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The original buyer's guide for men, filled with the world's best gear, apparel, and automobiles.


Four Seasons World of Adventures Trip

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Building on the success of their inaugural Around the World Tour, the Four Seasons is firing up their custom Boeing 757 for a 24-day adventure. Taking off from Seattle, the...

Hyperice Hypervolt Massage Device

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Vibration therapy helps you recover from a brutal workout by easing muscle stiffness and soreness. And now, the Hypervolt puts this breakthrough tech in the palm of your hand. The...

Patriot Campers LC200 Supertourer

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Australia-based Patriot Campers builds trailers and campers tough enough for the Outback. For the total package, they also offer their Supertourer series of heavily modified trucks. The LC200 is built...

How It Ends

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Theo James and Forest Whitaker road trip the apocalypse in How It Ends. After a mysterious disaster hits California, the dystopian thriller has the pair driving across country to save...

Bacardi Gran Reserva Limitada Rum

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The largest family-owned spirits company in the world, Bacardi is best known for its iconic white rum. But the Bermuda-based distillers offer some premium options as well, with Gran Reserva...

Aftermaster Pro TV Audio Remastering Device

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Created to fix the most common problems with TV audio (such as the infamous quiet dialogue issue), the Aftermaster Pro improves the overall quality of your home audio without the...

Anatomy of Goth

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Pale complexions, dark eye makeup, leather and metal - these are the well-known tropes of the goth subculture. Since its emergence in England in the early 80s, goths have been...


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No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, people currently seem to have a hard time talking to each other. Special Projects looks to take some of the vitriol...

Analog: Poolside

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Nirvana / Nevermind (Deluxe Edition) ($70) The National /S/T ($50) Blur / Leisure (25th Anniversary Edition) ($47) Ra Ra Riot/ Need Your Light ($25) Foals / Total Life Forever ($20)...

Creator Burger Robot

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The future of delicious, affordable cheeseburgers is totally automated. That's at least the path for the Creator Burger Robot, a 14-foot all-in-one burger machine that has 350 sensors and 20...

Twist Farmhouse

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Designed by Tom Givone, an abstract addition makes the Twist Farmhouse a surrealist art piece. The original structure is a 1800s farmhouse sited in rural Pennsylvania. The project called for...

Coffee Showdown

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Coffee expert Dillon Edwards steps up to the plate for Epicurious' latest episode of Price Points. The caffeine connoisseur tests his skills by trying to decipher between expensive roasts and...

Vagabund V09 1992 BMW R80RT Motorcycle

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Based in Graz, Austria, Vagabund have been designing and building custom motorcycles for just over two years - but their work defies their experience. Starting with a 1992 BMW R80RT,...

Julie Kraulis Charcoal Watch Prints

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Toronto-based visual artist Julie Kraulis can draw damn near anything with exceptional detail and realism. For the last two years, she's focused on watches. Each of her prints is highly...

The VFX Masters Behind Stranger Things

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Behind every great visual effect is a team of VFX wizards. When it comes to season two of Stranger Things, those wizards are Paul and Christina Graff. From the Demodogs...