FileExtension_Invalid                    : mov qt
ID                                       : 1
Format                                   : Cinepak
Codec ID                                 : cvid
Duration                                 : 5 min 4 s
Duration_LastFrame                       : -33 ms
Bit rate                                 : 1 214 kb/s
Width                                    : 320 pixels
Height                                   : 240 pixels
Display aspect ratio                     : 4:3
Frame rate mode                          : Constant
Frame rate                               : 15.000 FPS
Bits/(Pixel*Frame)                       : 1.054
Stream size                              : 44.1 MiB (87%)
Language                                 : English
Encoded date                             : UTC 1996-12-16 01:27:33
Tagged date                              : UTC 1996-12-16 02:46:31
ID                                       : 2
Format                                   : PCM
Format settings                          : Little / Unsigned
Codec ID                                 : raw 
Duration                                 : 5 min 4 s
Bit rate mode                            : Constant
Bit rate                                 : 176.4 kb/s
Channel(s)                               : 1 channel
Sampling rate                            : 22.3 kHz
Bit depth                                : 8 bits
Stream size                              : 6.47 MiB (13%)
Language                                 : English
Encoded date                             : UTC 1996-12-16 01:27:33
Tagged date                              : UTC 1996-12-16 02:46:31

Interesting to me it is encoded in December 1996 (and the modification date is about the same time, so the file wasn't modified at all by the programmer who put it in.) I wonder if it's the original file/encode? It's so damn old.

The Coffee Lake Build

Permalink - Posted on 2018-02-04 15:44

I got the new parts, and I built the new computer, and I love it. I love how it looks, I love how silent it is, and I love that it's running on Intel again.

Building this PC was fun, but took a very long time because I wanted to think through what the best order to things were, and I wanted to route all cables cleanly since this is the first I am using that had a windowed side panel.

The final part list is:

Part Cost for this build (Swedish Kronor)
Asus - ROG STRIX Z370-F GAMING ATX LGA1151 Motherboard Bundled with CPU (5699:-)
Intel - Core i7-8700K 3.7GHz 6-Core Processor Bundled with Motherboard (5699:-)
G.Skill - Flare X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3200 Memory Already owned
Fractal Design - Define C TG ATX Mid Tower Case 1029:-
MSI - GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB Founders Edition Video Card Already owned
Fractal Design - Edison M 650W 80+ Gold Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply Already owned
Noctua - NH-U14S 55.0 CFM CPU Cooler 695:-
Seagate - Desktop HDD 4TB 3.5" 5900RPM Internal Hard Drive Already owned
Western Digital - Black PCIe 256GB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive Already owned
Crucial - MX300 750GB 2.5" Solid State Drive Already owned
Crucial - MX100 256GB 2.5" Solid State Drive Already owned
StarTech.com PEXHDCAP60L Capture Card Already owned
Noctua - NF-F12 PWM 55.0 CFM 120mm Fan (Rear) Already owned
2x Noctua - NF-S12A PWM 120mm Fan (Front) Already owned

Peripherals (as of writing, changes frequently, probably):

Name Cost for this Build (Swedish Kronor)
Dell - S2716DG 27.0" 2560x1440 144Hz Monitor Already owned
Samsung - U24E590D 23.6" 3840x2160 60Hz Monitor Already owned
SteelSeries QcK+ Ninjas In Pyjamas (NIP) Mouse Pad Already owned
Topre Realforce 88UB Beige (Swedish Layout) Already owned
Logitech - G403 Prodigy Wired Optical Mouse Already owned
Logitech - G533 7.1 Channel Headset Already owned

So yes, the parts are quite expensive. But please note that I didn't buy all of this instantly. All of these parts have been collected over the years. I don't drop $3000 on a computer just like that. I re-use old parts.

Some day I plan on writing on why monitors today sucks. There is nothing good out there. I want "Retina", G-Sync, IPS and good build quality. That basically doesn't exist.


Finished Product

This is a pretty good picture of the finished product, except that I have replaced all the fans with Noctua's now (which you'll see further down) and I removed the warning sticker.


