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The original buyer's guide for men, filled with the world's best gear, apparel, and automobiles.


Curacautin Lake House

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Surrounded by views of the Llaima volcano and the nearby waterfront, the Curacautin Lake House complements the Chilean landscape with a dark minimalist form. The simple, geometric volume is clad...

Double Barrel Vaporizer

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More than just a gimmick, the unique side-by-side design of the Double Barrel Vaporizer serves a purpose. Its shotgun-inspired layout allows for the use of two different oil cartridges at...

Dark City

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Glamour and glitz are most commonly associated with Los Angeles, but during the period after World War I, the flipside of that image was lying just below the surface. Dark...

Muraka Underwater Hotel Suite

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Forget over the water bungalows. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort is flipping the script with the first underwater villa. Like sleeping in a fish tank, the Muraka is housed in...

Analog: Record Store Day

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Arcade Fire /EP ($18) The National /Boxer Live In Brussels ($23) Prince / 1999 ($20) David Bowie/ Welcome To The Blackout (Live in London '78) ($48) Johnny Cash / At...

2001: A Space Odyssey

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50 years ago, Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey turned what was capable in film on its head. Revolutionizing special effects, telling a story unlike any other, and helping to...

Enter Sake Black

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Sake cups have been around since the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, but until now the liquid was mass-produced and inexpensive. Enter Sake changes that, offering sake from the Sekiya Brewery -...

Prince / Nothing Compares 2 U

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In 1984, Prince and the Revolution were rehearsing at the Flying Cloud Drive Warehouse in Eden Prairie, Minnesota for an upcoming tour. During practice, Prince launched into what would become...

Jaguar XE 300 Sport Sedan

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Jaguar is taking aim at the BMW 3-series with its new XE and XF 300 Sport editions. Already top-notch sports sedans in base trim the 300 Sport package takes both...

House on Mount Maigmo

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Built from natural stone and concrete, the House on Mount Maigmo is a partially sunken, mostly hidden abode. A tunnel-like main volume connects the front and rear of the house,...

Atari VCS Entertainment System

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Modeled after the classic 2600 console, the Atari VCS - formerly known as the Ataribox - is far more than just another retro-gaming cash grab. While exact specs are still...

Playing 37 Guitar Pedals At Once

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There comes a time of existential crisis in every guitarist's life where you look down at the pile of steel boxes and writhing mass of cables at your feet and...

CRKT Snap-Lock Knife

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Get maximum utility for minimal weight with the award-winning CRKT Snap-Lock Knife. Designed by Virginia's Ed Van Hoy, it has a stainless steel wishbone frame that greatly reduces weight while...

The Government Grows Weed

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Yes, the US government grows weed. In one place. Under strictly controlled circumstances. The University of Mississippi is the only place in the country that has a DEA license to...

McLaren 570S Spider Design Editions

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Just because you're wealthy doesn't mean you have taste. McLaren's new 570S Spider Design Editions are meant to aid their clients in decision-making. Five different examples are available, each deliberately...