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The original buyer's guide for men, filled with the world's best gear, apparel, and automobiles.


Canyon River House

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The property consists of 67 acres on the oceanfront, with 1,400 linear feet running directly along the shore. A Garry Oak grove meets the coast and the Olympic Mountains can...

1968 Lamborghini Espada S1

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You won't find a grand tourer in Lamborghini's lineup today, but for ten years the Italian company made the four-seat Espada. Despite being able to haul four adults and their...

Spire Health Tag

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Whether it's a watch, ring, or some other bauble, most fitness trackers work by asking you to wear something extra. The Spire Health Tag doesn't need you to wear anything...

Dallara Stradale Road Car

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Chassis constructor Dallara has built everything from Formula One to Le Mans and Indy Cars - pure racing vehicles under their own brand or for customers. Now they've introduced the...

Vague Grey Fade Submariner Watch

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Vague Watch Co.'s Grey Fade Submariner gets its name from the dark grey bezel insert, meant to mimic the sought-after "ghost bezel" effect found on the faded black bezels of...

Ward Bennett

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A supremely talented designer, Ward Bennett was a success story firmly rooted in his time. This 280-page monograph celebrates Bennett's life and career, from his first clothing collection (completed as...

Smoke Lounge Chair

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The design may look traditional, but the Smoke Lounge Chair is anything but. Its classic carved wood frame has been given a fired finish. This treatment not only creates a...

Paul McCartney's Aston Martin DB5

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James Bond isn't the only Brit that has a fondness for Aston Martins. Sir Paul McCartney bought this 1964 DB5 shortly after The Beatles groundbreaking appearance on The Ed Sullivan...

Riviera House

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Originally built in the 1950's, the Riviera House builds upon its mid-century roots to create a sleek new design. Clean white cabinetry, steel beams, and expansive glazing pull together to...


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Everyone knows Guy Fawkes - but it was Rober Catesby who was the mastermind behind the Gunpowder Plot to kill King James. In the three-part miniseries, Kit Harrington plays the...

Best Car Chase Scenes of the 00s

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The motherlode of high-budget action films of the 00s gave us some of the best car chases ever. But it was the Fast and the Furious franchise that blew the...

Russell's Reserve x Uncrate Single Barrel Bourbon

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To pick our first private barrel of bourbon, we chose a legend for a little help. Jimmy Russell is the Master Distiller at Wild Turkey, and for over 60 years,...

Misc. Goods Co. x Uncrate Decanter

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A bourbon as special as our Russell's Reserve Single Barrel needed an equally standout vessel. We were already fans of Misc. Goods Co.'s timeless designs, and their location in the...

Tesla Semi Truck

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Designed to be safer, cheaper to operate, and more comfortable than existing big-rigs, the Tesla Semi Truck aims to dramatically improve freight delivery. Its battery pack, situated underneath the cab,...

What Made Freddie Mercury the Best Vocalist in Rock

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It isn't a debate. There isn't any other answer. The best vocalist in the history of rock, and possibly one of the best vocalists ever, is Freddie Mercury. But what...