I removed this sticker.

Back side

Building the computer was fun until I turned it around and saw what a mess the backside was. I was afraid I wasn't gonna get the panel back on because if you look at the SATA Power connections for the SSDs, you can see that they bulge out quite a bit. But closing the panel was no problem at all.

Early Overclocking

One of the first pictures I took while overclocking to 5 GHz. Ultimately I don't run it at 5 GHz anymore though, it was a bit too hot (loud) for my liking.

Noctua Fans

Here's a picture where you can see that all fans are now entirely replaced by various Noctua models. And it is so quiet.


Here's the infamous table. Updated.

Computer CPU Avg. Transcode Speed
12" Macbook, Early 2016 M3-6Y30 7.25 fps
Mac Mini, Mid 2011 i5-2415m 8.03 fps
My Plex Server, Late 2016 i3-6100 15.32 fps
15" Retina Macbook Pro, Late 2013 i7-4960HQ 21.71 fps
My Desktop PC, Early 2015 i7-4770K 26.66 fps
- i7-8700K 50.81 fps
My Desktop PC, Late 2017 Ryzen 1700X 53.33 fps
My Desktop PC, Early 2018 i7-8700K @ 4.7 GHz OC 57.00 fps
- Ryzen 1700X @ 3.8 GHz OC 57.97 fps1
- i7-8700K @ 5.0 GHz (AVX Offset 3 = 4.7 GHz) 58.70 fps

(x264 transcode of Friends S05E21 using Don Melton's Video Transcoding script, at 1080p 6000 kbps with the medium-preset. AC3 audio passed through. The version of Handbrake and the script used is not always the same.)

I overclocked my 8700K using this YouTube video, although I only watched the BIOS section. But it was nice and short.

Ultimately, my overclock is 4.7 GHz at 1.18 volts, with no AVX Offset. I am happy with this as it keeps the temperatures quite low (just above 30 C in idle, peaks around 75 C during load). Since the temperatures are so low the fans can run very quietly.

1. Re: The Ryzen Overclock This was a unstable overclock, and I did not actually run the same test. But I ran another one, where it saw a 8.7% performance increase, so this score is the not-overclocked speed (53.33 fps) multiplied by 1.087, which results in ~57.97 fps. This is not accurate and entirely fair, but should give you a ballpark idea of how the 1700X would've performed if I ran it overclocked.

(This post was inspired by Stammy´s great post on his epic PC, I wanted to do something similar. Read his if you want actual and more explanations for normal people and clean pictures.)

The Eagle Ryzes... And Flies Away

Permalink - Posted on 2018-01-28 17:08

I ordered some computer parts today:

  • Fractal Design Define C (case)
  • Noctua NH U14S (CPU cooler)
  • Intel i7 8700K (CPU)
  • Asus Rog Strix Z370-F (motherboard)

The thing that's controversial about this, is that it wasn't long ago I built my Ryzen system. Judging from my receipts, it was at the very beginning of October 2017, just about 4 months ago at the time of writing this.

So what happened?

My First Mistake

The first mistake I made was that I bought Ryzen right before Coffee Lake was released. I remember thinking at the time "well, Intel hasn't changed much the last couple of times, why would they now..." - and as it turns out, they changed alot, and for the better.

At the time, I was on the Ryzen hype train so when I looked at the performance charts, comparing the 1700X I had to the 8700K, I was like "meh" or "haha, 1700X is very very slightly better", and at the gaming performance charts I was like "hmm, the 1700X is almost worse than my i7-4770K".

Basically, had I known how good Coffee Lake was gonna be, I probably would've bought a Coffee Lake system back then. But on the other hand, the availability was very bad at the time and I wanted to build a new computer right then, so I would've had a hard time waiting.

TLDR: I didn't wait for Coffee Lake.

