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Permalink - Posted on 2020-10-01 03:08

I was reading some “Dad Jokes” to my daughter.

She said, “Poppa, can you look up some jokes?”

The Halloween Tree

Permalink - Posted on 2020-09-29 01:15

I love the novel The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury.

It was one of the early young adult novels I read in my life, and possibly my first exposure to Ray Bradbury as a youth. As a boy it was the first time I had deeply considered death.

What I appreciated most was the historical scope and sweep of history, but I won’t lie that I don’t appreciate being so deeply mislead about Samhain. It’s fiction, of course. An author can write what he wishes. Powerful imagery, but… wrong.

Yet I own paper and electronic versions.

It means that much to me.

Danse Macabre, Op. 40

Permalink - Posted on 2020-09-29 00:51

My love affair with Danse Macabre began in elementary school. Mrs. Otten played Halloween songs on the piano and we sang from mimeographed lyric sheets.

I was introduced to parts of the melody via a song called the Halloween Song, which has stuck in my head ever since, because the refrain includes singing the letters that spell the holiday.

It sounded a lot like this YouTube. I’m certain my teacher played a copy of this very recording.

In music classes in later years we listened to the symphonic version while watching filmstrips of artistic conceptions of what the various parts of the music could represent.

Here’s a great article from CBC which includes some great background on the piece and some really enjoyable renditions including one for two pianos.

For me the piece is tied to Autumn and to All Hallow’s Evening, even though it wasn’t the intent of the composer.

Schools don’t track holidays the same way as they did, a long time ago. So for my daughter, I have work to do If I want this to stick.

Permalink - Posted on 2020-09-27 18:21

Sending an old device to the Great Cloud in the Sky


Permalink - Posted on 2020-09-22 22:22

Here is a link to a Google page of various information resources showing the total number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 in the United states of America has exceeded 200,000.

For comparison, here is a document from the Congressional Research Service showing American War and Military Operations Casualties.

Permalink - Posted on 2020-09-19 20:50

Primary Concern theory versus Worst Damage theory at Daniel Messler.

Permalink - Posted on 2020-09-19 16:37

I’m a long-time fan of Randall Carlson which I owe to the Joe Rogan podcast. Anyway, outside of liking and subscribing to YouTube channels and videos, here is another way I can start to support his work.

So, yay! The iridescent Gnosis sticker is cooler than I hoped it would be!

Permalink - Posted on 2020-09-19 03:29

Permalink - Posted on 2020-09-16 00:28

I am excited by restaurant delivery services and use them frequently.

I am deeply disappointed by quality control as our orders leave the house, however. Errors are so frequent that I’m actually happy when one order arrives complete. This is not a criticism of one restaurant or delivery service. It is a criticism of them all.

Quality has not improved since I worked the Burger King drive-through in the 1980’s.

I know the pressure is intense. I have worked at fast food and pizza joints. I get it.

But no one has got it right.

Permalink - Posted on 2020-09-14 14:54

Back to School 2020

Permalink - Posted on 2020-09-12 23:43

Permalink - Posted on 2020-09-09 20:09

that feeling when you’re trying to configure a new service management tool, but every clarifying question leeds to several different related trails of questions


Permalink - Posted on 2020-09-06 16:20

Spent some time this morning watching shows about politics and shows about the consequences of political conflict.

Any time we think of groups of people that include friends, neighbors and family as an enemy, I wonder if we aren’t then the problem. I’m including myself, here.

I do hereby disavow political parties. I will continue to study and learn. I will be performing my civic duty this fall to the best of my ability.

I’m neither happy nor hopeful.

The whole wide world
An endless universe
Yet we keep looking through
The eyeglass in reverse
Don’t feed the people
But we feed the machines
Can’t really feel
What international means
In different circles
We keep holding our ground
Indifferent circles
We keep spinning round and round

—Lyric by Rush

Mars Edit Test Post

Permalink - Posted on 2020-09-06 00:04

IMG 3722

Hello world!

Above is a photo of my daughter Sofia

Permalink - Posted on 2020-09-05 03:19

Dude! I was The Dude! #strikesandgutters #guttersandstrikes

Permalink - Posted on 2020-09-02 20:34

“The Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruled today that the NSA’s bulk collection of phone call metadata violated the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and was likely unconstitutional.”


Permalink - Posted on 2020-09-01 17:08

“The Greeks had no original sin and no eschatology because they saw nothing inherently wrong with the world in the first place.”

Things you find reading papers from Academia for the joy of it

Permalink - Posted on 2020-08-30 04:05

Just finished: The Case of the Missing Marquess (Enola Holmes #1) by Nancy Springer 📚

I saw that Netflix is releasing a movie called Enola Holmes and I wanted to find out more. Looks like there are many books in this series so there is a possibility this could become a thing.

I enjoyed the story though the target audience is much younger than I.

Permalink - Posted on 2020-08-30 01:57

And…the worst case? I asked.

“Facebook might have won already, which would mean the end of democracy in this century,” Lanier said. “It’s possible that we can’t quite get out of this system of paranoia and tribalism for profit—it’s just too powerful and it’ll tear everything apart, leaving us with a world of oligarchs and autocrats who aren’t able to deal with real problems like pandemics and climate change and whatnot and that we fall apart, you know, we lose it. That is a real possibility for this century. I’m not saying I think it’s what’ll happen, but I wouldn’t count it out. There’s evidence every single day that it’s what’s happening.”

Take the amount of misinformation about masks and COVID-19 that was flying around Facebook and Twitter daily and in turn making its way onto Fox News. Most of the people who appear on air on Fox, Lanier pointed out, are themselves on social media, getting their information or lack thereof. And so disinformation goes from Twitter to Fox to the social media feeds of the president, and the cycle begins anew. Look at how powerful these platforms could be, to the point where “the sway of media is more powerful than the experience of reality—that people can be watching hundreds of thousands die from this virus and yet believe it’s a hoax at the same time, and integrate those two things. That’s the food for evil,” Lanier said.

Permalink - Posted on 2020-08-30 01:49

Today I read about Jaron Lanier and Bill Gibson in a print magazine that wasn’t Wired. These are enough references to my age in one day…

Photo Sharing Is/Is Not Simple

Permalink - Posted on 2020-08-24 16:57

For all of the talk of ecosystems, it was easier to share from my Apple Photos library to Micro.blog and to Instagram from my iPhone. Not my iPad, for which there is no native Instagram app, and for which the work-alikes did not allow multiple selections. So, while my iPhone was charging, I downloaded the iPhone app to my iPad, did the pixel doubling so I could type, and did the work that way.

There are probably more ways to do this, and really I wanted to do it elegantly from my MacBook Air, however I didn’t perceive a faster method than exporting and uploading, and I chose not to do that.

I feel that this might be a driver behind Catayst apps and unifying the underlying silicon.

Permalink - Posted on 2020-08-24 15:52

First time in a sunflower field

Permalink - Posted on 2020-08-21 03:33

Made it all the way through. It seems like this iteration is less “white” or “bright” than the first public beta. UI still feels fresh but more familiar.

Permalink - Posted on 2020-08-21 01:26

Still going. Antici…

Permalink - Posted on 2020-08-20 23:38

Haven’t seen this before