My Second Mistake

I had ran macOS on my machine, in other words, I had a Hackintosh. But I wasn't using it much, maybe once per month, so I figured I was sick of macOS and didn't wanna use it, which is true (I still think Windows 10 is better for me) but there are some aspects about macOS I really like and with the iMac Pro coming out and it's hype train, I kinda wanted to run, or atleast have the possibility to run, macOS again.

While it is somehow possible to run macOS with a Ryzen processor, through some hacked kernel or some ridiculous shit like that, I don't wanna have to jump through a million hoops.

For a while I also debated building a Hackintosh Mac Mini (which I may still do, although the chances now are much much lower) but even then I would have to mess with multiple monitors and keyboards/mices, and yuck.

TLDR: I thought I was done with Hackintoshing.

As for the other parts (the case and the CPU cooler), I just wanted new ones.

My current computer case, a Fractal Design Define R3, is one I bought used from a friend many years ago, and before that he had obviously used it for a few years... so this case has some wear and tear and I'm just kinda sick of it. I mean yeah it works, it's pretty damn quiet, but I feel like my CPU and GPU could get better cooling if there wasn't all those HDD cages blocking up the intake fans.

So I went with the Fractal Design Define C. While I have been wanting to go down to mITX, or atleast mATX, for a long long time, I basically came to the same conclusion: I can't.

I want my internal capture card, I want the good cooling, I want it to be almost dead silent... these just aren't things you can do with mITX. You can almost do them with mATX, but from my research, the mATX cases are still pretty big.

I recently also looked into the newly released Fractal Design Define R6, especially one with the tempered glass panel. That seems like a really hot (hot as in sexy) case, but it had a few problems for me: it's still very big and it's very expensive.

The Define C is smaller and costs effectively half of what the R6 does.

The only downside of the Define C, which is also a upside, is that it doesn't have a 5.25"/ODD slot. I am one of the few persons in the world that still use the disc drive in my computer, to rip DVDs/Blu-Rays, but I have done testing in the past and I have a USB-SATA connector thingy, so I will just use that. Frankly, I only use the disc drive occasionally, so it should be fine. I kinda wanna look into getting a nice enclosure for it though so it's just not "lying around".

I went with the non-windowed version of the Define C. The reason was that it's slightly cheaper, I won't have the LEDs from the inside of my computer shining up my room at night, and it should be slightly more quiet. I hope I won't regret this decision, but we shall see. Probably not the hardest task in the world to get a windowed panel afterwards if I really want it. I went for the tempered glass version afterall.

New CPU Cooler

Ever since I started transcoding a lot of DVDs/Blu-Rays, I've been meaning to get a new CPU cooler, so that the CPU will run both cooler and quieter during the long amount of times that it does run at 100% usage, sometimes for weeks.

For the last 2-3 years or something, I've been using the famous Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO, but with the fan replaced by a Noctua something, NF-P12 PWM or something like that. And honestly, it's been great. It's not that loud during load, and it's silent when idling.

But I've been wanting to get a Noctua CPU cooler for a long time so I figured I'm just gonna do it now. Ideally, I would've gone for the NH-D14 or NH-D15 but those are soooo huge that it just seems ridiculous to me, and I don't think I can access almost anything around my motherboard with those beasts on. The NH-U14S seemed like a better choice for me, except that it's probably gonna run slightly hotter than the NH-D14/D15. I think I'm gonna be happy with it, and I can use it for years to come.

(I don't want to use water cooling or AIO solutions because I am afraid they will leak.)

So what will I do with my current system, namely the motherboard and CPU? (I will keep the RAM, because it's good RAM (G Skill FlareX 2x8 GB 3200 MHz))

First, I will try to sell it, and I'm pretty sure I will manage to get it sold and cover maybe 40-50% of the expenses with this new build.

If I don't manage to sell it, I will have a very overpowered Unraid/Plex server, and I'm gonna have to get a new motherboard that has atleast 6 SATA ports.

We shall see. And I will probably make some benchmarks with x264 and x265 encoding and get those numbers on here.

I hope AMD does well even though I am leaving them, because Intel seriously needs some competition. Coffee Lake is so great because AMD pushed them.

I will probably have to be on Intel for the forseeable future, because of Hackintoshing.

Oh, and before I forget. Here's a updated table showing how good the Ryzen 1700X was.

Computer CPU Avg. Transcode Speed
12" Macbook, Early 2016 M3-6Y30 7.25 fps
Mac Mini, Mid 2011 i5-2415m 8.03 fps
My Plex Server, Late 2016 i3-6100 15.32 fps
15" Retina Macbook Pro, Late 2013 i7-4960HQ 21.71 fps
My Desktop PC, Early 2015 i7-4770K 26.66 fps
My Desktop PC, Late 2017 Ryzen 1700X 53.33 fps


(Handbrake x264 transcode of Friends S05E21, at 1080p with the medium-preset)

Game Beaten: Uncharted 2 (PS4)

Permalink - Posted on 2018-01-01 20:40

  • Very frustrating controls. I died a lot from it doing stuff I did not intend to.
  • Good story. I really like Chloe.
  • Pretty mediocre graphics, which makes sense since its a PS3 game (I played on PS4 though)
  • Good puzzles

Overall like a 7/10. Good game but nothing spectacular nowadays. Had I played it when it was new I would’ve probably been mind blown.

How I Rip My DVDs and Blu-Rays

Permalink - Posted on 2017-12-20 19:14

This is mostly just gonna be from memory, and without screenshots, because I can't stand how outdated the information in my old post is. However, that old post still might be more educational as it has screenshots and I explain more.

But afterall, it is called "How I Rip DVDs and Blu-Rays"...

I still use Plex, so almost everything I do is to satisfy Plex.

This will just go through the stuff I use in general. Sometimes there are very specific cases which are just too many and too annoying to write about (like when I put the subtitles from a DVD version of a TV show into the 1080 Blu-Ray version by upscaling the DVD subtitles and changing the framerate) etc.

So why do you wanna do this? There are many reasons!

  • You wanna support the companies by buying their DVDs / Blu-Rays
  • You want a nice physical collection, but you don't want to get up at 3am out of your nice and comfy bed to swap discs
  • You want to stream the stuff to your phone from anywhere
  • All the stuff you find online "lying around" is in bad quality and not the way you want it
  • You want to use Plex
  • and so on and so on. There are many reasons why I do this.

My Collection

One of my Oculus Rift sensors.
  1. Set up MakeMKV

    • MakeMKV and all its functionality is free as long as it's in beta
    • In Settings, enable Expert Mode and set the default profile to FLAC. This will turn DTS-HD streams (that not many encoders can read properly) into FLAC streams (which are still lossless but many encoders can read properly)
    • Also in settings, under the Video tab select SemiAuto and a destination with lots of room. Under Language, pick your preferred Language. Streams in that language (audio, subtitles etc) will automatically be picked then.
    • I personally also edit the "Default selection rule" sometimes if I wanna do something special like pick multiple english tracks (because of audio commentary), but the default is fine usually.
  2. Use MakeMKV to turn your disc into a lossless MKV file

    • Put your disc in and hit the big button in MakeMKV
    • After your disc has been opened in MakeMKV, select the titles you want.
      • For a movie, this will usually be easy because it's the longest track.
      • For a TV show, this can be super complex or super easy as some producers try to hide the episodes and mess around with the ordering, while some producers don't care at all and everything is nice and in order.
      • You can google something like "(name of tv show) makemkv" and you might find someone who has done the work of figuring out what title corresponds to what
    • Select what audio streams and subtitle streams you want.
      • For a movie I usually just go with the English surround audio track, and the Swedish subtitle track.
      • Nowadays I also go with the stereo English tack, which will usually be the audio commentary track.
      • If it's a movie that I think children might watch, I also pick the Swedish audio track if available.
      • For TV shows I basically do the same.
    • Hit the button in MakeMKV to start ripping the titles into lossless MKV files
  3. Label the stuff properly

    • For movies, I just use the format name of movie (year).ext, like Skyfall (2012).mkv. I get year from IMDB.
    • For TV shows...
      • I just give them really fast sloppy names like 1x01.ext or s01e01.mkv. Then I throw them into FileBot to get them to be Seinfeld - S07E13 - The Seven.mkv.
      • For multipart episodes (i.e. two episodes in one single video) it depends...
      • If it's a two part episode that was broadcast as two separate episodes, but now on DVD/Blu-Ray is a single episodes, I just list the first episode (like The Boyfriend in Seinfeld, I will just call it Seinfeld - S03E17 - The Boyfriend.ext instead of Seinfeld - S03E17-E18 - The Boyfriend Part 1 and 2.ext)
        • This is because Plex will otherwise list it as individual epidoes S03E17 and S03E18, which I want, expect playing S03E18 will play the same video that I just watched in S03E17. So If I just list it as S03E17, it will just show up once (which makes it look like I am missing episode 18) but it will just play that video once. This is extra important if you are syncing a TV show if you're a Plex Pass member, as the same video will be synced and converted twice - EVEN THOUGH IT IS THE SAME EXACT VIDEO.
      • If it's two separate episodes in one video file, I will...
        • try to separate it if it is clearly two episodes. Like in My Name Is Earl this happened once, and I noticed because there was another intro in the middle, so I just split the file there using ffmpeg losslessly.
        • keep it as it is if it's not clear where the episodes start and end, and not add them to my Plex library and just keep them lying around until I get the energy to figure it out. I just have one show that is like this, so it's not a huge problem.
      • As for identifying what video is what episode, it depends...
        • If it's a show I know, I can usually identify it very fast and just look up what episode number it corresponds to on TheTVDB and just give it a sloppy name like 1x01.ext (which I then at the end throw into Filebot, as I said earlier)
        • If it's a show I have ripped before, and I didn't change the framerate of it, I have a script (it's very rough) that matches episodes (that I have already labeled properly from the last time I ripped them) with the unlabeled new rips. This works like 90% well, because sometimes there are episodes that have identical lengths down to the hundredths of a second. But even then, for those episodes, I can usually remember of just figure out which episode is which of the ones that are left. And sometimes I can see that the 4th title from disc 1 has the same length as Episode 4 and Episode 24, so then I can just assume it is Episode 1 as it is from Disc 1.
        • If it's a show I know nothing about, I figure it out by...
          • looking at the characters clothes and scenes and see if they match with any of the thumbnails on TheTVDB
          • hear a quote and google for it and see which episode it was said in
          • compare length to the ones listed at Wikipedia, IMDB, etc. (This works pretty good for longer episodes, like Game of Thrones)
          • see if the episode has the title of it in it or something else that is episode unique (like Futurama has some joke at the very beginning, Simpsons has the chalkboard and other gags at the very beginning)
          • if it's a Chuck Lorre show I look at his card at the very end and see what episode that card was in
          • google and see if someone else has already done the investigation
          • probably some other method im forgetting...
  4. Transcode the files to make them smaller without losing noticable quality

    • I use Don Melton's Video Transcoding scripts
      • I use nightly HandbrakeCLI builds. Note that Don doesn't recommend it and it will be broken sometimes.
      • I don't install it in Windows through the Unix on Windows subsystem thingy. I just install Ruby through RubyInstaller and then I throw all the .exe files (ffmpeg, mp4v2 etc) into the C:/Ruby22-x64/bin/ folder.
        • I prefer this method as I install tons of command line stuff by throwing them in there (youtube-dl, svtplay-dl etc).
    • I typically use these settings for almost everything: --burn-subtitle 1 --audio-width all=surround --add-audio 2="Audio Commentary" --add-audio 3="Audio Commentary 2" --preset slow --output D:/Transcodes/
      • --burn-subtitle 1 burns in the Swedish subtitle so my Plex server doesn't have to. I use this setting 99% of the time if it's a movie. But otherwise, regarding subtitles I also do this:
        • Sometimes I check if I can find a plain-text version of the subtitle on Subscene or OpenSubtitles and then I just use that instead
        • I get the Swedish plain-text subtitle in some other way (sign up and pay for Netflix/HBO/Viaplay/etc and take it from there using the network sniffer in Chrome (seems very daunting and annoying at first, but after a couple of hundred you will become a pro), or get a DVD synced subtitle) and then sync it to a English plain-text subtitle which is in sync (which is almost always available). I use Subtitle Edit and it's point-sync feature for this.
        • I OCR scan the bitmap subtitle myself (I have only done this once and it was hell, for 236 episodes)
      • --audio-width all=surround skips adding a Stereo track of the regular audio, but will still add a Stereo track if there is nothing better available. I use this setting in all of my transcodes.
      • --add-audio 2="Audio Commentary" --add-audio 3="Audio Commentary" adds one or two audio commentary tracks if available. If there aren't any audio commentary tracks or just one, it doesn't error or anything so I leave these in. I will almost always use this setting, except if I have a movie/TV-show that has an additional Swedish audio track, then I will have to manually look over and see what's appropriate.
      • --preset slow makes the encode take longer time (if you have a bad CPU) but have better compression (i.e. a 6000 kbps encode that was done with preset veryfast will look horrible, while a 6000 kbps encode that was done with preset slow will look fantastic). My Ryzen 1700X CPU gets around 30 fps with 1080p material with the slow preset so that's why I use it. With my old i7-4770K I only got 18 fps or so, so when I had that CPU I used preset medium instead. I also read somewhere where someone had tested all presets and found out that slow is better than medium, but anything slower than slow is effectively pointless. But don't go faster than medium, creates lots of visual artifacts. (If you are in a hurry or have a bad CPU, use the --quick setting)
      • --output D:/Transcodes/ should be obvious, but it just makes the output appear in my preferred folder.
    • There are also some other settings that I use sometimes
      • If it's a movie I will use --crop detect to remove black bars/letterboxing.
      • Don's scripts defaults to -H quality=1 which will make the quality essentially be "infinitely good" which will just throw huge bitrates at everything (which is then limited by the bitrate limits set). I sometimes use -H quality=18 to get some more compression without noticable quality loss (because 18 is almost always indistinguishable) for stuff like cartoons etc, because there is no point in throwing infinite kbps bitrate at something cartoonish that barely moves, it's just like a waste of space that every second needs to get 6000 kbps, when 1500 would be enough. It's hard to explain.
      • At that note, I sometimes disable his bitrate limits and just encode with the crf-scale. But this causes very inconsistent output sizes, as some movies/TV-shows just needs 6000 kbps at crf=18 to look good, while some (grainy stuff) requires 150000 kbps. But if the content isn't grainy I will almost always use this method instead of the limited bitrate way.
      • I sometimes use -H aencoder=opus to make the output audio be in the OPUS codec instead of AC3/AAC. I've started doing this more and more for stuff that I don't watch very often/at all, such as Breaking Bad (I've already seen it) and the DVD versions of Friends (which is in AC3 surround but since it's alot of hours it's quite big because of that surround audio). So I just make them into 192 kbps OPUS which sounds indistinguishable from the original, while being very small in size. The reason why I don't do this for everything is that it's not direct played by many of my players. But eventually I might make all my audio into OPUS.
      • If the video has no external or bundled subtitles (in other words, burned in or no subtitles) and both the audio and video are in compatible formats, I will use the --mp4 option to make the output container a .mp4, because then the file is very compatible and my Apple TV can direct play it and show seek thumbnails. I still prefer the flexibility of .mkv so that's still my default, but if all moons align correctly I will use .mp4.
      • Sometimes I will bump up the bitrate by using --target 1080p=8000 because I sometimes feel uncomfortable with just 6000 kbps for 1080p, even though it usually is fine, especially with --preset slow.
    • I usually run the transcodes through batch scripting and then leaving my computer on 24/7 for days or weeks.
    • When it's finished, I jump through some videos here and there and make sure everything is fine.
  5. Then I just copy it into my Plex library and I'm done.
    • I keep the original MakeMKV file if I have the space for it

Some words on the Project Scorpio

Permalink - Posted on 2017-12-19 18:42

I got one of these. I wasn't planning on at first because I missed out on the chance of getting a Project Scorpio-edition because you had to pre-order and I didn't really wanna do it at the time, but at launch, to my surprise, my favorite online retailer carried some Scorpio editions so I ended up getting one afterall.

Here are some quick words on it:

  • I dislike it in general:
    • The Project Scorpio controller I got with it was defective. I say "was", because it has somehow fixed itself. Also Microsoft wanted me to send it to them via UPS, which is just impossible for me where I live.
    • The Xbox One OS is just fucking awful. Really fucking awful. Everything is laggy, nothing is easy to find, almost everything except your games and the store is hidden. It just really sucks. I hate it alot. I prefer PS4's OS like 1000x more, and I'm not exaggerating. I think I even prefer the Wii or the Wii U's OS over the Xbox One. It's just truly awful.
    • I just don't like it, and I don't know why. The PS4 is either my favorite or next to favorite console of all time, but the Xbox One/Scorpio is just plain boring and nothing interesting at all.
    • The console refused to work after I left it in sleep for like a week. I had to pull the power cord and then it was fine. Has never happened to my PS4.
    • Xbox has no good exclusives, except Forza Horizon 3 (technically I think that's on PC too). And the multiplats I would rather play on my OG PS4 or my PC. I bought COD WWII for it but I just don't enjoy it at all, I wish I would've gotten it for PS4 instead.
    • PS4 has a much better system for sharing screenshots and videos. Xbox uses OneDrive and is just slow and it's all just shit. PS4 is just better overall when it comes to software, christ.
    • The name "Xbox One X" is really bad. I prefer Project Scorpio much more, which is a huge reason why I wanted that edition.
    • Games on the Microsoft Store are like 1.3x more expensive than on PSN.
  • I like some things:
    • Backwards Compatibility. Not Scorpio exclusive, but still, I think it's really damn cool and is a huge reason why I wanted a Xbox One again. Not to play Xbox One games, but to try backwards compatible games. (emphasis on "try", I don't plan on playing them alot.)
    • Forza Horizon 3 is the best car game I've played. I need to play it some more, but I just really hate using the Xbox so it's hard.
    • How the console itself is like half the size of the original Xbox One, while being much more powerful. Really impressive.
    • It's very quiet/almost silent. My OG v2 (physical buttons, not capacitive) PS4 is extremely loud.
    • Games look pretty I guess. I only got a 1080p TV but Halo 5 and COD WWII looks very nice and the framerates are smooth.

I don't know why I fundamentally hate the Xbox One and love the PS4. I think it's like the Xbox One feels more like a Windows computer, and less like a video game console. I don't know really. I am just a PS4 fanboy. And PS4 has all the good games.

So was it worth the money? No. But eventually I will wanna try some more backwards compatible stuff so I'll be glad to have it, and I can live with the peace of mind that I got the best version of the Xbox One; It doesn't get any better than this, and it still sucks.

And it's one more console to add to my collection. I just miss like a Sega Master System and Saturn and then I got them all, atleast of the "main" ones. I don't really claim to be a console collector, but it has just kind of happened.

Moved In Error

The error I got after it had been in sleep mode for like a week

Week 46 (2017) Review

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I wanna write about something.


  • Been obsessed with Taylor Swift. Considering going to a concert of hers if she comes to Sweden. Taylor Swift lockscreen
  • Found the old and nostalgic Super Mario Bros Super Show and Legend of Zelda with the Swedish dub that I heard when I was a kid. For Zelda I even made a physical DVD as I do not wanna lose it.
  • MW2 is active on Xbox Live. You can even find Ground War lobbies (the game is also active on PC and PS3, but not enough to find Ground War lobbies.)
  • Got the Mophie Qi charger for my iPhone X and I love Qi charging. I always hated fumbling around the floor with my hand trying to find the charging cable, and then in the morning being too lazy to unplug it so you lie uncomfortably in bed using your phone. Now I just pick up the phone, or lie it down.
  • Got the Apple Leather Case for my iPhone X and I am actually very pleased with it. I can't remember the last time I wasn't bothered by having a iPhone case. I got it in saddle brown, and I kinda hate the color of it right now, but over time it should get much darker.
  • Discovered Ramsay's Hotel Hell show. Very entertaining first episode (haven't gotten around to watching more... yet.)
  • Found a way to leave my Oculus Rift hooked up but not in the way when not using it. Doom VFR can't come soon enough.
  • Got Lubuntu running on a Dell Latitude D510, which doesn't have a working battery or a HDD (honestly, not very exciting, just installed it onto USB.) I am writing this from this computer. Dell Laptop
  • No online store in Sweden has the iPhone X in stock yet, so it seems like it was worth it for me to pay $100 extra to the guy on eBay to get it immediately


  • MW2 on Xbox Live has some hackers, which upsets me as the only people that play it nowadays are doing it because they love the game. It's like walking into a amish community and setting up a loud and flashy rave party in the middle of their farm.
  • Lost a DVD+R DL disc when I was making the Zelda DVD, just because ImgBurn complained the ISO was being used by an other process. Fucking ridiculous.
  • Didn't get my Xbox One X, but I'll get it tomorrow (Monday.)
  • The Xbox One X cost alot of money
  • I don't have a good laptop, but I don't feel like buying one either because I would use it so little. Read more here: Laptops... (don't worry, I won't quit)
  • Our internet upload speed isn't quite enough for hosting a Plex server and streaming to Twitch at the same time. For now I set Plex to limit itself to 6 Mbps, and I'll have to suffice with just 4 Mbps bitrate for streaming in OBS. Luckily, I don't stream very often.
  • MW2 on Xbox One BC is probably never gonna happen. This sucks, because I need to keep a Xbox 360 around.
  • Running a HLDS (CS 1.6) server on Linux is basically almost impossible, because there is a bug where the entire game won't download (and Valve is aware of it, and has been for years.) Doesn't really matter anyway, just wanted to try something.
  • I've had (and still have) a cold all week. Like phlegm, coughing, stuffed nose. Now it's pretty good, except my nose. It's stuffed periodically, like it clears up if I take nasal spray, but then after a couple of hours it's back. Very annoying. I've been able to work anyway and I haven't felt tired so it's not too bad, but yeah, annoying.

Plans for Week 47:

  • Play the Xbox One X
  • Buy some games for it on Black Friday
  • Get fully rid of the cold


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I miss having a laptop.

Here's the problem: the only laptops I like are made by Apple, and they're expensive.

The other problem: I only use a laptop, once, or maybe twice, a week. So getting an expensive MacBook (doesn't matter if it's new or used) just doesn't make sense since I use it so little.

So why do I miss having a laptop? Well, I miss having it for writing blog posts.

I find it incredibly uncomfortable to sit by my desktop computer and write these things. Writing them on my phone is doable but not comfortable either, as writing on the phone for long periods of time is not comfortable. I have an iPad, but as soon as you wanna do something else, other than write, it's inconvenient.

But a laptop is perfect. I lie down, I put it on my lap or stomach, and type away.

So what am I typing this on?

I am using a 2011 or 2012, very cheap 15.6" laptop. You know those that are like $300. It's fairly usable since I put a SSD in it, back in 2011/2012, and I currently run Lubuntu which is pretty light weight. But the laptop is very big and heavy, doesn't have usable battery, and the keyboard is clunky. And the trackpad is terrible. So it works, but it's not that comfortable either.

Ideally, I'd get something like a 13" Macbook Air. But that feels very outdated, so I'd prefer something like a 13" rMBP, but then we're way up in price.

And even a 13" Macbook Air is too expensive for what little I do.

I don't really know what to do.

Maybe quit the blog.


Desktop of this laptop currently